Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whipping It Back and Forth In The 2011 Cadillac SRX

Heated seats, a place to hide shopaholic paraphernalia, Dual Screen DVD and did I say, heated seats? At first glance, the 2011 Cadillac SRX will certainly draw your attention but even if it doesn’t, what may be lacking on the outside is certainly made up for, on the inside. The Cadillac brand does itself great justice because the newly designed 2011 SRX provides sleek, visual appeal and although classified as an SUV, the 2011 SRX embodies a luxury only matched by Lexus RX 350, Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLK but at a much more cost effective price. It’s no longer the disappointing 2010 version which more closely resembled a station wagon and left consumers very much disenchanted. Once behind the wheel you will fastly realize why the 2011 Cadillac SRX is the best-selling vehicle amongst luxury crossover SUV’s.

Although you don’t necessarily associate an SUV with compactness, the SRX doesn’t weigh as heavy as the cargo volume, height and width might suggest. I know because during a Holiday shopping spree which I embarked on with full intent to shop for everyone but myself, I deterred and was surprised by the cargo space of which I utilized to hide certain items. The SRX has a rear cargo shade which can be used to separate items as needed…”all the better to hide my dear”, and a floor cargo area as per the hidden cargo management system. Cadillac uses the word “hidden” in the term so how can one expect it to be used for any other purpose? I (an admitted “shopaholic”), actually forgot about the items I placed in that floor cargo space but thankfully remembered before the scheduled pick-up time.

Cadillac is a recognizable brand and the grille with the Cadillac crest garners attention. I received quite a few thumbs up while in transit and engaging in the life that is me, Lady Erin for the week that I had the pleasure of whipping the 2011 Cadillac SRX back and forth. The presentation which is what I’m most immediately drawn to in a vehicle, is such that it’s a pleasure every time you put the SRX on the road and even moreso because the keyless access and remote start ensures that it’s ready to go. For those not familiar, per DMV.org, “A remote starter allows you to start your car or truck using a key-fob remote control―without going outside. If you left the heat or A/C on, it turns on when the engine does. Your car can warm up cool down, so it's nice and comfortable when you get in.” But as much as a remote starter is great, when I first see heated seats as per any vehicle’s specs, I’m in love. And trust, if you’ve never rested your "cold as ice" bottom on heated seats on a winter morning, you don’t know what you are missing.

The SRX is high-tech luxury and includes fabulous features so every time I left the office and stepped up (I’m only 4’11”), and into the SRX, I didn’t miss a beat. Everything from the standard touch screen and easy to use OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation (rises out of the dashboard), which allows you to specify the details of where you need to be and results in voice led Turn-by-Turn instructions on how to get there along with real time weather and traffic data. And although I primarily listened to El Debarge’s newest release, Second Chance during my time spent with the 2011 Cadillac SRX, the AM/FM/XM/CD radio with MP3 capability and 8-speaker Bose audio is not to be overlooked.

The Bluetooth for Phone allowed me to maintain constant and safe hands free contact with Madame Myra and handle all Bag Ladies Radio bizness while traveling to and fro. The rearview camera is a luxury that I absolutely love. It lessens the work required when it comes to backing up or parking. It’s like another set of eyes and combined with the alert which notifies you if too close to another vehicle or curb, you can park quickly, safely and with virtually no effort …it may even afford you bragging rights because you simply can’t park poorly with this feature.

The SRX comfortably seats five and includes luxuries some of which are standard, others of which are optional such as leather seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, Ultra View panoramic sunroof (like having a skylight in your car), and iPod integration port.

As I am a “Bag Mommy”, the rear Dual Screen DVD’s lessened the “don’t touch me”, “you’re too close to me”, “stop looking at me” arguments because it was suppressed by, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, “Daddy Daycare” and “Toy Story 3”. As a Parent, this feature perhaps outweighs all others because nothing can compare to the comfort and peace of quiet kids. Can I get an Amen!!

The walnut matte interior made for great “eye candy”. And various compartments from the doors to the seats, ensure you ain’t driving around with junk everywhere. You can stash stuff everywhere and out of the way. The front cup holder provided a perfect base for my Febreeze Pomegranate Reed Diffuser …you know I’m all about aesthetics ;-). Cup holders don’t have to be just for beverages. The smooth handling further complimented by front-wheel drive with traction control and StabiliTrack electronic stability control made for, to put it simply, a great ride. Turns and cuts were effortless. Handling was light. And the 3.0L, V6 Direct Injection provides robust power and allows you to go from 0 to 60mph in just 8.2 seconds with 265hp.

Although it’s been argued that the 2011 Cadillac SRX versus the 2010 model, is slightly heavier and affords less mileage, regardless of the specs and numerous design changes, it’s all about how you feel as a consumer and driver behind the wheel and as long as your preferences are met which definitely can and will be either by way of standard features or optional add-on’s, the 2011 Cadillac SRX is definitely worthy of consideration. The 2011 Cadillac SRX is rugged yet fabulously classy whereas I felt just as comfortable kicking it in my Add Down “Gloss Puffer” Jacket and UGG “Cassady” boots as I did in my Lanvin for H&M dress and Badgley Mischka “Humbie 2” pumps.

Sometimes our love of automobiles is discounted simply because we are women but we love to whip it back and forth in a fabulous ride, just as much as the next ...man. I enjoyed doing so in the 2011 Cadillac SRX. The starting MSRP is $34k.
Lady Erin
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Monday, December 6, 2010


We were distracted by last week's Sunday competition. The Soul Train Awards got the best of us and we didn't stick to our normal Sunday nite TV routine. But alas, we are all caught up and bringing you our funniest picks per last nite's #RHOA. If you ain't down, you betta get down. And tweet with us @bagladies. If you not, you're not enjoying nearly as much as we are. These are our 10 picks for the most hilarious tweets from last night's episode:

MsTiffany_ RT @TheCubicleChick: Kim's next reality series will be SisterWives (and Husband). Since she's tri-sexual and all. #RHOA

LegendNthaMakn Dying. that's what's she's doing. Those are death screams RT @SYM1DidIt: RT @Complexi_T: #rhoa she singing or howling?

RT bagladies: RT April_Jones: Am I only 1 that notices Kim wearn same True Religion jeans since season 1? Damn, talk about a fave pair

Debohelaine Yep!RT @MsMichel: I think Peter is afraid that NeNe's marriage problems may scare Cynthia and she'll back out of the wedding. #RHOA

ajpotts911 Phaedra getting pooed on...best moment ever on Real Housewives of Atlanta. #RHOA

Ur_moneyMY_hand: Why does Kim get to get in the studio and get paid but I don't?? #RHOA

AngieJonesRN: There is no way I would let my husband tell me when its okay for me to talk to my friends on the phone!! #RHOA #cynthiaisagoodone

LalasTweets: Reality check - Sheree's acting is just as bad as Kim's singing. #RHOA

youngplatinum: RT @marfmellow: Peter kinda looks like Uncle Ben....is that mean? I enjoy rice...from a box. #RHOA

marfmellow: I hope I don't see Sheree in a Tyler Perry film #RHOA

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Pink Friday" by Nicki Minaj for MAC ...

We haven't made much effort to keep our feelings secret when it comes to Nicki Minaj. We've discussed off-air, on-air and most recently, during The Style And Beauty Doctor's fashion and beauty report on last week's show. The Style And Beauty Doctor gave us the exclusive scoop the week before.

Say what you will but there is no denying the buzz regarding this Friday's release of "Pink Friday". Included are pics from yesterday's press event at MAC Times Square in NYC. You definitely gotta give Nicki credit for working the press and media to garner as much attention as possible for the upcoming release of her debut album, also on Friday. Nicki Minaj has paired up with MAC to customize a limited edition, pink lipstick which will supposedly only be available via maccosmetics.com for, four Fridays only starting this coming "Black Friday", November 26th, 2010. Although we haven't yet seen, we've heard it described as hot pink, bubblegum pink and fuschia. We hope as do many of you, to soon have a chance to see for ourselves. Although after the experience that was the debut of Lanvin for H&M last weekend, we surely won't be doing anymore "stakeouts" ...even if just an online "stakeout". Share your thoughts. Is "Pink Friday" a "must-have"?
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Monday, November 22, 2010


No breaking news to report when it comes to #RHOA being a guilty pleasure of ours. And also no secret, that we tweet to the max while watching. Last night's episode had us mad, frustrated, pissed, raising eyebrows but as always, entertained and in tears with laughter particularly while reading the live tweets of our followers, listeners and fans. If you ain't down, you betta get down. And tweet with us @bagladies. These are our picks for the most hilarious tweets from last night's episode:

@A_jackson12 - Phaedra is 2 years Pregnant.. She gone Deliver that baby and drop him off at PreSchool the same Day

@iPeachPR - And iChocked a bit when she said that.•"@bagladies: Did Sheree just refer to herself as a designer? #RHOA"

@MartyT1105 - @bagladies. I really think she won an appeal for him and he had to pay her back by marrying her. Ant no love there

@profblmkelley - RT @alpha1906: Doctors w/more credentials than Dr. Muhammad: Dr. J, Dr. Pepper, Doc from the Love Boat...#RHOA

@HauteCoutureDiv - Maybe Dr. Ti-yi was the one who examined Phaedra! FAKE DOCTOR, FAKE BABY RESULTS!

@bagladies - LMAO ...he got his PhD online. I'm done #RHOA

@bagladies - Did the dreads tear his hair line up and start the median strip baldness? #RHOA

@bagladies - I have no sympathy 4 Sheree ...The 1st date was a carryout, he made her lick dough off his finger which he made at friends place n what else

@bagladies - Ok, the Dr. is laughing too hard at Lawrence and waaaaaay too tickled. Raised brow ... #RHOA

@LDotMarie - I'm with Sheree. If you can't play Spades, you CANNOT sit down with me. No way, no how.

@ShesSavvy - Clearly Phaedra lied b/c she got knocked up and she didn't want her mom, aka the pastor, to find out. SMH! #RHOA

@MsBlk1der_MUA - *close my casket!!* RT @DivaGlam23 Apollo had that I wasn't even outta jail face....

@clickityclack - RT @ProgressiveElec: RT @bagladies: Phaedra makes pregnancy sound like some crazy phenomenon that just kinda happened upon her. WTH?! #RHOA

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Saturday, November 20, 2010


"I'm Up" ...
Awoke at 2a on Saturday, November 20th 2010 feeling rather accomplished. I only hit the snooze button once! I was on a mission to "pop tags!" Before turning in the night before, I determined what my "stakeout" ensemble would be. The two major concerns were comfort and warmth. I followed the advice of this week's featured guest, June Ambrose and layered the hell up!!! I made a mad dash to the bathroom to brush, wash ...you know, all the essentials and proceeded to text my "roll dog", ElevarBeauty, to make sure she was up. She was my ride and I couldn't let her blow this for me, she had to get her ass up! She called me back to inform me that she hadn't even gone to sleep! I knew from that moment, this was gonna be FUN. I applied one layer after the other like a skilled ..."layer-er". Well, what do you call one skilled in layering? Although 3am at this point and as much as I wasn't in the mood, I was feeling just a tad vain so I beat my face with a lil powder and applied a lil blush and some gloss ...of course. If I don't do nothing else, I apply the gloss. My NARS Sweet Charity Lip Lacquer, is a must-have and has been for a minute. But back to the chronicles ...

"On My Way Baby!" ...
I proceeded to check-in with my DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) "stakeout" team to see where dey at! ElevarBeauty and I discussed possibly starting our "stakeout" earlier the nite before so I was really curious as to what the scene was looking like. My girl, ShanaJanelle tweeted that she was snug as a bug in a rug and that her and SilverLips were on the scene. She tweeted that I had no cause to worry cause wasn't much of a line at that point. ElevarBeauty was here ...I quickly grabbed the rest of my essentials and we made our way. My girl, SapphireBlu informed me that she was following our lead and would meet us on the "walk" (short and cute for sidewalk). As we made our way, ElevarBeauty and I came to the conclusion that we are either "crazy fashionistas" or "determined shopaholics" ...you make the call.

"In Waiting" ...

Upon arrival, we found a space right in front of the store, parked ...ElevarBeauty and I made time to high-five one another, and we made our mark on the curb. We smiled and greeted everyone nicely (refer to yesterday's mybagladies). We came prepared so we took a seat in our fold-out chairs, snuggled up ...I in a blanket and my daughters sleeping bag and ElevarBeauty in her cap or turban rather (shout out to JA), husband's sweats, under a blanket and with a pillow even ...why didn't she tell me, I would've brought a pillow too!! By this time, it was about 3:30a and I turned back to see SapphireBlu fastly approaching. We all hunkered down to play the waiting game. I did my thang and talked to others in waiting and learned that the folks at the front of the line had arrived 8p the night before! I was speechless. I snapped some pics and captured some footage ...ElevarBeauty snuck off to her car and caught a quick snooze, grabbed us some Starbucks, we laughed and joked amongst other shoppers regarding this being our first ever "stakeout" and before we knew it, the sun was coming up. We realized 8a was soon to come so we proceeded to put what we didn't need ...to shop, back in the car so we could effectively carry on with the mission, hands free! One of the guys nearby, also in waiting, helped us with our chairs and other belongings. I guess he didn't have anything better to do than wait right so why not? We saw the doors opening around 7:45a and you literally heard the entire crowd gasp which btw, by this time, was wrapped around the building (ElevarBeauty said a few rolled their eyes as she walked along the sidewalk with Starbucks in hand, to the front of the line practically where we held our spot). So we considered that perhaps Management was opening the doors a tad earlier than expected or perhaps they were distributing the color coded bracelets per the Lanvin for H&M shopping rules. But alas, they were passing out coffee and free croissants. We already had Starbucks in hand so we passed on the coffee but we did partake of those delicious croissants ...how could we not? At this time we were hungry, all giddy and giggly because of sleep deprivation so we barely knew which end was up but whatever, it's all about scoring some quality apparel, right? Little did we know, this was ...

"The Calm Before The Storm" ...
Immediately prior to opening the doors, the management team flocked us again but this time with the most adorable Lanvin for H&M tote bags with a Lanvin black scarf and for those that might require a reminder, instructions on how the shopping experience would be managed. We were on pins and needles by this point and SapphireBlu offered a great idea, to cut the lil flower off the bag and use as a brooch ...or something. I was too sleepy to pay her much attention. The bands were distributed also. As far as I could tell, we were like 36 in line so we knew upon arrival, we wouldn't likely be in the first wave but definitely the second and our wristband confirmed it.

"The Shopping Experience" ...
We walked along the worn out pink carpet rolled out at storefront, the doors opened and the madness ensued!!! Total lack of management afforded more folks than should have been allowed, access to the store so although we thought the Lanvin for H&M shopping instructions would be followed, they absolutely were not. Upon entering, folks pulled every stunt imaginable to make it to the TINY (and I mean tiny), enclosed area where the limited (and I mean limited), collection was displayed. Unfortunately, management made no effort to contain the crowd so they rushed the area where the collection was displayed. Although just in the second wave and although feeling like we had no worries, it took almost 40 minutes for Management to regain control of the crowd and allow us access to the collection. By this time, it was entirely picked over. We stood and watched as Management totally disregarded the rules and allowed shoppers to pick extreme quantities of each style. It was a madhouse!! Folks were pissed, folks were angry, folks wanted their Lanvin ...I, myself included. I watched with sadness as all of my "must-have's" not slowly but in the blink of an eye, disappeared. Anyone that knows me, knows I don't bite my tongue so I absolutely addressed the managerial staff ...all of em! But by this time, the damage was done. Upon gaining access to the collection which was far from complete, I selected a few items but not with nearly the level of enthusiasm I had hoped and certainly not that which I had upon entering the store ...even after waiting 4 1/2 hours. All I heard were screams of, "grab me this size!", "grab me that size!". The collection is indeed gorgeous and the quality is undeniable. The lookbook does not lie. But I didn't go in with the mindset of trying to score some pieces just for the sake of being able to say, "I got Lanvin!" But clearly the only option was to reset my list and pick what I wanted from what few items remained, which wasn't much. And mind you, we were only the second round! I began to feel bad for those behind us. The staff was clearly not very much in the know regarding the collection and were unable to answer questions regarding anything pertaining to the collection ...sizes or styles. Seemingly more attention was paid to a waiting list for the sunglasses. Upon exiting the collection shopping area, we made our way to the fitting room. We saw the first wave exit the shopping area with armfuls of pieces and boxes of shoes so I had hopes that perhaps a few lone shoppers would be back there having tried on a size in a style that I really wanted and perhaps might be willing to swap or something but one thing Management did do, they did an effective job of not allowing that for reasons that are still so beyond me. So my girls and I proceeded to try on that which we could grab and make decisions on that which we actually wanted to keep. We scoped out those shoppers who remained, to see if we could swap styles or sizes on anything and made our way to the register and although feeling "ok" about our selections, there was definitely a bit of a sour taste in our mouths. The experience that was shopping the debut of Lanvin For H&M, didn't quite go as planned but we still left the store with bags in hand. We came prepared for a fight and that we surely did. If one listened closely, they could hear the soft cheers as the crowd opened up as we made our way to the fitting room after having or after my having told "Management" about themselves. Uh-huh ...it really wasn't a case of "shopper greed" although "Mangement" tried to claim otherwise and made no effort to resolve their mistakes.

"The Experience That Was" ...
All in all, it was an experience and in all my shopping years, unlike any ever experienced before. And if it wasn't for the adorable packaging of everything from the pumps to the dress to the lipsticks, even, I might be carrying a slightly different attitude. Oh, what did I buy you ask? I purchased the plum off the shoulder dress. I purchased the four lipsticks in hot pink, red, burgundy and rose ...they really need to get more creative with the names. And lastly, the black pumps ...didn't intend to but the but the metallic heel sold me and wasn't nothing else left!! I wear the bracelet some 5 hours later as a symbol of what we endured today, the US debut of Lanvin for H&M.
P.S. - Check out a new post by SilverLips (DMV "stakeout" team), Lanvin for H&M Experience & Haul
-- Lady Erin

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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Benefits of Finger Curls ...

You think Kate Middleton is required to do finger curls just to hold that mug up?! You recall that line from Nia Long in Best Man, right? You be the judge. Seemingly folks are less engaged by the announcement that there is a wedding in the works and more enamored by the gorgeous oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring presented by Prince William. Perhaps that's what all single ladies should take to ...finger curls! It obviously worked for Kate. Even though some claim the marriage might be jinxed (they haven't yet made it to the altar), simply because the ring is that of Prince William's Mommy, the late Princess Diana.

QVC is on it! Reports are, QVC has partnered with Kenneth Lane to produce a "knock-off" that will be on sale starting tomorrow. They ain't wasting time!! Check the QVC Program Guide.

But as our follower and listener @msrasberryinc suggested, Kate Middleton is "flaky in the sense that she's broken up w/ him (Prince William) several times. as in what if she calls off engagement & tries to keep Di's (Princess Diana) ring."

Our reply @bagladies, "Well then that's his (Prince William) dumbness. We give her (Kate Middleton) credit for that. He still put a rang on it LOL! ...a phat ass rang!

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It's a DMV "STAKE-OUT"!!!! And the countdown is on ..."Rise and Grind"!!! I literally did quite a few hours early this morning, all in an effort to prepare my body for tomorrow's H&M stake-out for the debut of Lanvin for H&M! Some of you might ask, what might possess one to rise in the wee hours of the morning, for fashion? My question to you, is not do you know the story behind Lanvin and designer, Alber Elbaz, but have you seen the collection?!!!!

If you tuned into this week's Bag Ladies Reality Radio, LIVE on-air "Passion For Fashion" featuring Celebrity Stylist & Fashion Designer, June Ambrose, then you heard our latest fashion and beauty prescription delivered by "The Style And Beauty Doctor". We discussed tomorrow's debut and our plans to ensure that we lock our spot on the curb ...in the wee hours, and are admitted into the store upon opening at 8a, and popping Lanvin for H&M tags, upon exiting!!! And heads up, Bag Ladies will lock a spot on the curb at 3:30am in front of the H&M F Street location in Washington, DC, unless we hit the snooze button one too many times. If so, it will be 4am.

Let's talk about how to maximize your Lanvin for H&M shopping experience!!! So for those of you planning a stake-out as are we here in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia), here are some shopping tips pulled from a Black Friday article on DealSeekingMoms.com:

1. Make a list - Review the collection and take your pick. As much as I'd love to walk out with the entire collection in hand, it ain't happening. If it was like that, do you think I'd be up waiting on a cold, dusty sidewalk for the debut? Know what you want so that you know what to grab in store and can make a mad dash to the register. This also prevents overspending.

2. Prioritize - What are your absolute "must-have's" from the collection? I've selected mine but I ain't telling ya'll!! But know that there is no guarantee that you will get everything you want. Note: we aren't the only ones awaiting this debut and as we discussed on this week's show, folks take it personally when it comes to fashion. You will be surrounded by those shopping the collection the same as you, who are willing to fight to the death for a particular style!

3. Be realistic - Review H&M's, "How To Shop Lanvin For H&M" ...enough said. Note phrases and words like "HIGH DEMAND", "QUEUING SYSTEM", "20 AT A TIME".

4. Take a shopping buddy - This could be beneficial perhaps if you drag someone along who has absolutely no interest in fashion. Otherwise, that friend could easily turn to "foe" when challenged with grabbing that one remaining "must-have". Envision eyes rolling, terror music playing in the background and an extreme stare-down as the both of you wonder who will make the first move. Flying solo might be the better option.

5. Leave the kids at home - I think you can figure this out for yourselves. Spare yourself and surrounding shoppers, the agony.

6. Research prices ahead of time - Click here to find prices for each style in the collection. Know your budget and what you can afford because the time spent calculating while in store can be advantageous to another "fashionista". While you're adding and subtracting in your head and counting numbers on your hand, she's grabbing. Know how much money you got and how much you can spend. It's simple!

7. Wear layers - You recall my previous mention regarding cold, dusty sidewalks? Well, that's likely where you'll be standing, awaiting the opening of your selected H&M store (find your store). We are heeding the advice of June Ambrose. Layer it up!!!! Tis the season so although not for all but for alot of us, there will be a chill in the air. My theory is I'd like to be comfy while I wait. As it warms up for some, you can peel the layers off. But for me, I will wear a bodysuit or something underneath those layers so although H&M is normally true to size for me, if I have to try on something with the "quickness", I can drop those layers to the floor which I absolutely will do for this collection. "Watch out there now!" Side Note: if looking for more on the actual fit and size range of the collection as well as the concept, check out footage of our girl Wendy from Nitrolicious (a fave) as she played around in the H&M showroom.

8. Bring snacks and water - "Pack plenty of snacks and water so that you have something to eat and drink while you wait in line or drive between stops. Waiting too long to eat because you're afraid you'll miss a great deal will affect your mood and energy level, so don't do it!" I absolutely agree ...let's face it, we are all likely gonna be a lil moody and irritated. We all would rather be in bed on a Saturday morning instead of keeping each other company in the wee hours. Make the best of it by having your supplies at the ready!

9. Set your expectations
- Not to dampen your excitement but don't expect to get everything you want. This collection is historical! Some items might sell out, your size may not be available. Who knows? I'm already damn near on the verge of having an anxiety attack because that's how anxious I am and how bad I want something, anything from this collection!!

10. Be friendly - A smile and a hello goes a long way. Make friends with the staff and shoppers around you. Don't be afraid to reveal your size. Perhaps that very shopper or salesperson that you took the time to say hello to, might be more inclined to say, "hey" should they come across a style in your size. Let's support one another in our efforts. You'd be surprised, it works!

Bonus Tip - Put comfort first! The stake-out is not at all about looking your best, it's about maintaining comfort. You can focus efforts on looking your best when first stepping out in that Lanvin for H&M style. But for the sake of the stake-out, it's all about maintaining comfort. Oh, and being hands-free, so that you can shop quickly and effectively.

It's a strategy, PLAN YOURS!!

Tweet with us @bagladies for more details regarding our DMV "stake-out". And details will be posted to our fb page too. We'll see you on the curb. Just look for the group of ladies shivering with a deadly look of WTH am I doing out here!!! We look forward to meeting you!

-- Lady Erin

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Monday, November 15, 2010


We received such great feedback per our previous post, regarding the most hilarious #RHOA tweets, that we just couldn't resist doing it again. If you ain't down with Twitter and ain't "tweeting" as you watch #RHOA, you ain't enjoying it! At least not like we are. These are our picks for the most hilarious tweets shared during last nites, "She Can Dance?" episode. Enjoy ...and btw, tweet with us @bagladies.

@bagladies - Phaedra is so dang clueless!!! Did she every read or do any kind of just general whatever. Does she care that she's becomn a Mommy? #RHOA

@glamgirlpr - Why the hell does kim need an office??? is she building a ho empire
Phaedra is amazed that she may have to care for her own baby? Girl...

@FlyonaDime - "Penis ointment," what aisle do you find that in Duane Reade? #RHOA

@smashedthehomie - Phaedra is amazed that she may have to care for her own baby? Girl...

@nailtaxi - She has no idea! Like you are really going to wear lingerie after a vaginal delivery! She's prolly got a csection scheduled.

@SinnamonS - Did she say Ambiblical???? You know what!!!! I quit #RHOA

@hollywoodizme - WAIT! Did she say penis ointment?

@Gingerlatte - Ok how is she getting panties from a designer but pulling stuff out of a MAcy's bag? #girlbye #RHOA

@TheCubicleChick - According to the Twitter streets, Sheree's Aston Martin got taken away and now she is driving a Dodge Stratus. LOL #RHOA.

@bagladies - Ok, Lawerence didn't at all impress me last week. Why do they keep calln him "serious"? He sounds better than Kim yes but otherwise ...#RHOA

@TheCubicleChick - Watch, Lawrence will be the new housewife next season. Dwight will not be pleased. #RHOA.

@cheekystarnova - I had a baby 13 months ago & everything you need to know about child birth can be found on Google. Ever heard of it, Phaedra?! #rhoa

@brokesocialite - Lawrence is the Neo-Sylvester, no? #RHOA

@luvvieig - But I MUST say though. Cynthia's cheekbones are SCULPTED! Geezus! She makes mine look round. I'm impressed.

@WHWRocks - Peter better watch Sex and the City. I'm telling you, Cynthia has "Big" syndrome. They better go to the Justice of the Peace. lol #rhoa
@SavorySewSavvy - Cynthia's slick back is blowing me... it looks like a crack head or a lunch lady... I feel like its deserving of a gold tooth... #RHOA

@BasseyworldLive - I need to step up my blouse game. Lawrence is shading me. #RHOA<<>
@bagladies - Lemme find out ...NeNe bout to kick Greg to the curb and push up on Peter!! Well, Cynthia surely don't want Peter so ...#RHOA
@drgoddess - Phaedra's hilarity is that she may be the 1st to introduce to mainstream USA that there are blacks who feel totally superior 2 whites. #RHOA
@bevysmith - Lovers, I hope u all rest well, sweet dreams of Lawrence's ruffles, Kim's Versace-esque office & Phaedra's pickled Caucasian canned food
@luvvieig - Right. Umm... Phaedra this would be accurate in 1645. In 2010? We got science RT @steenfox Doctors have theories about your due date?
@SinnamonS - BUwhahahahah *Dead* @ @Kandi's Yawn!!! Sheree danced like she was a 80 year old woman with a hip replacement!
@sawngbyrd28 - Phaedra bitch its a C-section fuck you hollin bout?? Youn feel a gat amb thang!(She hollerin cause Apollo & Lawrence fuckn
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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Relationships are a topic of conversation that is always relevant so we could think of no better topic, to kick off the NEW SEASON PREMIERE of Bag Ladies Reality Radio!!! We're back baby!!!

Last night's show featured, Shay Williams-Garrett, "Your Date Diva". Shay has joined Bag Ladies Reality Radio previously to lend her expertise and she certainly didn't disappoint last night. Shay is a writer, author, speaker, relationship coach and more! If we had to be specific with the more, we'd say a motivator, a great personality and a source of encouragement and empowerment. Whenever we've featured Shay, she lends attention to not only changes that need to be made as far as one's pursuit and efforts to find a partner but personal, internal changes that one needs to consider making when it comes to themselves and their confidence and the energy that will yield the best results and bring the fulfillment we all desire in a partner and in a relationship even if per Madame Myra, just someone to add some warmth to those cold toes now that there is a slight chill in the air. You can connect with "Your Date Diva" and learn more by visiting http://www.lovein30days.com/.

If you missed some or all of the show which included the "Perfect Partner Meditation" and why piecing together a man ain't always the best option (may yield temporary satisfaction though ;-), please be sure to check out Bag Ladies Reality Radio OnDemand. If reading this, last night's show is likely playing in the background since the player is posted to mybagladies blog but our OnDemand feature enables you to access previously aired shows, 24/7 and download to your iPod via iTunes. Told you, you never have to miss us! Please stay tuned for more details on the new season, new segments, new features and our fabulous guest lineup!! Bag Ladies Reality Radio airs every Wednesday at 7:30p EST. Next week, is our most popular segment, "Beauty Talk". Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 10 Most Hilarious Tweets from #RHOA

During last night's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we had as good a time as ever, tweeting during the show with some of our favorite listeners and followers. We were inspired to share some of the most HILARIOUS tweets with you. Please note that not all of these are our own (not responsible for spelling errors), we are simply sharing those which reduced us to tears, we were laughing so hard and started laughing even harder as we were putting together this post. So what started out as 10, fastly increased to ...well, whatever. ENJOY! Tweet with ya next week and if you ain't yet down, join us via twitter at www.twitter.com/bagladies

And you can revisit the visions that danced in your head from last night's episode by checking out the gallery of Phaedra's "Boughetto" Babyshower.

"You know what, Phaedra provided many Halloween costume ideas on tonite's episode #RHOA"

"Ok, eatn off that Doctor's finger is a hell no ...not that doctor. Ugh! #RHOA"

"Lemme find out she tried to jam pack her baby shower w/ community outreach efforts. Phaedra wth? #RHOA"

"If it is one of Kim's wigs, it is a hat. #RHOA #FAIL"

"Please tell Phaedra the bedazzler is not to be used on the eyelids. That's not class, that's kuntry! #RHOA"

"Rhinestones on the lid?!?!?!?! No. Never. Wrong. Stop. Halt. #rhoa«~she should be arrested and try to defend THAT!! #RHOA"

"With all those branches in her head there is no way she wore a veil for her wedding.... #RHOA"

"Phaedra's mama got on Madea's "special occasion" (aka court appearance) skirt suit. Iunno how I feel bout that. #RHOA"

"What in the horticultural blue hell does Phaedra have in her gotdamn hair? Was she attacked by an angry rosebush? #RHOA"

"Can someone get Dr Muhammad a jar of Blue Magic? #RHOA"

"That bald spot on Dr. Tiy-E's head reminds me of a divot in my yard where there's no grass. #RHOA"

"Well where he took you to for that first date, ketchup is the only sauce they had in that restaurant or carry-out rather. #RHOA"

"Dwight is her hubby? I am so baffled! Apollo just donated. They must have some sort of contract in place. Phaedra wanted a light skin baby! #RHOA"

"The drugged Nene is even funnier. #RHOA"

"Welp..Ne Ne and Dwight got 2 thangs in common now..fucked up nose jobs & they both fucked Greg. #RHOA"

"Phaedra resembles homey the clown with a tummy. She needs a whole new glam team. #RHOA"

"Kandi allowing Kim to dictate everything but she ain't once broach the subject of getting paid?!!! #RHOA"

"Kandi stop being a b*tch and just ask her ...wassup w/ the money?! #RHOA"

"Random Evil Thought... Nene was busy fixing her nose, she SHOULD have getting lipo on that BACKFAT she was flying in the 1st episode! #RHOA"

"And Apollo has no baggage?!!!! He's a convict ...what r u talkn about Phaedra? #RHOA"

"I really need a glass in hand and need to be sippn like Kim's Parents are ...#RHOA"

"Kim's Dad is lying like hell. Kim ain't neva sang nothing that was phenomenal. He's just as tone deaf as she is #RHOA"

We hope you enjoyed as much as we did. Remember to join us at www.twitter.com/bagladies. And stay tuned for details regarding the launch of a new season of Bag Ladies Reality Radio!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

U Got It ...We Want It!!! Bag Ladies Is Hiring ...

We said we are growing and we need you on board to contribute so that we can keep up! We are looking for folks who understand the concept that is Bag Ladies Radio and are looking, able and willing to lend their talent and skills in various capacities. We are offering some great opportunities!! If you have an existing blog, site or whatever, the visibility that will be afforded you by working with us, is worthy of consideration (if we do say so ourselves), because of our position as a nationally broadcast show and established relationships with national brands, personalities, etc. The positions listed below are not paid positions with the exception of the Ad Rep however, we get A LOT of goodies from shoes to beauty products to cameras, computers and other gadgets. As much as possible, we will hook you up! Also, expect your social life to pick up because as much as we can, we will hook you up with various events. And of course there’s also the privilege of being able to say you work with the Bag Ladies on their fabulous reality radio show!!!

The positions aren’t full time. We offer a lot of flexibility from a time standpoint and will discuss what works best with your schedule and yet still allows you to meet our requirements. These positions will be what you make them. As much as we are looking for help, we are also willing and wanna lend whatever support we can to your projects and endeavors and will do so. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

If you have an interest in any positions listed below, please forward your resume asap to info@bagladiesradio.com and specify what position(s) you are interested in and why. Please also briefly describe yourself as well as what experience you bring to the table.

Manage the content of both mybagladies blog and Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies newsletter. We love both existing outlets however, we don’t have the time to manage both and the show too! Looking for someone who understands the concept that is Bag Ladies Reality Radio, who has established and verifiable editorial/writing experience and is looking to work with an established brand and in turn gain visibility for themselves, take it to the next level and further define their career. Both the blog and newsletter, are extensions of Bag Ladies Reality Radio and looking for someone who wants to have fun and can ensure the candor, rawness and explicitness are reflected in both outlets. Will require determining editorial themes, soliciting and managing writers and contributors, establishing deadlines and ensuring deadlines are met, coming up with creative ways/ideas to expand both outlets.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, shows initiative, creative, technically savvy, likes to and knows how to have fun

Fashion Editor
Someone who knows fashion like the back of their hand and can’t get enough of it like the Bag Ladies themselves. We are looking for someone who can aid us in keeping abreast of the latest and greatest fashion news be it the red carpet, designer collaborations, new collections from haute couture to the five and dime. From DVF to Booty Pop panties! And everything in between. We need someone who has great fashion sense themselves. May require participating in our live broadcast and may require contributing content to both mybagladies blog and Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies newsletter. Also may require attending fashion related events and activities including MBFW ...we know you wanna go! Ideally, one who maintains a blog or other like outlet dedicated to fashion would be a great fit.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, a magazine junkie, shopaholic ...

Beauty Editor
A MUA and/or writer would be a great fit for this position. We are looking for a beauty junkie to keep us in the know regarding the latest beauty news and products. Someone who can contribute to coming up w/ content/ideas for “Beauty Talk”, one of Bag Ladies most popular segments. We want someone who not only stays in the know regarding products but also industry experts and professionals and what they are doing, application techniques, new colors, etc. May require participating in live broadcasts from time to time and definitely will require attending industry events.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, a magazine junkie, blog junkie

Lifestyle Editor
So this person will be responsible for content related to everything not beauty/fashion. We are looking for someone who stays in the loop regarding “what’s happening” and can offer a perspective that our audience can relate to when it comes to various topics be it health, relationships and anything else related to one’s lifestyle. Someone who is aggressive and can offer ideas for relatable topics. This position may require attending various events/workshops that may be of interest. This position will be moreso what you make it as it is not as defined as other positions looking to fill.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, enthusiastic, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, like to and knows how to have fun

Assistant/Intern – Part Time
Someone who can assist as needed on the administrative/production side. Looking for someone who can dedicate time as needed to conducting follow-up calls, sending emails, coordinating and scheduling guests/segments/features, responding to invitations and inquiries. This position is extremely flexible and we will allow one to set their own schedule however, some availability during the day (standard work hours), are required. If you enjoy attending fab events and being hooked up w/ great goodies, then you should consider.
Required skills: organized, creative, technically savvy, shows initiative, follows directions, work w/ minimal supervision, well spoken, confident

Ad Rep.
Someone who can aid us in soliciting clients/brands to participate in ad spots, sponsorship opportunities, etc. in an effort to further increase the visibility of their brand amongst Bag Ladies audience. You must have previous sales experience, have to be aggressive, understand and effectively sell the concept that is Bag Ladies Radio and the value in reaching our audience and putting their product, brand or service in front of them. Percentage paid is negotiable.
Required skills: aggressive, organized, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, well-spoken, resourceful

If you wanna know why it is that we need so much help, check out last nite's "short and sweet" episode about Bag Ladies bizness.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bag Ladies Lend a Real Voice ...

In true Bag Ladies fashion, they delivered the candid, explicit real talk they are known for. Bag Ladies sets the tone for the reality that is a woman's life. Last night's show ran the gamut so as a listener, one could very easily become engaged in everything from the average length of a sexual encounter to all the buzz about Erykah Badu's ass as of late. And as if talk amongst themselves on these subjects wasn't enough, Lady Erin and Madame Myra were joined by two fellow male friends, Rakeem Harris and Octavius Jones, whom they've tagged as "The Male Perspective". They will join Bag Ladies from time to time and offer the male point of view on various topics. In between random comments, jokes and a listening session featuring Trick Daddy's "Pull Over That Ass Too Fat", the good time had by all was obvious and to add to the entertainment, friend Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie added her 2 cents per "Badu's Badonk Is Bad", a blog post entirely dedicated to her initial reaction and first thoughts upon laying eyes on Erykah's ass! The same post which Lady Erin bragged was one of the funniest post she's ever read. Admittedly by Lady Erin, Bag Ladies digressed for a bit but the digression was so hilarious!

But as the Bag Ladies have been known to do and do well I might add, they switched gears entirely and prior to closing out the show, lent attention to "spring cleaning" but as they said not in the traditional sense. Bag Ladies' featured guest, Leah R. Patterson joined in to discuss cleansing of the mind, body and spirit and why now is the season of change. Last nite's show marked the launch of what will be a month long series on "spring cleaning" during which notions will be dispelled and Lady Erin, Madame Myra and Miz Adams will discuss everything from re-prioritizing one's life to getting rid of junk to doing a warddrobe makeover to renewing one's sex life. A great line-up of featured guests to be announced. And if for no other reason, as Lady Erin said, tune in because "Madame Myra is back and she brought her "Top 10" with her!"

Bag Ladies airs live every week so Tuesday's, set your alarm for 7:30p EST and prepare to kick off those Christian Louboutin's, grab a glass of something good to sip on and enjoy! For more about Bag Ladies and the reality that is you, your life and how you live it, please visit www.bagladiesradio.com. Bag Ladies' previously aired shows including last nite's, De-Clutter Yourself!! Spring Cleaning Series, Part 1, can be accessed OnDemand at www.blogtalkradio.com/bagladies and you can download to your iPod. You never have to miss them!!

-- Bag Ladies Reality Radio

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bag Ladies "Look of the Week"

So much to choose from but we couldn't keep our eyes off Rihanna and the look she was sporting at this weekend's 2010 Kids Choice Awards ...you know the awards show where folks get slimed? But you know RiRi wasn't having any part in that modeling on the orange carpet (not red), in a pale pink Christian Dior dress. This is a look you can recreate which we definitely like. We love the defined shoulders which has become RiRi's claim to fame as of late. And paired with nude Brian Atwood pumps, the look works. And further accessorized with sequined, sheer white socks, a belt to cinch that waist (always a plus), and dripping in Neil Lane diamonds, how can you go wrong?

The look is the perfect combo of chic fashion and effortless style ...has a kind of nostalgic feel to it. And loving the clean face with the dramatic eye and soft lip. Our pick for "Look of the Week"

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And join us for a "special edition" live broadcast from Soul Parlour featuring Bag Ladies, tomorrow at Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, DC.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


WE WANT YOU!! Bag Ladies Radio is growing by leaps and bounds!!! While we are trying our best to keep up w/ the momentum and not compromise our standing as one of the premier and fastest growing online radio shows, we realize that we could use a lil bit of help. And who better to reach out to then you, our fans, followers and listeners. You have talent!! We are looking for folks that are creative, that are aggressive and able to take the initiative. These positions are really ideal if you maintain a blog, website or some other biz or service and are looking to make a mark, increase visibility and gain more exposure. Additionally, if you are looking to sharpen your social-networking, marketing/pr skills, work in virtual reality and just have some FUN, then we are worthy of consideration. Most of the positions afford great opportunities and a lot of leeway to make the position what you want and define it as your own. All positions require that you have a phone, internet access, are flexible and are savvy when it comes to social networking.

We don’t require nor do we want a lengthy resume detailing your work history. We’d much rather you send an email explaining your interest in Bag Ladies, how you feel you might be able to contribute to the show and what if any experience and/or skills you have. If you have copies of your work or previously written stories/pieces, please share that too. Sell yourself! What we want and are looking for, is below. If you feel as though you have what it takes or can bring something to the table that will be of interest, please drop us a line at

PLEASE NOTE: Determining work schedule/hours, level of commitment, incentives and opportunities for compensation will be discussed individually.

To keep Bag Ladies and Bag Ladies listeners in the know regarding the latest and greatest in the world of fashion. We are looking for someone who keeps up w/ both high-end and independent designers, one who can speak to couture and low-end, cost effective options. One that keeps up w/ trends. But one who ultimately understands that each individual interprets fashion in their own way. We want the Bag Ladies listener to be enlightened but not by one who preaches and dictates but rather has fun w/ fashion and can translate trends and looks so that the fabulous and chic Bag Ladies consumer can incorporate those same trends and looks into their lifestyle.
The position may require attendance of industry events such as but not limited to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, store openings, etc.

Looking for someone who is creative, who is resourceful, who shows initiative and who is looking to gain visibility and most importantly, have fun!! Experience in media and/or as a stylist, journalist or writer is preferable and ideal. Please note that if you have an independent biz or maintain a blog or website of any kind, it will be promoted along w/ the segment which you will maintain.

All things beauty, we wanna know and we want our listeners to know. If you stay abreast of beauty industry news ...if you are a magazine junkie, if you can’t stay away from the counters and are always picking up the latest, then you just might fit.

We want you to be our primary resource for all things beauty when it comes to makeup tips, tricks, techniques, trends, new product, product reviews, etc. You would have your own recurring segment on Bag Ladies Radio so any experience in writing, journalism, broadcasting or pr is a good look. Also any and all experience in make-up or cosmetics is preferable.

We can’t make every party, every affair, every event, and every show that we are extended an invitation to attend. So if you like to be out and about and “on the scene” and like to be seen at some of the chicest and fab events and if you also stay in the know regarding what are the most happening events, then we wanna holla!

We are looking for someone who can make themselves available on a moment’s notice should a last minute event arise or invitation be received, someone who has style and good fashion sense (you are representing us :-)), who is personable, who is sociable, well-mannered and who knows how to network. Ultimately, you will be representing Bag Ladies and the Bag Ladies brand at various events. We need you to know where you need to be, who you need to be seen with translation, who you need to steal pics with. You will most often cover the events in addition to having a presence which may require a written recap or reporting on air during Bag Ladies Radio Show. Any experience in promotions, marketing, writing or journalism is ideal.

Keeping up w/ the latest and greatest celebrity news and gossip and that which is dominating the headlines and reporting per Bag Ladies recurring, “What’s Poppin w/ the Paparazzi” segment.

Position requires research and writing and/or editorial experience. Unless you maintain your own celeb gossip site or blog, requires keeping up w/ the top celebrity and entertainment news outlets, developing and establishing relationships, scoping stories, prioritizing stories (what’s the hottest), and confirming story details. If you are a gossip and celebrity news addict, you definitely need to consider.

Ideal prospect will be proactive in developing fun and creative ways to further connect w/ our listeners. We desire to further establish relationships and push the Bag Ladies brand and we are looking for someone who has the experience, knowledge and expertise to lead such efforts. This opportunity is perfect for those looking to gain career-advancing exposure. Bag Ladies have developed relationships w/ numerous national brands so attaching yourself to Bag Ladies is a “good look” and will yield great opportunities. Tasks may include but are not limited promotion, writing press-releases, solicitation and research. This position is all about what you make it!

You are at our mercy and basically do whatever we ask of you! Position can be performed from anywhere but must have a phone, internet access, social networking savvy. Must be flexible, well organized and able to manage tasks effectively. We are looking for someone who doesn’t require a lot of hand-holding but instead can take the initiative and get “it” done. Will involve corresponding w/ numerous individuals including featured guests, both directly and via email so not a position for the shy. MUST LIKE TO HAVE FUN! Great for students particularly if studying PR, Marketing, Journalism, Broadcasting or similar major.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Got Ours ...You Got Yours?

The result of the fashion industry having rallied around Haiti, is a nation-wide effort to raise monies for the victims w/ proceeds from the "Fashion For Haiti" tee going to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The campaign was organized by the The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), which appointed Beyonce as the face of the limited edition tee, and efforts are endorsed by fashion leaders such as Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, Donna Karan, Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta.

The "Fashion For Haiti" logo was designed by Peter Arnell. Peter Arnell designed another tee per a previous campaign also organized by the CFDA to lend support following 9/11. The black and lime green logo features the tag line "Hope Heal Heal Haiti" underneath a block design of "To Haiti With Love," with a map of the nation standing in for the word "Haiti". The sleeve will be marked with the "Fashion for Haiti" slogan and the inside collar will have "CFDA" printed on it.

The tee is manufactured by Theory and is now available for men and women at retailers nationwide or online at http://www.cfda.com/. We feel much the same as you in that how can we ever do enough for the victims of this tragedy but we can lend support. It's the least we can do and for just 25 bucks. We got ours ...so the question is, you got yours?

-- Lady Erin
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Ready To Get Inked? Chanel Temporary Tats Might Be The Look!

Hot off the runways, Chanel's Les Trompe L'Oeil Skin Art ...Translation, temporary tattoos are here!! The much anticipated designs modeled on the runways of Chanel's Spring 2010 RTW Collection, are now available just for you!! Created by Chanel's Global Creative Director, Peter Philips, the five design sheets feature beads, pearls, birds and of course the always recognizable Chanel logo. One immediate appeal is that the designs can be worn in a variety of ways so you are not limited in the least.
Models sported them everywhere from around their necks and on their wrists, to down their legs, around their ankles and more (Click here to view the complete runway collection and get a feel for what you would look like strutting around inked with the designs). Not only that, but you can get this limited edition tattoo collection for only 75 bucks which is extremely cost effective considering the average price of Chanel products. The temporary tattoos seemingly last for 3-5 days depending on how frequently you bathe (we hope everyday otherwise, ugh!), and can be easily removed w/ a cloth and warm water.

So if you ever wanted a tattoo but didn't wanna go the permanent route and if you are as much of a fashionista as you claim to be ;-), these Chanel temporary tats just might be the look for Spring. You gonna make it yours? Let us know. Click here to purchase.

-- Lady Erin

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