Monday, January 24, 2011


We are fastly nearing the return from our Holiday hiatus. We hope all of our listeners, followers and fans had a good one. We can't wait to get back on the air and as per our return, we are starting to re-establish our routine and things we used to do ...for you! And what better way to come back than on a funny note!!
After having watched last nite's "Floridon't" episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we absolutely HAD to feature our list of the funniest tweets, just like we used to do. We could barely see through the tears ...from laughter of course. This ain't no Top 10 nor Top 20. We didn't count! This is simply a list of our fave tweets that had us CTHU last nite and you too!! BTW, some of the tweets are our own and while some might see it as a shameless plug, if we can't laugh at ourselves, who will? Enjoy ...and follow!!

@SoundNexx: MIss Lawrence looks like a young Florida Evans...

@brokesocialite: RT @ButtaBaby: Phaedra looks like a fish dipped in chocolate. #RHOA {This wins...TBS}

@EARRINGSBYTRACI: Dear Southern Bell Phaedra. I thought you gals didn't SUCK & TELL?! #rhoa

@brittianycierra: Phaedra is likeable when her bamma ass isn't thinking about what her mother is going to say.

@Bossip: We're gonna make #PhaedrasSidePonytail the official staff hair style for the Bossip team, lol. #RHOA

@TionnaSmalls: I'm not mad at Cynthia. I wouldn't want to be sucking Peter's thang either...

@sarina_beauty: Lmao RT @Infamously_Tay Peter reminds me of another conniving man w/ BIG ideas and NO money :/ #RHOA **im just sayin LOL

@Ms_MiMi: This is the most stressful girls weekend ever!!! #RHOA

@MinaScope: phaedra & this 9th grade side swoop pls

@MaiCaz: Why do yall need shades on to talk!!! #RHOA

@bagladies: Cynthia don't wanna marry "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater"

@cheekystarnova: Kandi will not let up on that damn honeymoon!?! Way to bring a bitchdown @Kandi -- Dilzam! #RHOA !

@Amadii: that booty is clearly a 12 - Sheree #RHOA

@brokesocialite: Cynt. Get to doing some catalog work. Talbots needs some fresh faces. #RHOA

@OfficiallyJayeL: After seeing them hos without makeup I know Imma be even badder with tha right makeup artist!! LoL

@bagladies: C, I would've gone Tami n Evelyn on NeNe's ass. Ain't no way I would let her dictate a dang thing in my friend's house. Kim is dumb #RHOA

@majheartspink: @bagladies huni! That wouldn't be me. I'd have her n her friend removed, go 2 Holiday Inn, not star island worthy

@bagladies: Diane or Diana ...whatever. She must b vying for a spot on next season. Watch, she'll b the new or added housewife or something.

@Flyr_Den_Planez: FUCK Dey Sleepin In Pet Semetary...#RHOA

@sawngbyrd28: These bitches need HAIR and MAYCUP STAT!

@bagladies: NeNe's teeth r like Eric's from #BBW LOL RT @brokesocialite: If I see NeNe suck her dog teeth one more time...#RHOA

@Shugah: Lawrence is a man. It takes soooo much more than 5 inch pumps, skinny jeans & nail polish to be a woman.

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