Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We developed a fast habit of sharing some of the funniest tweets per each episode of #RHOA while still in season. Well presently, we are on hiatus which basically translates to we are on vacation, footloose and fancy free on the beach or maybe just in our dreams ;-), leave us alone and we’ll let you know when we return to air!! On the real, we don’t mind the inquiries regarding wassup with us rather we thank you for your interest and are glad that you miss us. We miss you too!! We have exciting things to come.

Efforts to gear up for a new season of Bag Ladies Reality Radio continue and although there isn’t much visible activity to you (our listeners, followers and fans), we are GRINDING ...still. And one of our guilty pleasures is the comedy, the drama, the entertainment, the wackiness that is VH1's #BasketballWives. We know you are guilty too!!!! It ain't just us! Our Twitter timeline, @bagladies is overwhelmed with HILARIOUS commentary Monday nights from 8 – 9p EST, which typically has us ROTF, CTHU and LLS. And per one of our fave fans, @DivaStateMind: Trying to catch up on @bagladies tweets b/c they are always hilarious on Monday nights from 8-10pm!!! Lol #VH1

We just had to share some of the funniest tweets from last nite’s #BasketballWives (Season 3, Episode 9). Enjoy!

- I would not be surprised if I don't have nightmares about Tami's hairline. It's just that da*n scary! #BBallWives ...I'm gonna look away

- Tami's hair, can't take it. Not only did she get a shape-up but it's not even a good one!!!! Who advised her to do that?!!! #BBallWives

- Please tell me in what way is Jen's date, hot? Cause Al Reynolds described him as a "hot lil thang?" #BBallWives

- Jen talking about she doesn't do that, doesn't do dutch. She doesn't even date so what does she know about it? #BBallWives

- He knows better. Tami will knock that unicorn knot off his head LOL RT @lilduval: I bet Eric won't throw a drink on tami tho

- When ur PDA, grosses ur own daughter out, I think that's a prob Ev. #BBallWives

- Career?! What career Royce? What do you do?! #BBallWives

- Will some1 plz tell Eric not 2 wear his caps cocked 2 the side. It draws attention 2 his unicorn forehead. #BBallWives

- "A hot little thing" ...and that's probably exactly how Al Reynolds described him to you Jen. LLS #BBallWives

- Jen talks about technology like it's a foreign concept. Was she locked inside that condo she shared w/ Eric for their entire relationship?

- I think Royce and Eric are related actually. Royce clearly has something growing out of her forehead too. #BBallWives

- Chad is annoying and immature. I do like his pants though.#BBallWives

- Tami's hairline made an abrupt change on 2nite's episode. Still don't understand WTH happened. #BBallWives

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