Friday, May 10, 2013

We all can use a lil' help from time to time especially when trying to define a starting point when making moves. Are you struggling with just that? Are you looking for someone to bounce ideas who can advise you how to fill in the holes and bridge the gaps? You may just need to consider getting "radical." My "machine drivah" as I affectionately refer, @RavenDelana has helped me map out a better structure when it comes to not just defining my goals for my show, Bag Ladies Radio but achieving them too. As she moderated this week's show and live tweeted on my behalf, she announced an exclusive offer:

"The Radical Biz Catalyst is a juicy three-part process where Raven will dive head first into your business and emerge with the strategy needed to create a RADICAL shift; then she'll arm you with the tools needed to execute that strategy like a champ. Whether you need help with online marketing, streamlining business processes or just embracing the "BIGNESS" of your business, Veranda Lane can help."

Speaking from first hand experience, "If you know like I know" ...For this exclusive and limited time offer, visit

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