Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Behind-The-Scenes of my Photo-shoot with Tiffany Josephs Photography

I had been putting off updating my head-shots for far too long. Upon meeting Tiffany Josephs at INHMD-DC (click here for my previous published post), during which she snapped some gorgeous shots of me participating in a panel, I immediately hit her up about shooting my head-shots. My last shots I had short hair, an "even steven." I have locs now for the second time around and I'm a bit just a tad more "voluptuous." Yeah, that's the word.  Anywho, Tiffany although I asked, she graciously offered rather to shoot me. We nailed down a date and this is a sneak peek of some of the candid moments. 

What started out as one look, turned into three looks, alot of fun and fabulous results. It was nostalgic for me, flexing my "wardrobe stylist" muscle. I used to do it on a freelance basis ...Back in the day. And it's one thing to outfit yourself to go out or do whatever but for a professional shoot, the attention to detail and efforts to coordinate are on a whole other level. 
 Look #2 - I just feel like this shot totally captures me in my essence. I'm ALWAYS laughing at ...Sumpin.
Dress: Kardashian Kollection / Neckwear: Target / Earrings (Studs): Charming Charlie / Neon Pumps: Shoxie
Look #3 - I can admittedly say I was likely being vain in this shot. I love this jumper! Also another Kardashian piece. It's just effortless and flattering. And I love anything leopard print. This was the last look and we were just playing at this point with extra time and per Tiffany's instruction, "just throw something on!"
Jumper: Kardashian Kollection / Neckwear: My own stash / Earrings: Charming Charlie
Kudos to my hairstylist and Loctician, Salih Watts of LocLov.com.  I had an idea in mind when I saw him the day prior and he executed perfectly. I just love the angle of this shot and how it shows the definition of my locs. I was probably running my mouth in this shot about ...Sumpin.

Look #1 - I think I was just trying to make sure nothing popped out of place in this one. Blame it on the "voluptuousness."
Dress: Calvin Klein / Neckwear: Traci Lynn / Earrings: Charming Charlie

Look #2 - I look totally less the "voluptuousness" and trim and slim in this shot. If only ...The power of angle and lighting.

Look #2 - Your guess is as good as mine. One of those totally oblivious moments. This look was a total pop of color. I just wanted to go in a total opposite direction from Look #1. 

The grainy texture of this shot is amazing. I saw it an immediately thought of Spike Lee for some reason. Like "She's Gotta Have It look." I love it. Oh, and I look slim.

My good girlfriend and MUA, Stephanie McKenzie of PamperingJunkes.com, couldn't be on set during the shoot. We were initially only planning to shoot one look. So as we continued the shoot, I had to make sure my face stayed "beat" and nothing slid to the floor.

And to think, these are just the candid, untouched shots. What do you think? 

I can't wait to share the other shots. I will follow-up this post with a Part 2 that covers why I chose the looks I did and more. I  Tiffany Josephs Photography. It was such a pleasure and a privilege to shoot with Tiffany. You will love her too. You can contact Tiffany via her website at www.TiffanyJosephsPhotography.com. Tiffany does a great job of setting the mood and establishing comfort and really works with you to achieve what you want. I can't wait to shoot with her again! The next time around, my kids will participate. Pray for me now :-).

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