Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 10 Most Hilarious Tweets from #RHOA

During last night's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we had as good a time as ever, tweeting during the show with some of our favorite listeners and followers. We were inspired to share some of the most HILARIOUS tweets with you. Please note that not all of these are our own (not responsible for spelling errors), we are simply sharing those which reduced us to tears, we were laughing so hard and started laughing even harder as we were putting together this post. So what started out as 10, fastly increased to ...well, whatever. ENJOY! Tweet with ya next week and if you ain't yet down, join us via twitter at www.twitter.com/bagladies

And you can revisit the visions that danced in your head from last night's episode by checking out the gallery of Phaedra's "Boughetto" Babyshower.

"You know what, Phaedra provided many Halloween costume ideas on tonite's episode #RHOA"

"Ok, eatn off that Doctor's finger is a hell no ...not that doctor. Ugh! #RHOA"

"Lemme find out she tried to jam pack her baby shower w/ community outreach efforts. Phaedra wth? #RHOA"

"If it is one of Kim's wigs, it is a hat. #RHOA #FAIL"

"Please tell Phaedra the bedazzler is not to be used on the eyelids. That's not class, that's kuntry! #RHOA"

"Rhinestones on the lid?!?!?!?! No. Never. Wrong. Stop. Halt. #rhoa«~she should be arrested and try to defend THAT!! #RHOA"

"With all those branches in her head there is no way she wore a veil for her wedding.... #RHOA"

"Phaedra's mama got on Madea's "special occasion" (aka court appearance) skirt suit. Iunno how I feel bout that. #RHOA"

"What in the horticultural blue hell does Phaedra have in her gotdamn hair? Was she attacked by an angry rosebush? #RHOA"

"Can someone get Dr Muhammad a jar of Blue Magic? #RHOA"

"That bald spot on Dr. Tiy-E's head reminds me of a divot in my yard where there's no grass. #RHOA"

"Well where he took you to for that first date, ketchup is the only sauce they had in that restaurant or carry-out rather. #RHOA"

"Dwight is her hubby? I am so baffled! Apollo just donated. They must have some sort of contract in place. Phaedra wanted a light skin baby! #RHOA"

"The drugged Nene is even funnier. #RHOA"

"Welp..Ne Ne and Dwight got 2 thangs in common now..fucked up nose jobs & they both fucked Greg. #RHOA"

"Phaedra resembles homey the clown with a tummy. She needs a whole new glam team. #RHOA"

"Kandi allowing Kim to dictate everything but she ain't once broach the subject of getting paid?!!! #RHOA"

"Kandi stop being a b*tch and just ask her ...wassup w/ the money?! #RHOA"

"Random Evil Thought... Nene was busy fixing her nose, she SHOULD have getting lipo on that BACKFAT she was flying in the 1st episode! #RHOA"

"And Apollo has no baggage?!!!! He's a convict ...what r u talkn about Phaedra? #RHOA"

"I really need a glass in hand and need to be sippn like Kim's Parents are ...#RHOA"

"Kim's Dad is lying like hell. Kim ain't neva sang nothing that was phenomenal. He's just as tone deaf as she is #RHOA"

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