Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I want a green thumb!!! I have a yard again and since I ain't got no man (#TalesOfSingledom), that means any tending of the yard has to be done by moi. Upon moving over the Holidays, it was still cold so the yard required no maintenance. But now that warmer temps are on the horizon here, I have to crack the whip on myself. Upon getting the grass cut (I didn't do it) this weekend ...FINALLY, I realized there are some areas that are sparse and patchy. I want plush grass, rich in green color with beautiful flowers that you can walk in barefoot. I know right, in my dreams. Although I've previously failed miserably at trying to nurture my green thumb under my Mom's direction, I'm willing to try again. I've purchased some flowers to pot and I'm taking cues from a friend who knows this stuff.

I just learned Sunday what this contraption is on the left. I called it a "whatcha-macallit" but it's actually referred to as a spreader. Since this week is supposed to be all rain, I used the "spreader" to put down fertilizer yesterday morning which will help the grass grow ...Or so I'm told. And I'm less the task of having to water. Next will be lime and grass seeds. As much as I want a prettier yard and I do. I love checking boards on Pinterest and inspiring creativity. But the challenge will be committing myself to making it happen. I've challenged myself to do something at least twice a week to nurture my green thumb. Let's see how this goes. Perhaps you can hold me to it. Make me accountable? The proof will be in the visuals. Follow me on Instagram @ bagladies.
BTW, green thumb is defined as "a natural talent for growing plants."

Do you have a green thumb? Do you have any tips? How do you maintain your yard?

Oh, I need some FABULOUS gardening shoes. Suggestions?

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