Monday, December 14, 2009

Will Swirl Deliver The Goods?

Bag Ladies could surely say Swirl is just another Gilt Group, yet another online retail shopping outlet to make you feel guilty but Swirl has a personality all it's own and for those of us that wouldn’t otherwise have access to both high end, couture designers and fresh on the scene buzzmakers (as Swirl refers), it just means greater accessibility and how can you not love that? Bag Ladies sure does. You know Daily Candy, they deliver the latest and greatest in fashion, food, fun and style via email, video and the web. Well they saw the opportunity to not only bring us fashion news but the actual merchandise that makes the news and thus Swirl was born. The first sample sale launched just last month and still in Beta which means Swirl is still in development basically ...translation, a lot of tweaking of the site and additions of new features will likely be taking place over the next few months but I’d say Swirl is definitely off to a good start with sample sales by brands and Designers such as Burberry, Tod’s and Cosabella. As an existing DailyCandy subscriber, I’m promised special promotions and exclusive merchandise (I’ll get back to you regarding whether Swirl holds true to their promise). And for those of you who may not know what a sample sale is, it is basically when a Designer or store or design house sells promotional merchandise so the pieces may have been used in a fashion show, to show buyers or a photo shoot which is why the sizes available are typically very limited. But the discounts can be significant, ranging anywhere fro 20% to 80% off retail. And sometimes sales consist of leftover pieces from previous seasons which are discounted even more. One has to wonder however with the economy being as such and with all of the competition from similar sites like NET-A-PORTER (one of my faves), Outnet and more, will Swirl be able to sustain. But I guess as long as “fashionista shopaholics” like you and me exist, sites such as Swirl will always serve a purpose.

In terms of features, there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles and the site design doesn’t hold a lot of visual appeal. But minus the fuss means you can get down to the bizness of shopping cause there aren't alot of distractions so you likely won't be doing much stopping along the way. I just love the name Swirl and one standout was that seemingly all size zero models aren’t parading all over the site which gives the impression that Swirl is making an effort to speak to all women in all sizes and I applaud them for that. When it comes to shipping and returns, policies are standard. I’ll have to get back to you with my first-hand account of the overall shopping experience once having made my first purchase. Right now I’m asking "Santa Baby" to slip the $76.00 Cosabella Basic Bamboo Robe in Radish under the tree!


-- Lady Erin

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

What You Missed ...Bag Ladies Radio Recap

You are definitely a beauty and Bag Ladies surely thinks you are a cutie too!! And that was the message of this week's, “It’s All About Beauty Cutie!”, Bag Ladies recurring monthly episode where they talk all things beauty. Bag Ladies Reality Radio, the nationally broadcast weekly reality radio show that targets women and is all about the reality of ladies, their lives and how they do it so needless to say, beauty is a hot topic of convo and Beauty Talk is one of Bag Ladies most popular segments. As the Holiday season is upon us, much attention was lent to great Holiday deals on some of the most notable and fave beauty brands as well as some of the trends and colors being sported this season and some of the hottest collections and beauty sets that make for great gifts and stocking stuffers. As an added treat as if banter about all things beauty isn’t enough, Bag Ladies featured beauty fanatic and straight talking beauty expert, Daneen Baird from the craze that is which is an award winning beauty lifestyle site that is the go-to guide to what’s new, what's hot, and what's next in the world of beauty.

After much chatter amongst Lady Erin, Madame Myra and Miz Adams to include the Life of Bag Ladies and where they are on the scene, newsworthy buzz mostly dominated by the Tiger Woods saga, What’s Poppin w/ the Paparazzi featuring all types of celeb juice from Rihanna’s antics to what is Nicki Minaj’s talent exactly and why is she jocking Lil Kim's style? And not to be forgotten, Madame Myra’s Top 10 myth busters, it was time to get down to the nitty gritty …all while doing this sober as this week’s episode was minus, “What’s Sippin.” But rest assured that as the Bag Ladies themselves proclaimed, they will more than make up next week for this week’s sobriety.

he Bag Ladies woman is one that strives to put her best face forward all the time so after having discussed the concept that is, the Bag Ladies and featured guest Daneen Baird discussed all things beauty from the colors being worn on nails to lips, eyeliners and more and Miz Adams told a story of conquering her fear of the red lip which most women can relate but as Lady Erin said, “it comes down to finding the right red to compliment your complexion and you will never wanna take it off. There’s nothing sexier.” Daneen compared it to finding the perfect black dress. Holiday beauty collections and stocking stuffers were the hottest topic of convo as Daneen rattled off her top 6 gift picks which included everything from Godiva Chocolate Candles (pictured above left) in scents like Milk Chocolate Truffle and Raspberry Ganache to Bath & Body Works Lounge Socks (pictured below left) that contain shea butter moisturizer. And Bag Ladies had a few stocking stuffer faves too like the Victoria's Secret Love Rocks Lip Gloss Ring (pictured above right ...Lady Erin was applying the sheer cherry gloss during the show), the Sephora Lip Service Deluxe Sampler and the best of bliss 2009 (both pictured below right) in lemon+sage. Now aren’t you ready to rush out and get your Holiday shopping on? Tune into Bag Ladies Reality Radio OnDemand and catch up on the great convo you might’ve missed per the live episode and get the full scoop on celeb juice, product reviews and more and be sure to tune in next week and each and every Tuesday to Bag Ladies Reality Radio at 7p EST for more real women, real talk. It’s all about you ladies!!!