Friday, March 27, 2009

We are OFF the WALL!!!

And we mean literally! The ladies of Bag Ladies are totally siked about tomorrow's special. We are debuting our Saturday Night Live special.

Every so often "BAG LADIES" brings it to you from the scene, live and direct. We provide you VIP access to the latest parties, what's going on around town and where you need to be. This edition, we are bringing it to you live from OFF THE WALL - Dance Party. This event was put together for nostalgia's sake ... Back in the day when PEOPLE danced! Back when Hip-Hop, R&B and Rock were played on the same radio station and every record was YOUR JAM! Where you would hear The Fine Young Cannibals and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam in the same rotation. And Bag Ladies is excited about broadcasting live from what will be an event that is talked about amongst WDC folks for days, months and years to come. Event info/details:

Tune in for a special "BAG LADIES" night-cap at You won't wanna miss it!

Di*ck in a Box ...

I so didn't realize that dude from SNL won an emmy for this digital short collabo w/ Justin Timberlake. For those of you non-SNL fiend's, I am referring to Saturday Night Live. I have been an SNL addict for years but this one skit in particular is absolutely one of the funniest I have ever seen and I guarantee, one of the funniest you will ever see. The premise is basically a man giving his woman his own di*k as a gift! But the choreography and the song is what puts it over the top. If you haven't already seen it or even if you have, check it out on youtube at:

I guarantee you will never tire of it.

We keep you in the know!