Sunday, August 30, 2009

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How do you stay beautiful?

Most women have great loyalty to their daily so-called "beauty routine" whether it consists of applying that MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation, brushing the lids with colorful mono eyeshadow from Sephora's Film Noir collection, applying blush or simply dabbing your lips with a bit of NARS Lip Lacquer. And not to be forgotten, that fave Ferragamo fragrance. Not only that but most women don't leave the house without certain beauty essentials such as Kiehl's Lip Balm from the Lip Balm #1 Limited Edition Set.

Bag Ladies wants to know how do you stay beautiful and what products you absolutely cannot live without. Leave your comments right here (you can do so anonymously even), and we just might reference on tomorrow's show and you might even win some product but you gotta leave your comments and of course you gotta tune in tomorrow.

This week Bag Ladies gets down with Dr. Jeanine Downie, co-author of Beautiful Skin of Color, for some serious chit chat about your skin and how to keep it glowing and beautiful. Bag Ladies will also seek to dispel those notions that we don't have to do anything, don't really need to use sunscreen and more. The season is about to change so what changes might you want to make to your skincare routine to ensure a clean and clear transition from warm to cold. Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Tuesday at 7p EST ...only on Talk to ya then!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Get your Fitness Chic on at The Pynk Feathers and Wellness Treasures Expo

There are numerous ways to look sexy and stylish while getting your workout on and Bag Ladies is providing you the perfect event to display your creative ability. Tomorrow's, The Pynk Feathers and Wellness Treasures Expo is all about well being. Bag Ladies will be hosting a fun-filled day of pampering, luxury and activities. The Pynk Feathers and Wellness Treasures Expo will include everything from aromatic soaks to massages and makeovers but also yoga, Brazilian dancing and various other classes and seminars. And when you pair that with delectable cuisine a shopping marketplace, bags of FREE Swag and giveaways galore, you can't go wrong. And you will no doubt be touched by the fact that a portion of every ticket sold will be donated to

The Pynk Feathers and Wellness Treasures Expo is sponsored by Target, OPI, Heart and Soul magazine and LiveLoveLife to name a few and is brought to you by The Pampering Junkies which is a network of professionals in the beauty and health industry that promote and facilitate wellness for the mind, body and soul through unforgettable events and experiences.

"I decided to produce this event to promote breast cancer awareness and better health practices in women after losing my aunt two years ago to breast cancer at the early age of 41," said the CEO of The Pampering Junkies, Stephanie McKenzie.
The expo is a refreshing and unique take on efforts to raise awareness regarding breast cancer but also enlighten women on the importance of wellness for the mind, body and soul and when you tune into Bag Ladies Reality Radio, you will often hear us pushing the message of just, "letting it go" so we were more than happy to support the event.
Tickets are still available!!!! The event takes place tomorrow, Saturday, August 29th from 12-6p at Studio 10 located at 2828 10 Street in Washington, DC

Some ideas for how to get your fitness chic on at the expo ...
Wear solid colors
Sport the spaghetti strap tanks and two tanks worn together looks great
Don't wear loose fitting, baggy clothes
Avoid the grungy, dirty shoes

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week: Ashlee Simpson

It's that time of the week again. Bag Ladies sifted through numerous looks to find "the one". This one event in particular resulted in some real head turners. Everyone from Gabrielle Union to Taye Diggs stepped out on the red carpet for last week's InStyle Summer Soiree at the London Hotel in West Hollywood. But the one Bag Ladies fave was Ashlee Simpson in this sexy Jill Stuart bustier-style romper with a Dolce & Gabbana clutch and Brian Atwood pumps. And the piled on pearls against the satin really set it off!! You want a look like this, Bag Ladies will tell you how tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madame Myra's Top 10: Simply Put, Why We Ladies Are Better

Not that we need to justify but just in case someone poses the question, "what makes you think you are better than moi?", here are at least 10 reasons or rather facts to choose from. Tune into Bag Ladies tonite at 7p EST and listen to what Top 10 Madame Myra dishes out ...

-- Bag Ladies

1. We evolve hotter.
recent study revealed that women are getting better looking through evolution; meanwhile, men are staying the same. After following more than 2,000 people through four decades of life, the study showed that attractive women had 16 percent more children than average-looking chicks and that beautiful people are 36 percent more likely to have a daughter as their firstborn. All those gorgeous daughters mean more beautiful women than in past generations.

2. We survive car accidents more often.
This is sad but true: Men are 77 percent more likely to die in a car accident than women, according to a study done by Carnegie Mellon University. Our boyfriends should be thanking us when we nag them to "Wear your seatbelt!"

3. We're better at seeking comfort.
Mind survey of 2,000 people revealed that women are far more likely than men to talk through their problems. Fifty-three percent of women talk to their friends about what's stressing them out, as opposed to 29 percent of men.

4. We're more recession-proof.
According to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80 percent of those who have lost their jobs since December 2007 have been men. Ouch. This could be because male-dominated fields have been hit the hardest, like manufacturing and finance. That really sucks...but hey, maybe it's time more men became nurses and educators.

5. We graduate college more often.
We already know that female enrollment is higher than male, but the
Department of Education's statistics reveal that men are also less likely than women to graduate and get their bachelor's degrees. Men are also more likely to take longer than five years to complete their degree

6. We eat healthier.
A survey of more than 14,000 people, conducted by the University of Minnesota, showed that women choose far healthier foods than men. While men are more likely to chow down on frozen pizza and red meat, women are piling fruits and veggies onto their plates. It all sounds pretty obvious, but we get so much grief for our chocolate addictions that we just had to point this one out!

7. We have stronger immune systems.
No wonder men act like such babies when they have a sniffle — women really do have stronger immune systems than men! If there are little battles going on in our bodies, women have a secret weapon: estrogen. A study done by McGill University indicated that estrogen gives women an edge when it comes to fighting off infections. That's because estrogen confronts a certain enzyme that often hinders the body's first line of defense against bacteria and viruses.

8. We live longer.
Among the world's population of those who are over 100 years old, 85 percent are women, according to the
New England Centenarian Study. In general, women continue to live five to 10 years longer than men as well.

9. We're better managers, especially in this economy.
This one is a little controversial, but a slew of experts are confident that women make greater bosses because they are better listeners, mentors, problem solvers, and multitaskers than their male counterparts. In
a recent Daily News article, management expert Jay Forte said, "It's a very service-oriented economy [right now], so you need employees to be motivated. Women are better connectors than men and more astute about knowing how to activate passion in their employees."

10. We communicate more.
This one isn't about talking a mile a minute, like you probably suspected. It's now scientifically proven that women can process more words than men.
A study done by Louann Brizendine of the University of California at San Francisco showed that men can process approximately 7,000 words per day, compared to women's 20,000 words. The study found that this characteristic can start as early as the fetal stage and is more biological than social.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week: Amber Rose

If you listen to Bag Ladies on a regular which we of course know you do :-), then you no doubt know that we love Amber Rose' style so when we happened upon recent pictures of her and boyfriend Kanye West taking a shopping stroll through the streets of Manhattan, we couldn't wait to see what "fit" she was rocking. We just love the simplicity and the ease of what she put together but yet she's still keeping w/current trends by sporting the fedora and slouchy sandals. She's not trying so hard.
Look for how you can get this same look for less in tomorrow's edition of Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies and on tomorrow's Bag Ladies Reality Radio at 7p EST.
-- Bag Ladies

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bag Ladies Look Of The Week: Teyana Taylor

We just love this Married To The Mob Look sported by Rapper,
Teyana Taylor.

Teyana is the face of the brand's fall '09 collection.

This is one of the pics from the recent shoot.

Although it doesn't reveal much, the style of the shot speaks to that which Married To The MOB is about, a street wear label for women. And Teyana with her I don't take no sh*t, street-chic style, she's the attitude of the label.

We'll tell you how to rock this same look on tomorrow's edition of Bag Ladies Reality Radio, 7p EST.

-- Lady Erin

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Official Movie Trailer: Good Hair

The official movie trailer for what appears to be a hilariously funny documentary about Black women and how seriously we take our hair!

Get it!

So yesterday we posted what it was and today we tell you how to get it. And we are referring to Bag Ladies Look of the Week for those of you whose minds were starting to wander. Bag Ladies kept it cute and simple this week and we are profiling a style that in one motion, you can pull it on and in one motion, you can slide it off.
There are various ways you can accessorize a romper and take it from completely casual to completely hot in a matter of moments. Slip on a belt on and cinch the waist or throw a blazer on and dress it up that much more. We found similar styles in various boho prints that we loved just as much as this one Kiely Williams of 3LW rocked at last week's opening of Upstairs Boutique in West Hollywood, CA. And what is boho chic you might ask ...It's relaxed, it's comforable, it's easy and in terms of color, earth tones or a floral print but overall, that bohemian feel. The chic-ness depends on how you accessorize.

One of our fave online shopping destinations, Shopbop offered a few rompers. This Brigid Catiis Jaclyn Romper is a great look. It's a bit more costly being $168 but it's a limited edition piece and exclusive to Shopbop. We particularly liked the pockets and gathered waistband. Also comes in a black and white zebra print.

Also from Shopbop, we couldn't resist the color pattern of this one. Just cause it's boho doesn't mean it has to be color no-go. Was that a bit lame? Well whatever. This What Comes Around Goes Around Jasmin Romper with multi floral print pairs well against the silk texture. Again, the elastic banding at waist makes you look smaller and the pockets are just practical. A bit heftier cost at $230.

Free People Summertime Floral Romper gives the illusion of being a dress but it's a printed woven romper with halter ties and side pockets. A price tag of $108 is not bad and the benefit of so many adorable colors is that you can accessorize it with anything and everything.

One of the score's of the week, this
Urban Outfitters Ecote Strapless Smocked Jumper is, drum roll please ...$19 bucks! Comes in both the print seen here and deep navy and per the reviews, fits close to size and there are still a plethora of sizes available at You get the pockets wit this one too. The legs are a bit shorter but you can always slip a pair of leggings under it or if you are blessed with great legs that you don't mind showing off, do you!

So being the considerate ladies that we are, we recognize that not everyone me included can pull off the rompers and instead the jumpsuits are the better way to go. In keeping with the theme, we found this Newport News Bandini-print halter jumpsuit for $49.

Some of our fave accessories to compliment the style of the boho chic look.

We adore these MICHAEL Michael Kors Rose Open Toe Silver Pumps/Heels found at And silver is a color that can easily be paired with any print and provide a nice contrast to color particularly deep, darker colors

We can't mention silver without mentioning gold which really offsets bright colors. This
Chinese Laundry Bootsy goes great with the Shopbop Jasmin Romper we profiled above. $68

And some clutch ideas ...For $86 bucks, the snakeskin J. Renee "Christi" Flap Bag can easily be paired with both the Free People and Urban Outfitters rompers. The look of print on print is a great look!

The silver Zagliani Python Clutch also a snakeskin, has exquisite detailing but for Zagliani, be prepared to pay. It just was so delicious to look at, we had to profile it. The cost, $1500.

The large black clutch from Target is definitely a best buy and not only is the side bow a great accent but the patent leather makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit. It reminds us of a patent purple Christian Louboutin clutch and for $14, it's a must have. Only available online.

As far as jewelry, the sky's the limit but with a romper style, you want to wear styles that lengthen your frame which although flats certainly work should you just be running around but for a night out, a great heel is the best. But in terms of jewelry, a long dangle earring to elongate the neck and for a necklace, keep it simple because the boho print speaks for itself so you don't want to make the look too gaudy. If you do wear an elaborate necklace, keep the rest simple so solid color shoes and clutch. But add an over sized blazer to create one look and a short cropped jacket to create another. That's one great thing to love, the versatility of rompers and jumpsuits.

Let us know your thoughts and send us a pic of the look or looks you create. Happy shopping!

-- Lady Erin

We Wanna Know ...

Bag Ladies is making a few minor changes so that Bag Ladies Reality Radio is the best that it can be and we wanna know ...what do you think of the show? How are we doing? What topics would you like us to discuss? Does the time work for you? We wanna know. Spill it! If you haven’t yet tuned in, click here otherwise please see below to leave your comments. And you can do so anonymously so if you have something mean to say, we won't try and hunt you down!

Bag Ladies values your feedback so thanks in advance.

Bag Ladies

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week

Although Bag Ladies ain't never been a fan of 3LW, we like the way Kiely Williams is rocking this romper. The pattern of this boho look doesn't require much as far as accessories. Kiely keeps it simple but chic which was perfect for the casual tone of the Grand Opening of Upstairs Boutique in West Hollywood, CA last week. Folks rocked some great looks last week including one of our faves, Amber Rose so to decide on one look was hard and we almost went with two but in keeping with how we do it, we forced ourselves to just select one and our love of rompers and jumpsuits may have influenced our decision a bit but what can you do.

So this is Bag Ladies Look of the Week. If you wanna know how to achieve it and for as little cost as possible, tune into Bag Ladies Reality Radio tomorrow at 7p EST and we'll tell you how.

-- Bag Ladies