Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"How Would You Wear It?"

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Lannie Suede, Coffee -

Privileged Jasper Grey Strappy Platform -

Peach Lace Bodysuit -

Gold Sequin Knit Tunic -

Kardashian Kollection Sequined Waterfall Stretch Jacket -

Kardashian Kollection Sequin Split Sleeve Dress -

Kardashian Kollection Cropped Fur Vest -

Kardashian Kollection Tattoo Print Dress -

Kardashian Kollection Large Sequin Clutch -

Silky Leopard Pumps -

Showbiz Strapless Magenta Dress -

Privileged Turbo Multi Color Pump -

Red Mock-Pocket Blazer -

Purple Mock-Pocket Blazer -

Luichiny True Fit Black Leather With Belts Galore -

Lucky Be A Lady Ivory Blazer -

Foggy London Town Grey Dress -

Crop Shimmer Jacket -

Colonel Mustard Golden Yellow Blazer -

Black Tie Susan Cream Dress -

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

Decorating your Christmas tree has moved beyond the days of "A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree", and slight trimming and colorful lights. Today, people are looking for ways to spruce up their holiday décor and what better way to hallmark the season than by turning your Christmas tree into the focal point. Here are five tips for jazzing up your Christmas tree:

1. Go for color: Colorful Christmas trees give your home a whimsical feel, think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Elf. Using vibrant colors creates a fun atmosphere and is great for homes with small children. These ornaments found at Target are great for creating the colorful look:

2. Go for a theme: Who doesn’t love a good theme? Creating a themed Christmas tree is a great tie-in for hosting holiday parties. Better Homes and Garden has really creative ideas for pulling off a themed Christmas tree.

3. Add some style: If you love style, allow that to reflect in your Christmas tree décor. One way to do this is by enlisting the help of designer ornaments. This MacKenzie-Childs Coutly Harlequin Glass Ornament sold at Saks is a nice touch for a stylish tree.

4. Be bold: Who says your Christmas tree has to be green? Purchasing a colored Christmas tree is not only stylish, but it says you’re not afraid to take risks. Try for Christmas trees in varying colors at affordable prices.

5. Keep it classic with a modern twist: If you’re into the traditional Christmas feel, then a colored Christmas tree may not be your approach, but this doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with your décor. Keep your Christmas tree classic, while enhancing it with modern ornaments. These ornaments found at Crate and Barrel keep the classic feel, but have a modern look.

Whatever your approach is to decorating your Christmas tree this holiday season, be sure to stay true to your personal style. Be sure that your tree matches the ambiance of your home. Happy Holidays!!

This piece was Authored by Shakirah Holley as a guest post on mybagladies blog. Publisher of her own blog, please visit Shakirah for Fashion, Food and Fabulosity at Style Atelier.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Fresh Scent Boost!!! #MommyMidday

So as a Mommy of three, I'm always interested in practical solutions. Introducing Gain Fireworks!! This new product from the Gain brand is an in-wash scent booster. So new in fact, that I'm unable to find it available for purchase ...anywhere!! I've seen a select few reviews (two), all of which suggested that the product was picked at random from a lone store shelf. The only reason I was able to snag a bottle was because Gain was one of the sponsors of the recently attended Blogalicious 2011. And far be it from me to turn down swag (free stuff). I enjoyed dishing with the PR Team regarding the concept of Gain Fireworks but neglected to ask if currently available and as far as I can tell, it ain't. Perhaps Gain is trying to maintain some sense of exclusivity or build some buzz before fully releasing Gain Fireworks.

The Fireworks scent tagged as "sweet sizzle" has a fabulous aroma. And if not familiar, a scent booster basically provides your laundry a more longer lasting scent sometimes lasting for days after. A "boost!"

Per the instructions, you can shake a little or a lot into the cap and basically toss into your washer directly. The product consists of teeny, tiny scented pellets and depending on just how much of a "boost" you want, that determines how much you use but there are no restrictions. If you are washing a load of smelly, stinky, sweat ridden clothes, then you might want a BIG "boost" but if simply washing delicates, you might prefer just a small, sexy "boost". Who doesn't appreciate a good whiff?

Gain Fireworks is safe for all colors and fabrics. I've found it to be particularly fabulous when washing a load of sheets, washcloths, bath mats and towels which oftentimes carry the most horrendous scents. Being a Mommy, it's amazing how little ones can emit some of the most foul odors so it's also proved useful when washing active wear. I'm all for great product concepts which can take my sensory to another level however, please be weary if you have a sensitivity to scents because a product such as this can potentially further aggravate existing allergies. Also, please keep out of reach of children as they may not be aware that the cute, attractive little pellets are not for them.

Not to be confused with fabric softeners or stain removers, Gain Fireworks simply adds a heavier and longer lasting scent. It's detectable as soon as you remove clothes from your washer. You may notice sometimes wet clothes have a musty smell even after being washed. Gain Fireworks is a great remedy for that. Tossing Gain Fireworks into my washer makes me feel like I'm affecting some sort of change in the scent outcome of my laundry. I know, not that serious right? But as fab a concept as Gain Fireworks is, without knowing the price point (unable to find), I can't say definitively if it is a must-have. Thus far, I've been using it specifically when I wash my children's clothes and they literally have to push me off of them because I keep sniffing them. They smell so good!!

-- Lady Erin

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as I'm able to confirm price and product availability, I will update accordingly.

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Monday, August 29, 2011


WE NEED HELP!!! We have been blessed in that Bag Ladies Reality Radio has grown tremendously since we launched and we can’t do it all on our own anymore. We realize there is ALOT of talent amongst our listeners, followers and fans so perhaps one of the positions below, might appeal to you. If so, please email us at and explain briefly (1 paragraph or less), why you are interested. Please attach your resume and provide your contact info. If you appeal to us, we will reach out to you. PLEASE NOTE: These positions aren’t full time and the schedule will be worked out per your availability and our needs.

Social Scene Stealer (DC): This is the perfect position for you if you are based in Washington, DC and if you like to be and are typically, out and about and on the scene at the best events/venues. As much as we are on the scene, we can’t keep up with everything. Looking for someone who can stay abreast of anything and everything going on in the DMV and who can manage our “Social Exclusive” calendar so that we can keep up with where we want to be, where we need to be and when. The position will require initiating relationships and maintaining existing relationships. If a reservation is required, you will be the one to confirm. If an RSVP is required, you will submit. If special accommodations are required, you will coordinate. Looking for a well-spoken, creative, organized, confident individual who can take initiative when needed. Most critical, accessibility and consistency.

PR Coordinator (US): An individual who can manage existing PR projects as well as create new projects to further develop the Bag Ladies Reality Radio brand. Oversee assigned brand related communication and marketing efforts (press releases/announcements, media impressions, social media), to further promote and extend the visibility of the brand which includes sponsorships, events, advertising, etc. Requires experience in the areas of PR and/or Marketing especially as it relates to social media. Will be required to provide examples of work. A schedule will be worked out per your availability. Looking for a well-spoken, hungry, creative, organized, confident individual who is aggressive and can take initiative as needed. This is a fabulous position for one who has started their own PR firm or is looking to do so.

PR Intern (US): If you are interested in PR and/or going to school for PR, we might have a spot on the Bag Ladies Reality Radio team, for you. If you are looking to gain hands-on experience as it relates to social media, developing a brand image and all things marketing/pr which includes drafting press announcements, soliciting media outlets for impressions, etc., Bag Ladies Reality Radio is where you want to be. A schedule will be worked out per your availability. Looking for a well-spoken, hungry, creative, organized, confident individual who can take initiative when needed and someone who has some PR experience, even if limited. Most critical, accessibility and consistency.

“Whatever” Assistant (2) (LA/DC): Assisting in an administrative capacity, in all areas of Bag Ladies Reality Radio which includes but certainly not limited to scheduling guests, following-up with contacts, receiving product samples, attending events, etc. We don’t at all endeavor to work you to the bone rather we just need a bit of help from time to time because we can’t do everything entirely on our own ...even though we have up until this point. But if you are looking to gain invaluable experience, be a part of a fabulous team and have A LOT of fun, this is a position for you. A schedule will be worked out per your availability. Looking for a well-spoken, creative, organized, confident individual who can take initiative when needed. Most critical, accessibility and consistency.

Content Producer (US): Assisting in efforts to develop content for Bag Ladies Reality Radio, ensuring tone and content fits into the overall concept of Bag Ladies Reality Radio. Will require researching show topics and potential guests. Coordinate content/show contributions. May require minimal assistance with audio/video editing. Must have knowledge of social media. Journalism and editorial skills are preferable. You must be creative and a strong communicator. You must be able to take the initiative and work independently.

VIP Reporters (US – DC/LA/NY/GA): You will be working very closely with the individual(s) who manages the Social Scene Stealer position. We are overwhelmed with invitations to various events, across the country. We are looking for a select few individuals who like to go out, who like to be seen and who can cover these events in our absence or when we are unable to or simply don’t wanna. Coverage may require doing a write-up, doing a video shot or doing an on-air recap. You must have a talent for mingling. You must be sociable; personable ...charming doesn’t hurt either. And you must be able to REPRESENT! We are looking for well-spoken, presentable individuals who have a fabulous sense of style meaning when it comes to the attire for certain events, you should know how to create a look that fits and is appropriate. You must be organized. Particularly interested if you have on-camera or voice-over experience.

Editor-In-Chief (US): Manage mybagladies blog content and efforts to build mybagladies blog overall. Position will require coming up with creative ideas for blog content/posts. Determining publishing frequency. Editing as needed and overseeing the process to publish finalized content. May require researching graphics or images to add to written content. Possibly seek guest authors to write content. You will shape the editorial focus of mybagladies blog. May require managing a select few freelance writers. This is a fabulous position if you are a writer and have experience in journalism, copy-editing or the like and/or if you are an English major. Must be a adept in social media. This opportunity will really be what you make it and you can make it great if you wanna.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

How We Prepare ...Hurricane Irene!!!

As if we haven't already felt enough of Mother Nature's wrath with the 5.9 earthquake this past Tuesday. And to all of our West Coast listeners, followers and fans, I know you are still giggling and pointing the finger but for those of us who have never experienced an earthquake, it was MAJOR! It took down a yogurt cup for goodness sake! I mean, we are in Washington, DC ...we don't get earthquakes around here. At least we can brag now that we are, "earthquake survivors." But as if that wasn't a significant enough event, there's now the looming threat of Hurricane Irene, making landfall this weekend! I mean really, is Mother Nature that mad at us for not recycling, for just spitting our gum out wherever instead of disposing of it properly ...I mean what's the deal? So needless to say, folks are posting and tweeting "Hurricane Preparedness Lists", every second. And while we understand the importance, we are tweaking things just a bit to ensure we got all that we need. And so we've added just a few more items:

Prepare a script of what to say when you call in Monday morning to your Boss to let him/her know you won't be in. (Be sure to input words that will further convince and justify your needing to take off. Be sure to have a comeback when your Boss says, "the sun has been shining all weekend.")

To heck with those candles from the colonial days. Visit Bath and Body Works and take advantage of the 3 for $5 deal. Stock up! Not only will you set the mood and create a nice aesthetic but you will also have a great aroma which will likely be very necessary. If you are burning candles, your electricity is likely shot and the scent of spoiling food and sewage filled toilets, is not pleasant.

Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol ...we can't say it enough. We don't want to suggest any particular brand or drink recipe. Just get A LOT ...of alcohol and be prepared to sip good if things get bad. If you drink enough, you will care less about high gusting winds and your house toppling down all around you.

Sex Toys – You should already have a plethora of these anyway so shouldn’t require you making a mad dash to your local sex store. If you don’t have a collection, that’s another issue. Some may be thinking this only applies to single ladies but NOOOOOOO ...If you are living "Tales of Singledom", and riding Hurricane Irene out by yourself, than ok. But for those of you “bunned up” with your hubby or your boyfriend or whatever, you still might require stimulation too. Cause while you are all good, your man might be crouching down in the corner, screeching at every gust of wind. Men don’t take natural disasters well. So ladies you just might have to please yourself. Be prepared. (We know that you know what sex toys look like so no pictures included)

A Man - He's really needed moreso pre-hurricane. Have him move all your outdoor furniture inside. Have him go gas up the car. Bring in the bottles of alcohol. After that, he can scat!

Batteries - You will need them to ensure those sex toys keep a running.

Food - Just have an abundance of chocolate and treats and sweets. That's really all we crave as women when things are awry.

Games - Board games that is! If you have a family, you will already be gathered together in your candle lit basement. Why not pull out those games that have been sitting on your shelf collecting dust since Wii burst onto the scene. And keep in mind that you will surely be "winning" cause kids nowadays don't know nothing bout Monopoly, Checkers, Candy Land and Hungry, Hungry Hippo. They are too dang computer literate!

Let us not forget the adult games. We know you remember those college games when you were sitting in your dorm bored and broke. You will already have your favorite drink handy (check previous tip), so why not play Quarters, good ole truth or dare, ummmm can you say Spin the bottle!

Water ...well who needs it. If you got alcohol by your side, to heck with water ...and a man.

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For further information regarding Hurricane Preparedness, visit Ready America. Stay safe!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last night was the finale of VH1's Basketball Wives, thus our finale post of our fave tweets. Although I guess not official because next Monday’s Basketball Wives reunion will surely consume our Twitter timeline with all kinds of hilarious commentary. So we will be forced to do another fave tweets post we ain't done just yet. We and you, our followers likely ain’t seen nothing yet! So as anxiously as we are anticipating next week’s reunion, please enjoy our favorite tweets from the finale episode of the guilty, raunchy but always entertaining pleasure, that is VH1’s Basketball Wives. And don’t act like you haven’t already marked your calendar for the premiere of Basketball Wives LA. Lawd knows, Basketball Wives Miami is a hard act to follow. Them LA gals better bring it ...the ridiculous, dramatic, exaggerated behavior we mean. Will Shaunie be present in each episode to further instigate you think? Without her constant instigating, the drama wouldn’t exist. Enjoy! And be sure to connect with our featured followers.

Ok really, wld Shaunie's endorsement of a shoe or "name on it", really make a diff as 2 whether u wld buy it? I'd b more inclined not to ...#BasketballWives

Eric would surely have another unicorn knot after that antic. He would not have walked away, he would've been led away. #BasketballWives

@luvvieig: The fact that Gal Reynolds is MCing Jennifer's Divorce party is just... #BBW

So Jen transitioned to a video ho? #BasketBallWives ...she's moving on up!

@lovecrissle: if i was engaged to a pro athlete i'd be doing a lot less questioning and a lot more shopping anydamnway.

@nicheatl: And black women are suppose to be the only crazy ones!?!?! Evelyn is proving that assumption wrong!!!! #bbw #basketballwives

@talkingwithtami: OOH chile my granny told me to rub real lemons on my black knees and elbows! Chad needs that same remedy on those soup coolers! Pow!

@sawngbyrd28: Eric looks like at any moment he'll jump up on the table beat his chest and screeeeeech like a gorilla!

Chad is done if Ev knows what's best. Can we say red flag?! #BasketBallWives

@AuNaturaleDC: That big tooth bastard...I swear I would beat his ass wit my shoe...give him a matching knot to the head! MOFO TAKE UR NAME!!! Ooh lawd!!!

@vinabean: After being married to that creature from Mordor for all them years, Jenn deserves to tongue it out with any man she wants. She earned that.

@brokeymcpoverty: eric talkin about somebody not knowing themselves. your top & bottom lips don't know each other. introduce

Why is Jen allowing Suzi to plan anything especially her divorce shin-dig?! Jen is just real naive or just plain DUMB! #BasketBallWives

@MrCouture: Shoutout to the bottom of Evelyn's ears. Them thangs hanging on like the Civil Rights movement! Heavy hoops! #BasketballWives

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We developed a fast habit of sharing some of the funniest tweets per each episode of #RHOA while still in season. Well presently, we are on hiatus which basically translates to we are on vacation, footloose and fancy free on the beach or maybe just in our dreams ;-), leave us alone and we’ll let you know when we return to air!! On the real, we don’t mind the inquiries regarding wassup with us rather we thank you for your interest and are glad that you miss us. We miss you too!! We have exciting things to come.

Efforts to gear up for a new season of Bag Ladies Reality Radio continue and although there isn’t much visible activity to you (our listeners, followers and fans), we are GRINDING ...still. And one of our guilty pleasures is the comedy, the drama, the entertainment, the wackiness that is VH1's #BasketballWives. We know you are guilty too!!!! It ain't just us! Our Twitter timeline, @bagladies is overwhelmed with HILARIOUS commentary Monday nights from 8 – 9p EST, which typically has us ROTF, CTHU and LLS. And per one of our fave fans, @DivaStateMind: Trying to catch up on @bagladies tweets b/c they are always hilarious on Monday nights from 8-10pm!!! Lol #VH1

We just had to share some of the funniest tweets from last nite’s #BasketballWives (Season 3, Episode 9). Enjoy!

- I would not be surprised if I don't have nightmares about Tami's hairline. It's just that da*n scary! #BBallWives ...I'm gonna look away

- Tami's hair, can't take it. Not only did she get a shape-up but it's not even a good one!!!! Who advised her to do that?!!! #BBallWives

- Please tell me in what way is Jen's date, hot? Cause Al Reynolds described him as a "hot lil thang?" #BBallWives

- Jen talking about she doesn't do that, doesn't do dutch. She doesn't even date so what does she know about it? #BBallWives

- He knows better. Tami will knock that unicorn knot off his head LOL RT @lilduval: I bet Eric won't throw a drink on tami tho

- When ur PDA, grosses ur own daughter out, I think that's a prob Ev. #BBallWives

- Career?! What career Royce? What do you do?! #BBallWives

- Will some1 plz tell Eric not 2 wear his caps cocked 2 the side. It draws attention 2 his unicorn forehead. #BBallWives

- "A hot little thing" ...and that's probably exactly how Al Reynolds described him to you Jen. LLS #BBallWives

- Jen talks about technology like it's a foreign concept. Was she locked inside that condo she shared w/ Eric for their entire relationship?

- I think Royce and Eric are related actually. Royce clearly has something growing out of her forehead too. #BBallWives

- Chad is annoying and immature. I do like his pants though.#BBallWives

- Tami's hairline made an abrupt change on 2nite's episode. Still don't understand WTH happened. #BBallWives

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Monday, January 24, 2011


We are fastly nearing the return from our Holiday hiatus. We hope all of our listeners, followers and fans had a good one. We can't wait to get back on the air and as per our return, we are starting to re-establish our routine and things we used to do ...for you! And what better way to come back than on a funny note!!
After having watched last nite's "Floridon't" episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we absolutely HAD to feature our list of the funniest tweets, just like we used to do. We could barely see through the tears ...from laughter of course. This ain't no Top 10 nor Top 20. We didn't count! This is simply a list of our fave tweets that had us CTHU last nite and you too!! BTW, some of the tweets are our own and while some might see it as a shameless plug, if we can't laugh at ourselves, who will? Enjoy ...and follow!!

@SoundNexx: MIss Lawrence looks like a young Florida Evans...

@brokesocialite: RT @ButtaBaby: Phaedra looks like a fish dipped in chocolate. #RHOA {This wins...TBS}

@EARRINGSBYTRACI: Dear Southern Bell Phaedra. I thought you gals didn't SUCK & TELL?! #rhoa

@brittianycierra: Phaedra is likeable when her bamma ass isn't thinking about what her mother is going to say.

@Bossip: We're gonna make #PhaedrasSidePonytail the official staff hair style for the Bossip team, lol. #RHOA

@TionnaSmalls: I'm not mad at Cynthia. I wouldn't want to be sucking Peter's thang either...

@sarina_beauty: Lmao RT @Infamously_Tay Peter reminds me of another conniving man w/ BIG ideas and NO money :/ #RHOA **im just sayin LOL

@Ms_MiMi: This is the most stressful girls weekend ever!!! #RHOA

@MinaScope: phaedra & this 9th grade side swoop pls

@MaiCaz: Why do yall need shades on to talk!!! #RHOA

@bagladies: Cynthia don't wanna marry "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater"

@cheekystarnova: Kandi will not let up on that damn honeymoon!?! Way to bring a bitchdown @Kandi -- Dilzam! #RHOA !

@Amadii: that booty is clearly a 12 - Sheree #RHOA

@brokesocialite: Cynt. Get to doing some catalog work. Talbots needs some fresh faces. #RHOA

@OfficiallyJayeL: After seeing them hos without makeup I know Imma be even badder with tha right makeup artist!! LoL

@bagladies: C, I would've gone Tami n Evelyn on NeNe's ass. Ain't no way I would let her dictate a dang thing in my friend's house. Kim is dumb #RHOA

@majheartspink: @bagladies huni! That wouldn't be me. I'd have her n her friend removed, go 2 Holiday Inn, not star island worthy

@bagladies: Diane or Diana ...whatever. She must b vying for a spot on next season. Watch, she'll b the new or added housewife or something.

@Flyr_Den_Planez: FUCK Dey Sleepin In Pet Semetary...#RHOA

@sawngbyrd28: These bitches need HAIR and MAYCUP STAT!

@bagladies: NeNe's teeth r like Eric's from #BBW LOL RT @brokesocialite: If I see NeNe suck her dog teeth one more time...#RHOA

@Shugah: Lawrence is a man. It takes soooo much more than 5 inch pumps, skinny jeans & nail polish to be a woman.

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