Thursday, August 29, 2013

#StyleMeBackToSchool Kicks Off September 3rd!

Is your child required to wear a uniform to school? Do you ever wonder if his/her creative expression is being stifled at all? Do you ever look for kids fashion tips or easy to duplicate looks that are on trend? Look no further! "Style Me Back-To-School" is just for you.

Per a special edition "Mommy Midday" segment which aired last week on Bag Ladies Radio, (click here to listen OnDemand), the series continues with "Style Me Back-To-School." A month long showcase which kicks off September 3rd. Sourced from Nat'l Center for Education Statistics, 33% of all public and private schools in the United States now have a uniform requirement. Do you live in New Orleans, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, Miami or Cincinnati? These locations top the list of U.S. cities requiring uniforms in public schools. Growing up, I never wore a uniform. I had complete freedom mind you my Mom didn't allow me to wear whatever but ...Being a Mommy of three children all of whom wear uniforms, I sometimes wish they had a bit more flexibility but at the same time, there are TONS of options. But often, I hear the same sentiment echoed amongst Mommy friends in that they don't really know what those options are. I had alot of fun using my own three as guinea pigs. They had just as much fun as I with this project. And keep in mind, not everything required purchase. Some of the looks were all about getting our DIY on.

"Style Me Back-To-School" is all about showcasing how in spite of a uniform requirement, your child can still define his/her style and be creative. "Style Me Back-To-School" is all about how you can take the most popular trends in kids fashion and create the hottest looks. Admittedly, uniforms can get stale and the process of wearing essentially the same thing every day can be very monotonous. But the most minimal accessory can change your child's look and kick your child's motivation up a notch too! The same as when you look good, you feel good, your child does too and will start the day with that much more energy and excitement for learning!

"Style Me Back-To-School" kicks off Tuesday, September 3rd at You can follow across all platforms via the hashtag #StyleMeBackToSchool. A new look will be pinned each day for a month. Stay tuned for details regarding featured brands, on-air dish and fantastic give-a-ways! And I may even be soliciting you to submit pics of your own child in uniform and how he/she expresses style.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I've been so busy running the show meaning the show itself and all the behind-the-scenes stuff, I'm only just now having a chance to get a post up. Thus the S.O.S. Is this you??

As the Bag Ladies Radio listenership grows (thankfully), production demands increase. So an invitation is being extended to those (perhaps yourself), who may want to be a part of this. I am looking for contributors to assist in various capacities, primarily show production. Assistance is needed from everything to defining topics of dish (meaning what is discussed on air), and identifying guest prospects and scheduling to attending events and managing social media updates. And there's more! You must know social media meaning you must be familiar with the most widely used platforms such as but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Please note: Contributor = Unpaid internship

What will start as an unpaid gig could fastly lead to paid. I've had the pleasure of working with some great contributors/interns but as is typical they eventually move on for various reasons be it job demands, family demands, school demands, etc. If you are looking to gain hands-on experience and achieve great visibility plus get some fab fringe benefits (you might have to fight me for swag), this is a great opportunity particularly for a student. But being a student is not required. This gig is a lot of fun and there is a lot of flexibility to make it what you want it to be. Preference to those with specific skill in PR/Marketing and Social/Online Media.

Please email your interest to Subject: I Want to Contribute

Bag Ladies Radio is the "official media partner" to this year's #Blogalicious5. For an exclusive Blogalicious 2013 ticket offer for Bag Ladies Radio followers, fans and listeners, click here and enter BLRfriend (case sensitive), for a 20% discount.
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Monday, August 26, 2013


My Mom turned to MTV before I even realized the VMA's had started. I asked who turned the tv, thinking that some "tv-turner" monster had snuck in when I wasn't looking because I couldn't even rationalize how and when my Mom became so hip whereas she turned the channel before I did. And in all honesty, I don't know had it not been for her that I would've even watched. I was consumed with other bizness. Anywho, I don't know if it was the good, the bad or the ugly but whatever it was, I couldn't turn away. I was much more engaged in the Twitter commentary literally tweeting the conversation being shared amongst my Mom, my Aunt and my cousin as we watched. Now that's over, here are my Top 10 Moments:
1. The revelation that Robin Thicke and Beetlejuice are twins.
2. Miley Cyrus thrusting her vagina in my face and humping a foam finger. Billy Ray get ya girl! She needs a good spanking. 
3. ASAP Rocky being paired on stage with Jason Collins. He will forever have the "short man's" complex.

4. The unannounced transition from the VMA's to the Justin Timberlake Concert. How do you get 40 minutes of performance time on/at a show not your own?
5. Jaden Smith assuming that infamous prayer hands pose further complimented by the dramatic forehead. 
6. The total lack of defining who the dang host was. How much was Kevin Hart paid to randomly appear on stage and claim not to be the "host?"
7. JHud totally stealing that chicks shine by taking the stage with ...I mean really? Let the girl have her moment.
8. Taylor Swift basically saying in not so many words that she holla's at dudes just to break up with them and claim her next hit record.
9.  Being totally confused by Drake ...Still the morning after.
10. Bruno Mars with his precious self and even precious-er dimples. All would be better in this world if there were more men with dimples.  

What did you think? Did you watch? What were your favorite moments?

Saturday, August 24, 2013


In celebration of the 10th annual McDonald's 365Black Awards, airing tonite, Sunday, 8.25 at 11p EST on BET and hosted by Taraji P. Henson, Blogalicious is hosting a pre-awards twitter party to dish about the 365Black initiative and this year's awardees. The chat begins one hour before the actual awards show tonite at 10p EST and features Kym Whitley who is the gold carpet correspondent. Kim will surely give the scoop on the awards all-star lineup which includes Yolanda Adams, Angie Stone and LeToya Luckett ...Just to name a few.
You must RSVP to be eligible for all that will be given away to Twitter participants which could be you! I'll tell you what I know about the prizes which includes 6 $50 McDonald's Arch cards. What else, you ask? RSVP, join the party and win! And then tune into the awards. Click here to RSVP.
Follow on Twitter and Instagram @bagladies. Visit for show details, OnDemand and iTunes. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


McDonald's is on board as a sponsor yet again. I've lost count of how many times McDonald's has been a part of the Blogalicious experience. I've attended Blogalicious twice previously and each time, McDonald's brings the par-tay!! Safe to say, "third times a charm."

You and I both can get the scoop on just how much of a presence McDonald's will have at Sunday's Twitter party hosted by both Blogalicious and McDonald's in recognition of BET's 365 Black Awards. I will share more details as they become available but mark your calendars for Sunday's (8.25), Twitter party at 11p EST (it's a late one). There will be 6 $50 McDonald's Arch cards given away to participants. Could be you!!!

And in other Blogalicious news ...
Room blocks are filling fast! If you haven't yet scored your space in the tower (entirely our own; we have our own tower), click here. And the exclusive Blogalicious ticket offer for Bag Ladies Radio followers, fans and listeners still stands. Click here and enter BLRfriend (case sensitive), for a 20% discount.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013


1. Guest, Monica Byrd of, reaffirmed why I don't let my kids even touch my iPhone/iPad even if just one day a week.
2. Guest, Tara Jefferson of, taught me that you can profess your love for your children (live on air), but still want them gone and back-to-school.
3. Guest, Leticia Barr of, proved that I'm not as technically savvy as I thought. I'll leave that to her.
4. My Co-Host, Trina Small gave me some great tips on how to use idle time on the rare occasions that I have it. Ditch the gym and head to the mall.
5. Guest, Denise Kalinowski, Head Designer of confirmed what I already knew. I never tire of dishing on fashion!

Press play below to catch up on the dish you missed OnDemand. And click here for the iTunes Podcast. Visit for all previously aired shows.
Online Women Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Erin Martin on BlogTalkRadio

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The call has been issued. It's back for round 2 by popular demand!! It's the Blogalicious Social Media Guide! First launched in 2010. Here's your chance to be a part of Volume II. Are you a Blogging expert or do you consider yourself such? Check! Are you adept in social media? Check! Are you always dropping words of wisdom aka "Golden Nuggets?" Check! Heed the call and become an Author in your own right. Whatcha waiting for? I'm not. Click here for submission and deadline requirements.

I had the pleasure of meeting Harriette Cole at last year's #Blogalicious12. Best-selling Author, Writer and Editor, Harriette Cole delivered the closing keynote. Well she just couldn't stay away of course. Harriette Cole is back this year with a VIP only event focusing on how to effectively communicate your brand or better put, "How to Master your Elevator Pitch." Have you ever been somewhere or with someone yet you can't find the words to say what you do in a presentable way or in a manner that sparks interest? Harriette will tell you how. Soon to be shared, RSVP details. Note: space is limited.

And if that's not all ...
Sharelle D. Lowery is this year's Mistress of Ceremonies. I look forward to reconnecting with Sharelle again this year.

Rooms are going fast! If you haven't already booked, click here. And don't forget our exclusive discounted ticket offer just for Bag Ladies Radio listeners, followers and fans:
Enter promo code BLRfriend (case sensitive)

Announcements regarding the latest and greatest additions to Blogalicious 2013 continue to pour in. As the "official media partner" to this year's Blogalicious 2013, stay on top of wassup by visiting and clicking Blog. All you need do is search Blogalicious for the latest happenings.
Tomorrow's #BagLadiesLIVE
Visit and click Listen for the scoop on tomorrow's show and the guest lineup. We are dishing on the Back-To-School frenzy.

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Today's the day and you would think my kids are starting school for the first time ...Ever. They are fine. My angst comes from a summer that has zoomed by so I don't feel as prepared this year. It seems like the school year just ended. I am thankful that my kids have had a summer filled with activity but I'd be lying if I said, I couldn't use another week or two even to ready myself for the routine mostly. You call it "Back-To-School." I call it "Back-To-Scramble." I'm not quite ready to resume the early morning routine of tearing the house up all to find matching socks, clean undies and homework. So here are 5 quick tips that help me and hopefully you too:

  1. LAY OUT THE NITE BEFORE - I know it's hard. I have three. Most often, once they're in bed, I want to do the same but I know I will pay for it in the morning. Laying out clean undies for all three as well as socks eliminates the, "Mommy do you have?!" or "Mommy have you seen?!" the next morning
  2. PACK BOOK-BAGS THE NITE BEFORE - Before my kids go to bed, I make sure they have put their homework in their folders and their folders in their book-bags. I've learned not to assume and I may even have to ask the, "are you sure?" Even if my kids are dog tired and their homework is all the way in the basement, I require them to go down there and get it. Not doing so just adds to the morning scramble.
  3. PACK LUNCHES THE NITE BEFORE - My kids prefer packed lunches and although I don't do it everyday (sometimes school lunch appeals to their palette), when I do, I pack as much as I can the nite before particularly anything in their lunch that doesn't require refrigeration. Anything that does like yogurt or jello, I throw that in before closing up their lunch bag/box the next morning. NOTE: My kids adore lunch box love notes so I do these the nite before as well. So upon opening their lunch, they have a cute note from Mommy
  4. DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN COMFORTABLY - It's easy to stress particularly over school supplies but at the end of the day, if you can't get everything on that infamous and constantly growing list (Click here for a previously published post), because of either lack of time or lack of money, no worries. I've resolved myself to say whatever I don't have by tomorrow, my kids just won't have. They have the necessities. And I guarantee if you show up a week or a month after the school year has begun with additional supplies, your child's teacher is not gonna turn you away or refuse you.
  5. KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE - Being stressed is a resonating theme amongst all my Mommy friends. One of the best ways to ease the stress and lighten the mood is to talk about it. I LOL with my friends all the time about what we are all going through in preparation. We dish on everything from lurking sock monsters that seemingly devour matching sock sets to our children who we sometimes have to threaten just to get them to brush their teeth or wash their faces to oversleeping from time to time.
  6. BONUS TIP: This one really helps but it just requires a bit of extra effort. Noone wants to hear that alarm sound but I find if I set my clock in advance of when I need to wake my kids to allow myself time to relax, get in the shower and get myself together first, it makes a world of difference. Admittedly, the process of getting them together and out the door is that much more challenging when I'm trying to get myself ready too.
The consistent theme, "prepare in advance." And I say that knowing full well it's easy to digress. Some nite's the only thought in your mind or on your mind is getting the kids in bed because they faster they are in bed, the faster you can do the same. If you have any tips of your own, please share. I can use them. 

And don't forget to tune in to tonite's Bag Ladies Radio at 7:30p EST. My Co-Host, Trina Small of the +Baby Shopaholic, and I are dishing live on how we prep for back-to-school, hot trends in kids fall fashion and more! Joining in the dish is Head Designer of, Denise Kalinowski and more. Tune in live online at or eavesdrop at 347.327.9510 opt. 2. You can submit your questions or share you commentary for a live on-air shout-out by tweeting @bagladies and attaching hashtag #BagLadiesLIVE.

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In the words of Erykah Badu ...
I've recently taken up an art class. I approached with no expectations and no skill or so I thought. But as times goes on, the more engaged I become to the point that I actually miss the creative process when not in class. I NEVER considered myself an "artist" so I have no at-home supplies (gonna have to change that). But I find myself scavenging for my kids markers and crayons when in the mood for doodling on the very rare occasions that I have idle time. I've taken pointers from "artsy" friends who are vicious when it comes to turning a blank canvas into something be it via sketching or watercolors (what I love the most). I like trying new things so tapping into this new outlet is fun and exciting and interesting all at once. And the good thing is that because I'm committed to the class, it forces me to slow down at least for a couple hours each weekend which is something I might not otherwise do. Art is said to have numerous therapeutic benefits. I'll take that too!

I like the "me-time." It's like being one with the canvas or paper and I go into a zone all my own. I can be as candid and as vulnerable and as transparent as I want to be which is totally my mission when I take to air. Although upon the end of each class, my classmates and I solicit one another for feedback, I alone am my own worst critic. But as far as I'm concerned, if it's a true and authentic expression, what is there to criticize? What say you? And keep in mind that I'm an artist ...Now and I'm serious about my sh*t.
Lashes! I think subconsciously I wish mine were as long.
I had never attempted a face from this angle. I wanted to define the lip better.
"The Eyes Have It."
This was more about technique than anything. How well I could define eyes, lips and shading and depth.

I drew this from a pic of me rocking a turban on a bad hair day. I just wanted to see how close I could get. The class consensus was I did a good job. They said my eyes spoke to them.

Have you ever taken an art class? Do you paint or draw? What does it do for you?

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Monday, August 19, 2013


As I've dished on air, I dress according to my mood. I don't plan in advance. I don't map out a strategy. I go with what I feel be it comfy. Be it cute. Be it sexy, colorful or whatever. The only exception being when attending an event that has a required dress code. I love when I attempt a new look or never before worn look I should say because what is new for me may not be new for you. But when I rock something new, I love when I just love the look. I like being creative with my style.

Thus a look from this weekend that I rocked while hanging with my Dad. The weather Saturday in Washington, DC was GORGEOUS to say the least. I can't wait until fall. It was sunny. The temps didn't get much above 70 and my Dad and I did everything from a sidewalk brunch to stroll the streets. And my outfit which consisted of men's camouflage shorts (my co-host, +Danielle Gray, is rubbing off on me), a cropped neon tank and black and white wedges were the perfect compliment. I had the shorts for at least two months but never worn and I awoke Saturday morning in the mood for camo. But I so wanted a pop of color too. I hadn't yet worn the tank and it paired perfectly. I tightened up the look with chunky neckwear, arm candy and I love the outfit that came together.
Still trying to perfect the "selfie." #PardonMyFro Neon Tank, / Mossimo Belted Cargo Men's Camo Shorts, / Black and White Wedges, Limited Edition Prabal Gurung for Target. These Tate by Sole Society are a close second
I'm only 5' and I knew my Dad and I would likely be out and about so I wanted to be comfy but still have some height. My Dad towers over me at like 6'4 and I wanted to at least rise above his knee caps in the pictures we would likely take. Secondly, I just wanted a bit more pop and sexiness in my footwear. I just was not in the mood for a total solid color. Honestly, if I wasn't gonna be on my feet for most of the day, I could've totally rocked pumps with this look too. I love doing that the same as rocking a pump with casual sweats and a cute tee and blazer. Peep the #NailSwag. The pink is Urban Outfitters "Hot Tub."
A close-up of the #PardonMyFro cropped tank. I love that Dana (Designer), threw in a free print because the shipping of this tank was delayed. Such a sweet gesture. 
See how tall my Dad is? Now you get why I needed the wedge to give me some height.
And you thought the outfit made my day? Oysters on the half-shell baby!! Hope you had a great weekend too!
How do you dress or plan your looks? This was the first time in a long time rocking menswear of any kind. Have you ever? If so, what?
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Friday, August 16, 2013

MommyMidday: My Kids Back-To-School Supplies Lists Have Me Scared

This List Makes Me Tremble
Back-To-School season is upon us. Is it me or do the supplies lists get longer every year? Is it me or are supplies requested less about the individual needs of your child and moreso about the class as a whole? Is it me or every year do you ask yourself, "how am I gonna pay for all this?" And for me particularly because I have three!

My jaw literally dropped upon placing eyes upon this year's lists of requested supplies. And mind you I have three separate lists. I am well aware of school budget constraints but I'm a single Mother so no expense is taken lightly be it school supplies or otherwise. We are now on a 5 day countdown to the first day of school and the thought of supplies not yet purchased is a bit overwhelming. Do you feel the same? I happened upon this great list of tips Authored by Erin Huffstetler, on how to save and shop for supplies more cost effectively like shopping at home first and shopping during tax-free Holidays.
The tips are practical and the writer knows her stuff if for no other reason than she and I share the same name. "Erin's" know their stuff. Click below for the full article:

How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

"Does buying back to school supplies leave you feeling broke? It doesn't have to. Here are simple ways to save money on all those back to school essentials. Shop at Home First Before you head to the store, take a walk around your house to see if there are any items on your child's school supply list that you might already have."

How long before your kids return to school? Please share your tips on how you shop and save for supplies. I can use them and I may even contact you to lend a voice on-air. Show details soon to come.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Nite on Bag Ladies Radio OnDemand

Last nite's dish was so sexy, it had us prepping to Barry White which we cue'ed literally during the show. Last nite was an all new "Tales Of Singledom." A recurring segment ever growing in popularity. We kicked things up a notch and the dish got real sexy and a bit racy even!! It was so empowering to join forces with Candace Amos, Founder of, NuNu Fairville who penned an article on which spawned last nite's topic of dish and Shanel of The Sex CEO to lend a voice to sex (yes, I said it), a topic we don't dish on often but a topic that is nonetheless relevant to the reality of life, living and being a woman. It's reality!

We also went in finally regarding Beyonce's chop. Myself and my Co-host's, Trina Small and Danielle Gray weighed in and shared our thoughts as a show-opener. My fave quote from last nite per my Co-host, Danielle Gray "If she could, Jesus would come down from heaven and pluck out her mane." LOL! 
Press play to listen OnDemand:

Discover Women Internet Radio with Erin Martin on BlogTalkRadio

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 Words ... 
Tiffany Josephs Photography ...(drops mic).

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My "Fab Kid" in Summer Safari ...

Any Mommy with multiple kids particularly young kids, knows the process of getting out the door can be tedious to say the least. So anything that makes the task easier is always welcome. eliminates the guess work. FabKids is JustFab's fashion club but for the lil' ones. It's membership based and for 39.95, you get a complete outfit (3 pieces) every month minus the shipping costs. There is no obligation. And you can opt out anytime you choose. I love the short and sweet online profile which allowed me to define each of my kids fashion sense so each outfit is tailored to what they like. My kids can be so picky. Kids ...

This past weekend upon allowing my children to pick what they wanted to wear for a cookout with my high school class, my 7 yr. old was stumped. She didn't know what she wanted to wear and I was scrambling trying to get myself dressed. When alas, I remembered the cute pink box showed up on my doorstep the day prior. Done! And I didn't even have to trek to the store. My daughter added her own touch with sandals, leggings and a side pony tail but her Summer Safari Camp Outfit was a show-stopper.

And even though outfits are pre-chosen, your kids can still add their own touch. My 9 yr. old did so also in a previous post. Click here.

Sign up now at because not only will new fall outfits soon be available but a new boy's collection is being introduced just in time for back-to-school. I already peeked at the boy's collection and it is awesome! 

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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Blogalicious 2013 Schedule is Up!

For those of us who have previously attended Blogalicious, we wait on "pins and needles" for the weekend schedule and to see just how Blogalicious will out-do themselves from the previous year. This year's 2013 line up is sick! And includes an outline of events and activities from the first Blogalicious Pop-Up Shop (heard first on Bag Ladies Radio), to a #Scandalicious watch party and of course, a plethora of workshops and panels led by awesome speakers supporting this year's Blogalicious 2013 theme, "Create, Build, Fund."

And to think there is still more to come!! It's a work in progress literally. Take a peek for yourselves:

As the "official media partner", myself and cast will be there. So what are you waiting for?! Don't forget our exclusive Bag Ladies Radio ticket offer at:
Enter promo code BLRfriend (case sensitive)

Be sure to check back here often for the latest and greatest news. Search Blogalicious.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Oprah's Hair, Now Beyonce's Hair!!!!

And here I thought this week would be known ...The week that was Oprah and her fabulous hair. How naive of me cause this latest stunt chop by Beyonce' has left most saying Oprah who? Of course rumors abound as to whether the pics are real or if as did Oprah, Beyonce' is sporting a wig. Personally, it looks real to me and she was waaaaaay past due for a change. I literally just spoke on air with guest and Celebrity Natural Hairstylist, Felicia Leatherwood to being tempted myself to chop, chop again on last nite's #BagLadiesLIVE before this news even broke and this stunt chop is tempting me that much more. But a few questions come to mind (feel free to answer):
  • What will the millions of women who invested in weaves in an effort to mimic her tresses now do?
  • How many will follow Beyonce's lead and run to the hills their stylists for a chop?
  • Will Jay hold a press conference to profess his feelings on her new look?
  • How will Beyonce' supplement her shows minus the wind machine and her tresses blowing feverishly in the fake wind?
Just curious is all. What do you think about the look? Would you rock it?

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