Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I love each and every show however why certain shows are a fave, varies. It could be the personality of the featured guest, the topic of conversation, the "dish" itself, a hilarious quote ...I could go on. And then there was "INSTANT REPLAY." "INSTANT REPLAY" is being introduced as per Bag Ladies Radio OnDemand feature which allows you to listen to all previously aired Bag Ladies shows, 24/7. Have you noticed tweets/posts regarding the fact that even if you miss Bag Ladies live, you don't have to throw up your hands and sulk. All you need do is catch up OnDemand. After a show airs live, it becomes immediately available OnDemand at bagladiesradio.com/listen or as I recently announced, on iTunes! You can literally listen whenever you want. And if you are on iTunes, you can subscribe to the show and be automatically notified when shows are made available and listen from wherever, whenever.

"INSTANT REPLAY" on #BagLadiesLIVE is straight to the point. It's a condensed version of a previously aired segment, the main "dish", that is a fave replayed just for you and your listening pleasure. Upon opening the show and sharing with you the "chosen" show and why it's a fave, "INSTANT REPLAY."

Tune in tomorrow, 7:30p EST @ bagladiesradio.com/listen for this month's "INSTANT REPLAY." Moving forward, "INSTANT REPLAY" will be added to the line up every month.

For #BagLadiesLIVE segments, showtimes and more, visit www.bagladiesradio.com. Click to follow me on IG and Twitter @ bagladies.

Catch up on the dish you missed by going to www.bagladiesradio.com/listen. Scroll down to OnDemand and press play.