Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best of both worlds you might say ...

You ever think I want the shape of a hobo but the size of a tote? If so, then you need a 'Softy Tobo' Bag and MARC JACOBS is giving it to you per his Spring '09 collection. Although this Bag Lady is a fan of all things MARC JACOBS, the versatility and practicality of the MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Softy Tobo' Bag is not to be overlooked. You get the size plus the Tobo is a bag that you can carry year round!! I know I'm not the only one that at times hates having to dump all that baggage from one bag to another when seasons change in spite of my love for buying new bags. I will say the Tobo is much more tame though than other MARC JACOBS styles as the available pale grey is a sharp contrast to the usual vibrant colors of most MARC JACOBS handbags including the purple MARC by MARC JACOBS WORKWEAR style I myself often carry. But the 'Softy Tobo' can be dressed up or dressed down when you just want to be casual. The style is conducive to just being slouchy and we all have days like that. But you also get great interior and exterior pockets to keep all that baggage organized and what Bag Lady doesn't require that?

The Softy Tobo Bag is being referred to as a hybrid (not just a term for automobiles) but this Bag Lady just likes the name ...Tobo. The bag ain't half bad either ...Check it out. Available at Nordstrom for $498

--Lady Erin

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bag Ladies is doing it!!!

That's right!! Bag Ladies is the you know what. We told you per previous posts that tonite's show is a show you don't want to miss. Well now, BlogTalk is telling you too b/c they have selected Bag Ladies show as "Today's Pick".

Join us this evening as we chat it up w/ Journalist, Author and just plain cool chick, Farnoosh Torabi about all this Facebook'ing, Tweeting and social networking. What is it you ask? Well tune in online and/or call in please and find out. Farnoosh has been featured on everything from the Today Show to Good Morning America and in everything from Glamour to Marie Claire.

BlogTalk and quite a few other's are loving Bag Ladies. So should you!!! Tonite, 7pm, EST - and/or call 347.327.9510

Talk to you then!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hang onto our coat tails ...

Not only is Bag Ladies prepping for tomorrow's show ...Tuesday at 7pm, EST (plug), but we are also determining what fabulous luggage be it Marc Jacobs, Samsonite or Diane Von Furstenberg, to pull in tow on our excursion up to New York. That's right, Bag Ladies is getting out of dodge this week!!! Further details revealed on tomorrow's show regarding our trip as well as what Bag Ladies has been up to since you last heard our voices. Oh and not to be outdone, cool chick, Farnoosh Torabi is joining us to talk about the hype that is blogging, that is Facebook'ing, that is Tweeting and more!!

Stay tuned ...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Social Networking ...wassup?

Join Bag Ladies on our upcoming show as we chat it up w/ cool chick, Farnoosh Torabi about the rage that is social networking and how many of us bite the dust every day and become totally consumed by Facebook, twitter and more.

But we'll also discuss the advantages of establishing an online brand and of course the show wouldn't be ours if we didn't infuse some fashion, celeb tidbits, Madame Myra's Top 10 and more!!!

Farnoosh is both a Journalist and Personal Finance Author of You're So Money: Live Rich Even When You're Not.

Farnoosh has been featured on NBC's Today Show, Fox News and Good Morning America and conributes to Glamour, Cosmo, Seventeen and Marie Claire ...oh, and she has an extreme affinity for all things Diane Von Furstenburg.
Check out Bag Ladies live at every Tuesday at 7pm, EST.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

H&M is at it again!!!

"Colour is one of Matthew Williamson's defining aspects of his signature style", say's he and the colour strewn throughout his collection can absolutely not be missed! A first time collabo w/ H&M to deliver exclusive designs as per Part 1 of the Spring collection. Initially released today in just 200 stores and increased availability to 1600 stores next month. The eclectic mix of colour, prints, sequins and style makes the collection widely appealing and if you are not already familiar w/ Matthew Williamson, take a look at these pieces wanna be!!! And you know from previous Bag Ladies segments, we are (IN LOVE) w/ jumpers. Bag Ladies provides you a peek at Matthew Williamson's take on one of the seasons hottest trends and some other standout styles including the cropped jacket and tuxedo style suit. We ladies can rock it too!!!

Bag Ladies will be heading up to NY next week to hit the H&M showroom and reporting back on what has yet to debut as per this awesome collabo. And take a look at some pieces to incorporate into some exciting and new fashion segments per the show. Stay tuned!!!

Bag Ladies ..., live, Tuesdays, 7pm, EST

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going green can be sexy, can be fashionable and so much more. Bag Ladies tells you how ...

How many of you know today is Earth Day? For those that do, what do you intend to do to increase your awareness or become more conscious or cognizant of being more green? Bag Ladies is always looking for ideas that we an share amongst our listeners and followers so please send us your comments. Bag Ladies doesn't proclaim to know all there is to know nor to be doing all that we can. We are a work in progress just like you and learning is what makes the process fun.

Those of you that tuned in yesterday for what was a very brief show, know that Bag Ladies is making some changes to improve the show and deliver something that consistently exceeds expectations. We are introducing new segments, scheduling premier guests and taking care of some technical upgrades so we had to take some down time in order to do that but we will surely be back next week fresh, live and new!!! But you ain't off the hook. Be sure to check out your homework assignment. Yup, it's not just for the kids. Listen to yesterday's update and you will find out all you need and be sure to connect w/ us here and on Facebook to find out more about next week's show, upcoming events and more. But we certainly couldn't let the week go w/out bringing you one of our most popular segments, Madame Myra's Top 10 ...we were unable to bring it to you yesterday and if you are like me, you missed it, right? So we had no choice but to bring it to ya and w/ it being Earth Day, Madame Myra decided to lend attention to going green but w/ a twist.

So says she (Madame Myra) ...Sexy Ways to Go Green!!!! Not quite 10 but sexy nevertheless.

Invite a Shower Buddy - Bathing with your guy is a lot more fun than doing it alone, and it's also a steamy way to save water and money. To slash the bill even more, install an Eco-friendly shower head. Most standard designs waste up to 5 gallons of water per minute, but Niagara Conservation's Earth Massage shower heads come in models that use only 1 1/2 gallons in that amount of time yet dispense a flow that we swear feels just as strong.

Lube Up, Naturally - Warming, edible, and scented — all-natural lubricants offer the same kinds of naughty extras as their more synthetically composed counterparts. Plus, with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E, the products are gentle on your delicate nether regions. Since most cost about the same as some of their not-so-green competitors on the market, this sexy swap is a no-brainer.

Slip Between Eco-Sheets - Bamboo is one of the earth's most renewable resources, and despite its rough texture in the wild, when it's used in bed linens, it has a silky, slinky feel that's really sexy. And if you're worried that a set of these rich threads will break the bank, Target features a line with a 40 percent bamboo blend for under 60 bucks.

Another perk: The bamboo plant contains an antibacterial agent that naturally protects against pests while it's growing in the fields. This quality is believed to help bamboo fibers wick away moisture and block the growth of nasty bacteria.

Burn for Him - Fire up the stove, uncork a bottle of wine (organic, of course), and turn off the lights. Candlelit homemade dinners have to be the most romantic way to save electricity. And who doesn't look sexy basking in that forgiving glow?

Since he'll probably want to stare at you all night long, use soy candles — they burn longer, meaning you'll replace them less often. Babeland sells one that can be purchased solo or as part of an Eco-Sexy or Eco-Delight Kit. Made with skin-safe soy, it doubles as a warm, scented massage oil — talk about multitasking.

Unusual Date - If you're sick of the same ole movie-and-a-burger Friday night rut, break free and check out the events offered by your local state park, like concerts or skating — some will even supply the skates. A simple Google search will turn up everything you need to know.

This summer, support area farmers and pack local organic food for a lunch- break picnic. Use real plates and silverware instead of plastic.

Turn Up the Heat... - Not like you need an excuse to have sex, but one way to keep the thermostat on low and your libido high is by engaging in some frisky action right before going to bed. This will make the room toasty, not to mention send both of you off to dreamland happy and relaxed.

Not in the mood one particularly chilly night? Just snuggling up and sleeping close will produce enough body heat to keep your connection and your bedroom hot.

...Then Later, Keep Your Cool - You've spent all winter bundled up, and with the warmer months right around the corner, it's about time to remember that you still have a body under all those layers. So when the temperature soars, instead of blasting the air conditioner, why not shed the clothes and relish being in your own skin? Assuming your neighbors can't see you, open the windows for some fresh air, and lounge around in the buff for one seriously liberating Saturday afternoon.

Get Playful - You don't have to go far to find a selection of green sex toys — most mainstream and online stores offer body- and earth-friendly versions. If you're really dedicated, check out some of the latest vibrators that use rechargeable batteries. For modesty's sake, you might want to recharge yours in a more discreet spot than you would your cell. But feel free to leave it out and flaunt how committed you are to the cause.

Put these sexy tips into effect immediately and let us know your thoughts or more importantly, results :-).

And just a little tidbit dominating headlines a bit from a brand we are all very familiar w/, Target and their efforts to be more conscious of being more green as it relates to accessibility to fashion. Bag Ladies has discussed how effective a job Target does in partnering w/ high-end designers and providing accessibility to designers that the average consumer may not otherwise have access to and at a price point that is affordable. And now they are going green by partnering w/ Loomstate. If not already familiar, Loomstate is an Eco-friendly fashion line that has been producing casual clothing for everyday wear for the last 7+ years and has launched the Loomstate for Target Collection just in time for both Spring and Earth Day!

Expect to see easy to pair tops and bottoms for both guys and gals. Loomstate is known for utilizing materials such as 100% organic cotton, linen and silk and drunken yarn which will require further research (get back to ya) but not only do styles look good but feel good also. Per Target, the collection will be available for a limited time only both online at and in select stores so move your ass. The collection is environmentally friendly and don't know what your requirements are but affordable and high quality too. You will notice the Loomstate pelican logo plastered throughout the collection but it doesn't take anything away from the styles. Step into the bullseye and see for yourself. Check out the the Loomstate for Target Collection online at

Please be sure to let Bag Ladies know your thoughts ...

And of course we can't close out w/out Miz Adams and her Words of Wisdom on the topic of Going Green. Just something to ponder ...

Are you being honest and true to yourself about going green? Going green is a personal responsibility that we should confront in our everyday lives. That might mean bringing your own cup to Starbucks just to save a few trees. It may also mean something as simple as reusing that Macy’s tote for the next mega shopping spree or to purchase groceries. How about hopping on the subway or bus? Whatever your fashion, just know that there are several ways to make your life greener. What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

Bag Ladies ...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Get cheap with it ...

Should it not be a requirement that all high-end designers go cheap or at the very least, design a collection that is more accessible by the masses? I think those designers that have, have seen tremendous success and have gained great visibility amongst a demographic that may not otherwise know their name. And w/ the current state of affairs, is anyone in a position not to at least consider. Let's face it, visibility translates into $$$ ...

Bag Ladies is so looking forward to the upcoming focus on those brands/designers that have taken the more mainstream route and partnered w/ various retail outlets to design a line that is more accessible. It's something that would've been unheard of 5 years ago but now is becoming more the norm by the day. Fashion is never boring and although there is a fine line between exclusivity and accessibility, it can be achieved.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Bag Ladies brought you on Tuesday recap.

Well, we had some technical difficulties but it takes much more than that to throw Bag Ladies off their game! We endured and thank you to those of you who hung on and endured w/ us as well cause if you did, you certainly were privy to a great show! It was difficult at the start to be experiencing the technical difficulties that we were b/c we were so EXCITED about the show. But although we were delayed about 10 minutes, we trust Blog Talk Radio was able to resolve the issues and we won’t have to worry about those difficulties moving forward. I, Lady Erin complimented listeners w/ my voice for a lot longer than I expected as a result. But like I said, we still did our thang!

As usual Madame Myra was hosting along w/ me but we were also joined not only by our featured guest, Nneka Hurley of NnekaSaranHandbags mentioned as per our previous blog post but also a guest host, JaTawny Muckelvene of JaTawny Vision Photography, who is a locally based awesome Photog, Wife and Mommy of 2 which this Bag Lady can certainly relate to. JaTawny has photographed my fam previously and her work is absolutely amazing. So we had a great time kicking it and hopefully you had equally as good a time tuning in. And of course if you were unable to do so, we are now offering you the BTR playa right from our blog page so it’s up to you. Visit our show page at and scroll down to OnDemand to check out current and past episodes which you missed or hit our blog and not only check out wassup w/ Bag Ladies but the latest episode. Yup, we are making every effort to give it to you as best we can and are always looking to offer more in addition to tweeting it up, facebook’ing and blogging …

Of course we did our What’s Poppin w/ the Paparazzi and some celeb tidbits we will continue to follow is Mariah and Nick may be expecting, Toni Braxton’s efforts to drop a new album and Monica’s supposed reality show. But we also featured my usual fave, Madame Myra’s Top 10 which if for no other reason, check out yesterday’s episode just for her. Additionally, starting today, we are bringing you a new segment called, What’s Sippin! We have mentioned that the concept of Bag Ladies mimics when you link up w/ your girls, kick your shoes off and just gossip and gab about everything under the sun and if you are like us, you don’t typically do so w/out a drink in hand so we thought a great addition to the show would be to profile various wines, liqueurs or other varieties that might be of interest. We were contacted by a few distributors and have been reaching out and started developing relationships. But it’s a segment that we are really excited to bring you and possibly even expand so please be on the lookout for more of that. This week’s show, we featured a black-owned Rum, Castries Crème,, which is defined as a Peanut Rum that blends premium roasted peanuts w/ award winning St. Lucian Rum. Sounded good to us and we would hope that it sounds good to you! Both Madame Myra and myself had a chance to sip it or drink rather cause we definitely did more damage than just a sip and we both found it to be very pleasurable and it’s certainly something I would order when out. As I mentioned during the show, it has the consistency and texture of Bailey’s or Kahlua but smoother. I simply poured it over ice and drank it straight but it can be utilized several different ways to compliment various drinks so please check it out and there are numerous recipes on the site. I can’t wait to ask for it the next time out …perhaps on Saturday. It is very widely distributed …

And lastly, we had a chance to chat it up w/ Nneka Hurley of NnekaSaranHandbags, regarding her upcoming ’09 spring/summer collection which she will be debuting this coming Saturday, April 18th at Lux Lounge in Washington, DC. We discussed how she got her start, celebrities who have carried her designs, her current collection, her faith and how she manages basically doing it on her own while maintaining a full-time job, plans for the future and more. Nneka is great and it was such a pleasure having her join us! This Saturday’s upcoming event which Bag Ladies is very much looking forward to, follows:

Details regarding Nneka’s event:
Debut of NnekaSaranHandbags ’09 spring/summer collection
Lux Lounge, Washington, DC
6-8 pm on 2nd level (please note event will begin promptly at 6 and end at 8)
-Limited designs available for purchase-(cash/credit)

Don’t miss it!

Bag Ladies remains on air every Tuesday. Please take note that next weeks’ show will air Tuesday, April 21st at 7p.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Nneka Hurely, Featured sip of the week and other matters"

Bag Ladies features Nneka Hurley of Nneka Saran Handbags to discuss showing off her '09 spring/summer collection and debut event this weekend at Lux Lounge, WDC.

Also guest host, JaTawny Mucklevene, locally based Photog, wife and Mommy of three, And...Our newly introduced, "Sip of the Week", will reveal the true spirit of Bag Ladies!!

And more ... Tune into this evening at 6p.
Don't miss it!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Our Bag Ladies BTR playa that's what ...

Just look to your right. See that?! Or better yet, hear that?! As mentioned in our last post, we can now bring you our most recent show right from our blog. So you stay tuned and stay close to mybagladies blog.

We will be dropping details on fb and everywhere else you can connect w/ BagLadies, on tomorrow's featured guest and the introduction of a new segment that has alot of flava.

Sleep tight playa!

Friday, April 10, 2009


We enjoyed the time spent on Tuesday's show not only discussing the latest and greatest but also discussing in an entertaining fashion, men's grooming habits and how men go from one extreme to the other. Bag Ladies became much more familiar w/ the terms metrosexual and menergy in the process, so too did our listeners. You can as well by checking out Bag Ladies OnDemand from our show page at

And please be on the lookout cause we will soon be scheduling a Part II to this topic as a follow-up featuring a celebrity guest so we will keep our listeners and followers posted on that. In the meantime, please continue to tune in every Tuesday at 6p, EST for Bag Ladies!

P.S., Look for a newly introduced feature which will enable us to post a Bag Ladies player which will allow you to listen to our most recent episode directly from our blog! We're excited! Can you tell?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As mentioned on yesterday's show, tonite is the night to officially celebrate the birth of Madame Myra and all that she brings!!! Come celebrate w/ Madame Myra!!! Come celebrate w/ Bag Ladies!!!

Mday Details:

HOST: Madame Myra?!
START TIME: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 5:00pm
END TIME: Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 12:00am
STREET: 1817 Columbia Road, NW
CITY/TOWN: Washington, DC

Recap of yesterday's show soon to follow ...Thanks for tuning in!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bring the weekend back ...

The weather was too good in the Washington, DC metro area not to enjoy and embark on various activites. One such activity or event that this lady attended on behalf of Bag Ladies, was the Omar show on Friday. If you are familiar w/ Omar then his name says it all. If not, he is a British soul artist out of the UK, ( I was first introduced to his music about 7 years ago and fell in love immediately. I've had the pleasure of seeing him live a couple times before and as I told a friend, there are few things sexier than watching that man perform. His stage presence, that voice, that accent. Ooooh, it does it for me! I had the nerve to get some hugs and kisses too. I was putty in his hands. But Friday's event was a kick-off of the Soul Britannia Party series so hopefully this show is the first of many.

I had the pleasure of of visiting the Warehouse&Loft, a venue I had never before been to. It is in the warehouse district and basically just that but the layout was totally in tune w/ the vibe of the show. The VIP area inparticular was full of overstuffed chaises, an abundance of candlelight, dim lighting and an open bar. Tone (promoter) did his thing and exhausted everything in an effort to pull off what was an awesome show. Pics will be posted in the next couple of days so please be on the lookout.

Additional weekend highlights:

Cherry Blossom Festival ...there are few events as significant in the WDC area then the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Not only are the blossoms amazing but the fest totally validates the fact that Spring is coming. It definitely is an event not to be missed.


If the one cd I've listened to thus far, is any indication of how good or great rather this Prince release is, then WOW! And Target has it going on as they have exclusive rights so Target is the only place you can get LotusFlow3r which consists of three albums. The one I heard was a perfect blend of uptempo and slowtempo and featured Prince doing what he does best. What do you think?

Lady Erin ...signing off.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday recap ...

Bag Ladies wants to get into the habit of posting a recap of the show so not only can you pull up and listen to past episodes from our show page at but you can also check us out here for all the juicy details. We like to think of it as closure which we all desire.

Our last day in March, Tuesday the 31st edition was damn good as we not only premiered our first commercial but we also extended our listeners an awesome special offer!! Read on ...We kicked the show off by talking about weekend activities which included the debut of our Saturday Night Live special edition. Bag Ladies broadcast live from OFF the WALL at Studio 10. We will soon be posting pics from that event. Miz Adams got down at a local bar although she tried to convince us that it was all about biz.

What's Poppin w/ the Paparazzi tidbits:

Kelly Rowland dropped from label; distraught and on suicide watch
Oprah's school in S.Africa rocked by another sexual misconduct scandal
Madonna tryna adopt another lil one of us
Kim Kardashian claims cellulite

Topic of convo, readying the "area down there" and the various methods women use and what lengths we go, to remove hair. We are fastly approaching the summer season so we thought it timely to bring attention to this subject as we women begin prepping to "really" show off.

Madame Myra knocked it out of the park w/ her Top 10 and ran down the lengths women used to go to back in AD and BC times to remove hair which included burning it off, using arsenic and more!! But also, there was a period when more hair was sexy and pubic toupees were worn!! If for no other reason, check out the show so you can hear Madame Myra do her thang.

Bag Ladies discussed methods of hair removal from the most effective to the least effective w/ our featured guest, Mrs. Danielle Gibbs, educator at Aveda Institute of DC and owner of Elevar Mobile Spa. She left us w/ her Top Do's and Don'ts to make waxing relaxing be it a bikini or brazilian:

  • Do let your hair grow to about ¼ an inch before any wax service. This will allow the wax to adhere to the hair successfully for successful hair removal.
  • Do screen your wax professional. Ask questions about their experience, inspect the cleanliness of the spa and spa room. Look for a trained esthetician.
  • Don’t patronize anyone that double dips (uses the same wax stick during the entire service). This is not sanitary, and can cause bacteria in the wax resulting in cross contamination… NASTY!!!
  • Don’t steam, sauna, or take hot showers after waxing.
  • Do anticipate some soreness if it’s your first wax. However with continued treatments, it will become less distressing.
Danielle is a licensed esthetician and her company, Elevar not only offers a variety of mobile services but spa parties as well. And for the month of April, you will receive a 20% discount on selected services!! All you need do is mention Bag Ladies when scheduling.
To schedule a private appointment and to have services rendered in a private, comfortable atmosphere, contact: 240.417.0802 or

Let us know wassup but more importantly, tune in cause when you miss us, you miss out ...

- Bag Ladies