Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Update with Lady Erin ...Series 2, Part 2 #PassionForFashion

Let's be honest. In spite of other activities ...A "Girls Night Out", a surprise birthday party for a dear friend, church and the continuous "hustle and grind", for alot of us (myself included), this weekend was all about getting to Sunday's (this morning) debut of Prabal Gurung for Target collection, tagged as "LOVE." Upon learning of the "collabo" a couple months ago, I immediately sought out the look book and checked those pieces I deemed as "MUST-HAVE." Did I mention that I'm a #Shopaholic? I was armed and ready to go and although I absolutely anticipated being an early riser and heading straight to my local Target this morning, I realized how weary I was last night from all the day's activities and resolved myself to shop what I wanted online. Only to see a tweet from @TargetStyle stating that there was no definitive time as to when the collection would be available online. It definitely wouldn't be available at 12a EST as alot of folks I found who tweeted in response might have thought and/or hoped. @TargetStyle suggested to keep checking ...During the wee hours I might add. I fell asleep thinking the collection would likely be sold out online by time I awoke and I refused to set my alarm.

I got the Nolita print (middle) online
As fate would have it, I awoke about 3:30a because I was rather hot and once insomnia set in, I realized I wasn't gonna fall right back to sleep after getting up to turn the thermostat down. Shopping!!! Of course, that's always therapeutic and will surely cure my insomnia. Upon dashing to, I realized the Prabal Gurung collection was available and none of the pieces had yet sold out. I perused the online collection picking and choosing which pieces I wanted which included a couple, ok a few footwear styles and accessories and although I had chosen a few apparel items, I was hesitant to purchase online because I didn't know the size range and did not at all want to deal with having to return and exchange should the pieces not fit.  I knew I would have to hit the store still which I did immediately upon getting out of Sunday service. I was terribly disappointed to find that not only was there no display of any kind that lent any visual appeal but the already limited collection was terribly limited in store. I counted just a handful of the many pieces available as per the collection and of the handful, very few available sizes. I had a sinking feeling that I should've just taken my chances and ordered the apparel items online. At the time, the store was very quiet. I posed the question to one of the employees as to whether she had seen very many people perusing the collection and she replied, "no, not at all." I thought surely there was another section but alas, "what I saw, is what I got."

Love the inside print of Multicolor Hard Sided Clutch
I did spot one dress in particular that was on my "must-have" list and the size needed. I did try it on to ensure I wasn't wasting time. And it is quite cute and made the trip worth the effort. I also spied a clutch or two or three but I exercised restraint and grabbed just the one. Although the Lace Miniaudiere in Sulfur Spring was calling my name and still is ...Rather loudly. I moseyed over to the shoe section but those styles of interest, I purchased online in the wee hours. But I was that much more surprised even at how limited the styles were. Of all the footwear styles per the collection, only four were available in store. When Target said limited, as per this collection, they REALLY meant it. I was tweeting @GirlMeetsGlass and @DivaStateMind all the while regarding my progress. It was like an in-store play by play.

Scored ...1 of the dresses on my list. The fit is too cute. And it has pockets! Sways like a bell. Reminds me of that scene with Julia Roberts from Runaway Bride. I narrowed down to this one multicolor Hard Side Clutch
Would I refer to those Prabal Gurung pieces purchased thus far as a "score", I don't know although upon delivery of my online purchases, perhaps my tune will change and that is pending an email notification from Target that pieces have sold out since having purchased and won't be arriving until 2-3 weeks from now instead of 2-3 days. It's all my fault though really. Who the hell makes rational purchasing decisions at 3a?! Did I already admit to being a #Shopaholic? And what sold out pieces you ask, do I still want? Shirtdress in Nolita, Blazer in Floral Crush, Dress in Floral Crush, Peplum in Floral Crush, Skirt in Meet The Parents. I said I was a #Shopaholic.
Did you score? Tweet which pieces to @bagladies or tag me on IG @bagladies.

Let's hope 2-3 days, not 2-3 weeks and nothing has since sold out. I will update the post upon delivery.

P.S. - Literally just saw a Target commercial for LOVE, a Prabal Gurung Collection for Target. Uh, perhaps Target may wanna stop running for the time being. As far as I can tell, there is nothing left of the collection ...At least that I want anyway.