Monday, August 25, 2014


Who knew? I thought I was tuning into the 2014 Video Music Awards, only to realize that I wasn't "sadly" but "pleasantly" mistaken to learn that I was actually tuned into the Beyonce' show, Yonce' show, Hey Mrs. Carter show, BeyHive show. However you refer to the #1 consummate living performer, she shut it all the way down. As I tweeted, if I wasn't bowing down before, I am now. I struggled throughout the entirety of the show to stay awake for Bey's performance. With the exception of a couple of performances, I wasn't overly impressed and as much as I wanted to call it a night, I endured. And then of course once Beyonce' shut it down, I was amped and couldn't go to sleep. I mean did you see it? Who could sleep after that? I couldn't If you didn't wanna stand to your feet and mimic her choreography, you surely wanted to get your sang on like we all do when in the shower and we think no one is within ear shot. Or maybe that's just me. And lets not forget the sexy gyrations which if single like me, left you feeling some kinda way because there are no "booty call" options (at the moment). I mean gracious and let's not forget that bejeweled Tom Ford bodysuit that gave me all my life. The heck of a smooch with Hubby Hov ...Those lips. And Blue Ivy!!! *Drops mic* ...Wait, Yonce' did that.
Red Carpet Ready
Need I say more?
What'd you think of Beyonce's finale? Was she worth the wait?
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


This weekend was a flurry of activity. I managed to get to and fro and from here to there to everywhere in the 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid EX. I can't rightly complain about having to play the "social buttafly" when putting #heelstothewheels in a nice whip. And with features like a panoramic sunroof that almost goes front to back, power folding outside mirrors, bluetooth and more, the 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid EX definitely fits the bill. And there's so much more to share. Be sure to follow my chronicles on Instagram and Twitter @bagladies via hashtag #heelstothewheels.
My twins and I from inside the 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid EX. As someone commented on IG, "turn down for what?"
One of my fave pitstops this weekend was at fashion Truck Rally, Boulevard of Chic which went down at Rash Field in Baltimore, MD. It was a free festival of fashion. And with my lil' ones in tow, we posted up and browsed some wonderful vendors that had great pieces. I also attended to lend support to participating online boutique Hannah Monet. The young ladies of Hannah Monet recently outfitted me in a fabulous maxi wrap dress for a recent speaking engagement. Read here. I wasn't surprised in the least of how in awe attendees were of their pieces. The shopaholic in me was just itching to come out. This jaunt had me shopping more for my kids than myself. Aren't they lucky?
The rally included a fashion show
Modeling one of Hannah Monet's most popular pieces, their tulle skirt
Not only was there fashion but there was food and a manicure station set up by Baltimore based polish brand Underground Nail Queenz. My daughters are accustomed to seeing Mommy swagged out so how could I not treat them to some swag by @jazzyliciouz_nailz for copping two bottles of glow in the dark polish. I've been following @ugn_queenz on Instagram for awhile so it was nice to have a name and a face to put with the polish brand. Always on my networking mojo :-). And my girls were the happier for it of course.

My mini-me getting her swag on
Underground Nail Queenz Polish Display
Keep in mind, there's an artist at work ...
My daughters posted up
There were fab finds
Like these
And sales. But I had to suppress the shopaholic in me
Be nice if I had a haul to go along with this piece but I exercised restraint
I did indulge in one of the food trucks though and satisfied my hankering for some Korean grub. This bulgogi was YUM!
And if you thought that was all, my kids had a grand time snapping photos and flossing with Washington Wizards player, John Wall. This was an event put on by the Boys and Girls Club of America. My three attend a local club. The event was a back to school affair hosted by John Wall's non-profit, #2squad during which the kids got to meet John Wall and they also received a backpack and a tee designed by Sean John
My lil' ones 
I lost sight of my 10 year old for a hot sec and she returned having done an interview with a local tv station about the event. I was beaming ...
Tees were distributed
Backpacks were given out just in time for the new school year
And these Sean John tees were adorable. I tried to cop one
My son is all smiles next to one of his fave bball players, John Wall
His twin sis got her photo opp too
And let's not forget my oldest mini-me
Posted up ...
My weekend roll dawgs ...
    My kids are just days away from kicking off the new school year so anything to amp them up to kick off the new year with a bang, is always welcome. My son who plays basketball, was totally in his element and enjoyed every minute as did I, enjoy watching them have such a good time. That's what it's really all about anyway ...


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Friday, August 8, 2014


If you stay even the slightest bit engaged via social media, you know online boutiques crop up literally every second. Everybody is now selling sumpin. You no doubt have seen the Instagram streams of pieces upon pieces on sale for next to nothing. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind Upon visiting their booth at the twice-monthly Fashionista Flea Market based in Bowie, MD, I immediately noticed that they were very nice and that they also had a great selection of apparel styles from skirts and dresses to tops and jumpers. And if you know two things about me, you know that I love fashion and I love beauty. Oh and one more, I love to "dish" aka, talk fashion and beauty. So here's the scoop on after dishing with founders and friends, Hannah Sullivan and Kiara Mon'et.



HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE CONCEPT OF HANNAHMONET.COM: We've always had a love for fashion and knew we wanted to do something in the industry. Starting our online boutique, is only the beginning.

THERE ARE SO MANY ONLINE BOUTIQUES, HOW DO YOU DISTINGUISH YOURSELVES FROM ALL THE REST: We hand-select our items and we are very particular about offering our clients quality product. We work with independent designers who understand our mission to delivery quality so even if it means holding up an order to ensure that the product is right, we will do that.

WHO ARE YOUR CLIENTS: We don't cater to any one type or size woman. We cater to women of all shapes and sizes. From small and petite to curvy and chic. 

DO YOU WANT TO ONE DAY OPEN A STAND-ALONE STORE: We don't want to get to far ahead of ourselves. We want to keep the brand personal. We want our clients to be able to reach us. We don't want to become too big too fast but we definitely would like to continue to grow and expand and one day have our own not just one store but multiple stores.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR HANNAH MONET: We are traveling and meeting with designers in preparation for our 2014 fall collection launch. We also have an event coming up in October to celebrate our brand and raise awareness. 

The Print Wrap Maxi
After My Blogger Panel
These ladies are making moves. And I can speak first-hand to the quality of product. The ladies of extended me an invitation to wear one of their pieces for last weekend's Naturalista Hair Show of which I spoke on a Blogger panel. Interestingly enough, I selected two pieces, a top and bottom but the ladies also brought a wrap maxi dress which upon seeing it, I LOVED the print but I thought it might perhaps be a bit too long and swallow my 5' 1/2" frame. But I gave it a go and I was hooked! It was terribly flattering and totally effortless which ended up being a win because I had a teeny tiny window the day of the event to change and touch up my makeup. I paired the dress with a few accessories and JustFab wedges and no one was any the wiser of how little time I had to prep. It's a must-have piece that is sexy yet comfortable and just wears well and feels great on. I'm anxiously awaiting more styles like this in different prints and more. 

You catch up with the ladies of and see what they have to offer for yourself, at this weekend's Boulevard of Chic Fashion Truck Rally which takes place Saturday, August 9th from 12-7p at Rash Field at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD. If a Shopaholic like me, you don't want to miss this event. I might see you there! Be sure to follow Hannah Monet on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @shophannahmonet and shop online at

What are some of your fave online boutiques?

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Thursday, August 7, 2014


So there's no denying that I'm a beauty junkie. I was reminded of just how much I am upon being selected by Cocotique to be featured for their Ultimate Beauty Arsenal Series. Cocotique, founded by Dana Hill is a deluxe beauty box subscription service specific to women of color which is great because while there are a lot of "beauty boxes", Cocotique is a particular fave because it meets my needs. Every month subscribers receive a box of lifestyle and beauty goodies curated just for them. And get this? You don't even have to leave the house. Your box of goodies arrives on your doorstep every month. How awesome is that? You get a monthly surprise delivered direct to you. There are various subscription options one of which allows you to cancel at anytime. 
Click here to learn how Cocotique works and how to subscribe.

I was flattered to have been both asked and featured in the Ultimate Beauty Arsenal Series amongst some fab ladies. As I was responding to questions about my beauty habits, fave beauty products and more, it reaffirmed how much I love product and using product and reviewing product and of course, shopping product.

Click here for my full feature. And you be the voice of reason please. Do you think I'm a beauty junkie? Are you an admitted junkie also? Ha! You didn't think I was gonna ask that huh? Thank you for reading. Oh, and the first step is acknowledgment. 

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I had the pleasure of dishing yet again about that which I've learned thus far along my journey as both a Blogger and Producer/Host of The social media landscape is ever-expanding and talking about it is something I love to do. Even moreso when you have an event that provides a great platform and other fabulous Bloggers and Vloggers to accompany you. Thus this year's 2nd edition Naturalista Hair Show. Upon being asked to participate, I was all in. Last year was great. Not only did I get to dish but I also had the pleasure of putting faces with the names of Bloggers that I admire and had connected with via social media but had never actually met. And I swooned over natural hair styles. And got my shop on too. This year was no different. The "Beauty and The Blog" panel featured myself and Yolanda Renee of, Jonna Scott-Blakes of and Anissa LiMara of And was moderated by Christine Louis of I had the pleasure of speaking alongside Yolanda and Jonna before (click here), and we picked up right where we left off. 
Pictured with Jonna and Annisa after our panel
My view from the stage
Pictured with one of the attendees
After panel antics with Diana Ramsey of She made me do it!
The questions were great. And there is nothing more humbling than sitting a'front an audience who is engaged and hanging on every word that you have to say. I was flattered to have been asked some awesome questions and even more flattered after the event by the many compliments regarding both what I said and what I wore. Hold fast for details. And that's not even all. The hair!!!!! The lovely ladies in attendance rocking eau natural were just gorgeous. This year's Naturalista Hair Show included not only panels but hands on workshops so that you could actually try your hand at different natural styles. There was also a marketplace of fab vendors. I paid a visit to a dear friend, Terry Williams, owner of Shea Butter Like Whoa. And there was also a pop-up salon of which my own stylist participated. And guess what ? For the second year in a row, my stylist Salih Watts, Owner and Master Loctician of won the award for "Best Loctician in the DMV!!!"
My Stylist, Salih Watts pictured with his lovely models Kim and Stacey after being awarded
I had to cop some butta 
Me and the fabulous "Lady Kim" wrap maxi I had the pleasure of rocking 
I have to extend a special thanks to Hannah Monet. The lovely ladies behind this online boutique extended me an invitation to showcase one of their fabulous pieces, a wrap maxi named "Lady Kim" and the response was awesome. Per an IG post, it is effortless, comfortable, chic and sexy and was the perfect choice because I had an earlier commitment and literally did a 10 second quick change and makeup touch up before making my way to the event and didn't miss a beat in this gorgeous frock. I can't wait to share more about Hannah Monet. Be sure to follow them on IG @shophannahmonet and visit the online boutique at
My VIP Swag Box
Founder of The Naturalista Hair Show and Owner of N Natural Hair Studio, Angela Walker outdid herself by not only adding more elements including a fashion show but this year's event was extended to two days! As good as 2014 was, I can only imagine what has yet to come for next year's 2015 edition. How will she add to the "epicness?" I can't wait. Can you?

What natural hair events have you attended?
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