Wednesday, July 29, 2009


TJ of Evil Kitty Kreations
During our sex chatter yesterday, Bag Ladies was joined by our Fashion Maven, TJ of Evil Kitty Kreations to talk about some hot lingerie styles to add to that which Dr. Hilda told us about setting the mood and and not only creating a space that fosters intimacy but also creating a bedroom look which means putting on some sexy panties and a hot bra or negligee and not to be forgotten, those stilettos.

But here are some pics from the designer collections we conversated about including Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle Lingerie Collection, Emporio Armani's new lingerie collection, Phillip Lim's lingerie line and "The Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese" collection. And as TJ told us, it's all about lace ...alot of black, nude, soft colors but also alot of feminine details so bows and ties. So not that corseted stuff that takes 10 hours to get into and so long to get out of, the mood is killed. Just easy, cute, frilly and gorgeous. So get your stilettos and be ready to switch that booty and sway those hips into the bedroom. And if you need some ideas, perhaps you might wanna check out Karrine Steffans, The Vixen Manual. Also another topic of convo on yesterday's show. And as we discussed, if you find the book itself as poorly written as we did, just entertain yourself with the graphic pics! Happy reading or happy flipping. Lingerie styles follow ...

Can't wait to see more designs from Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle Lingerie collection which is set to be released in November.

Says Janet, “The collection has been carefully created with some of the finest laces from around the world. You will see a lot of satin and lace combined and rich colors such as burgundy and beige, silver and peach as well as your classic black and white." ”It makes you feel incredible and offers variety as diverse as the women who will wear it.”

The collection offers fourteen designs, ranging in bust sizes from 32A to 44G!!! Something for everybody.

Victoria Beckham (Posh), following in the footsteps of her to die for gorgeous ass husband, David Beckham and starring in ads for Emporio Armani's lingerie collection.

Lady Erin loves Phillip Lim and can say nothing but great things about his lingerie line. This piece totally reflects the look and range of the collection which consists of pieces that as one blogger put it,begs to be worn outside the bedroom. This piece can be sexed up for the bedroom or toned down with some flats and a denim jacket and be equally as sexy.

You may just know Dita Von Teese for the burlesque thing but she's fastly becoming known for her "Wonderbra by Dita Von Teese" collection. As you can see, more than just panties and bras but garters too. Oooh! The collection offers a wide range of sizes since Von Teese herself is very curvaceous. Her pieces enhance the cleavage and some of the panties have quick release magnetic clasps. All the better to undress you my dear!!

Another collection that caught Bag Ladies eye ...

Elle Macpherson's Intimates Fall 2009 collection offers color galore like popcorn yellow and prints too! And the difference with this collection is that Elle is offering pieces for full cups D-G. But we just love this coral and black slip that looks more like a dress than an intimate piece.

And look for Molly Sims to get in on the act come Spring 2010.

And if you weren't able to join in our sex chatter with Dr. Hilda, know that she welcomes questions. All you need do is click here and check out her website and she will answer whatever question you might have on the topic of S-E-X. Not only is Dr. Hilda a nationally published author of three books but she also has monthly sex columns in both Glamour and Essence mags. So this is one doc that when it comes to the topic of S-E-X, knows her sh*t. And click here to check out Bag Ladies OnDemand for that which you might've missed. And have your pen and pad at the ready!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BAG LADIES Look of the Week: Rihanna

This week's BAG LADIES Look of the Week is our girl Rihanna who has been yielding alot of attention as of late for her new haircut. Well, Bag Ladies absolutely had to give her the attention she deserves when we came across this recent look of which she was outfitted in an Alexander McQueen (can't ever go wrong) jumpsuit, at the London premier of Quentin Tarantino's, 'Inglourious Basterds'. As most are saying, she looked, "Glorious for Inglorious." The Alexander McQueen jumpsuit paired with a black clutch, shades, lace elbow length fingerless gloves, Maison Martin Margiela booties (her fave) and too many pearl strands to count all of which are probably real and most likely multi-strand as opposed to individual ...she pulls this look off like the fashion icon in the making she is ...And the thing is, it's one thing to have a stellar look but it's another thing entirely to be able to "pull it off". Not everyone can do what Rihanna does. Not everyone can wear Alexander McQueen. Not everyone can take the types of fashion risks she does and exude that level of confidence. It's hard to deny. Both her fashion sense and beauty, makes you drool with envy.

All of the pieces I've seen from Alexander McQueen's Resort 2010 collection, are awesome. I can't wait to see it in it's entirety.

Now onto the good part want this look? Here's how you can get it and for less! Oh yes, it can be done and Bag Ladies will tell you how and how to make it your own. Of course unless you are living under a rock, it's no secret that jumpsuits are all the rage and clearly are here to stay beyond this current season. They are practical. They are functional. I love them! There are so many different style options. You can take a jumpsuit and pair it with Elie Tahari flats and a denim jacket and run around like a chicken with your head cut off during the day and take that same style, upgrade the accessories, slide into some Rupert Sanderson sling-backs and rock it for a night out on the town with the best of them. But our focus is achieving Rihanna's look so let's get on with it.

As for the shades and black clutch, I trust you to be a true fashionista which means you're capable of finding on your own. We found multi strand pearls in varied lengths everywhere from H&M to Nordstrom. It really depends on your preference and how much you wanna pay. If you wanna go for freshwater real pearls, then hit Nordstrom but if you are looking for something to show just as well and for just a few bucks, check out these two multi stand styles which came from and for $7. I rather like the idea of mixing and matching different styles and lengths. As for the lace fingerless gloves, it may require a bit more searching to find elbow length but there are several different brands and options. Admittedly, I've never had a reason to search for lace, fingerless gloves but I found a pair at for less than 14 bucks.

Black jumpsuits can be found on the racks of retail outlets everywhere but we definitely preferred styles that afford the same v-neck, the slim fit and the tapered leg of the Alexander McQueen jumpsuit so here are a few different style and price options:

We like this French Connection lucy twill jumpsuit because it's currently on sale for $89.99 but also because of the belted waist and tapered leg.

Now this one may look a bit familiar. And that's because this is an Alexander McQueen as well. This McQ Tuxedo Jumpsuit has a similar leg, v-neck and tapered waist which we love. Not as cost effective but also not as much as the jumpsuit Rihanna is sporting and $561 for Alexander McQueen really ain't bad. If you got it, why not. I damn sure would and maybe will. You better snatch it quick!

Urban Outfitters linen blend Silence & Noise Buttoned-Up Jumpsuit with button tabs at waist and tapered legs for $78.
Below are three bootie options: Steve Madden - $179, Report Dylan - $90, Charlotte Russe Suede Ruched Booties, $24

The lace gloves will look just as good with these sleeveless styles and once accessorized, you can't go wrong. Now, get your hairstylist to do your hair in a pompodour, find your fave rouge lipstick and get dressed!

-- Lady Erin

Bag Ladies Best Celebrates the Best ...

Bag Ladies had the pleasure of attending the Washingtonian Magazine’s Verizon Wireless Best of Washington event on July 15. Let’s start by saying I almost went into sensory overload when I entered the venue. The event was held at the gorgeous National Building Museum right here in Washington, DC!!! From the moment my guest and I stepped foot through the door, we were hit with samplings from the winners of the contest. I can't think of a better way to start an evening full of over indulgence, than with ice cream! And delicious ice cream from Morrenko’s in Silver Spring was set up in a traditional ice cream truck, right outside…soft serve to die for, with delicious fruit toppings…believe me, it’s exactly what we needed after the walk from the car.

Upon entering the venue, my guest and I decided to mill around and see "who's who" was in attendance. Of course, I happened upon Georgetown cupcake (it wasn't planned), and chatted with those wonderful ladies for almost ten minutes while devouring their world famous red velvet cupcakes. Admittedly, I had three. I guess I should've considered the standard but anyone who has had the pleasure of tasting these treats, knows you can't stop at just one or perhaps I just can't stope at one. Next stop…the bar…of course. While many restaurants served their signature cocktails to go along with their munchies, Washingtonian had the foresight to have three full sized bars serving beer, wine, and soda. There were a number of restaurants that completely showed off….8407, opening in August in Silver Spring, offered a delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese petit four with an arugula salad that was absolutely delicious; BGR, the Burger Joint served up amazing burgers with a pickle, a little onion, and their “special” sauce. Honestly, if I didn’t have to try everything to report back to you guys, I would've posted up here all night ...the torture of having to move on though and devour even more delectable cuisine. To my great surprise, California Tortilla served the tastiest burrito I’ve ever had…and totally beat out Rosa Mexicano for my favorite Mexican Restaurant in attendance(RM only served their guac…it’s good, but come on)…Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza (that’s right, it’s “ah-beets”) didn’t give us pizza…instead they gave us what looked a lot like the toppings at the falafel bar in Adams Morgan, but it was tasty nonetheless…a little tabouleh, beet salad…you get the picture.

There were a number of places that lost their signs by the time I got around to tasting (people were taking full advantage of the bar and once they started dancing…you get the picture)….the only ones worth mentioning are the amazing sausage lasagna; and the bread pudding and brisket…Magnificent! A couple of places totally let me down…Founding Farmers, a gorgeous organic restaurant, over on Pennsylvania Ave in downtown served trail mix and bread with sauce…come on guys. I will say, on the positive side, I’ve dined in the restaurant before, and it was amazing…I guess I expected more. Matchbox was a fun table, but the sliders were dry…and I mean dry…had fun talking to those guys though.

In a nutshell, three hours of sensory overload…visual (the room was decorated immaculately…candlelit, but still very bright and vibrant. Chinese dragons weaved through the crowd, along with the Nationals mascots, and several different dance troups); auditory (the DJ was GREAT, I actually remember saying “OWW” a few times…couldn’t control myself); olfactory (one would think all of the smells would send you running for cover, but each vendor’s aroma was very nicely contained to their area and the smells just kept that belly bulgin’); and of course…taste. Jennifer Haber and the rest of the team at Washingtonian mag did an excellent job creating an atmosphere and vibe that made for a great event. All the restaurant locations that make you slobber and drool per the Washingtonian annual issue, that's supreme! It was a wonderful night of mingling with DC elite and sampling the wares of all of those restaurants you’ve been meaning to try.

Click here for photos from the event.

-- Madame Myra

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wassup with your weekend?

Some of Bag Ladies pics for Where to go ...Where to be! You just might see me!

Click the pics for locations and further details.

Chocolate & Bubbles at co co. sala, WDC
Unique Happy Hour
M-Fri, 4 - 7p
Drink Specials
Prosecco with three types of our house-made chocolate 9
"Diletto" Strawberry Basil & Balsamic Cocktail 8
Pineapple White Sangria 8

GENESIS Girls Night Out: Chapter II Shopping Event
Indulge yourself with an evening of beauty which includes: manicures, pedicures, massages, makeup bar, and much more
Friday, July 24th
The Westin National Harbor
6 - 11p

Fashionista Flea Market
Saturday, July 25th

10 - 3p
James Madison Middle School - Upper Marlboro, MD
Apparel, Accessories, Make-up Bar and more!

Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest!
Marvin Gaye Park, Washington, DC
Saturday, July 25th - FREE, 11 - 7p
- Vendor Mktplace
- Food
- Great lineup!
- Fashion Show

Noveau Riche
Glowsticks, Facepainting and more!

Saturday, July 25th
DC9 - 1940 9th St NW, WDC
Doors open: 9p

-- Lady Erin

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solange Takes It All Off!!!

WOW!!!! That's all Bag Ladies can say about this one. What do you think about our girl Solange? I personally can't say too much cause this Lady rocks the short do herself but seems a bit more drastic in this case particularly when she's made claims previously that all the comparisons to big sis might cause her to go off the deep end and chop it off. So might this look suggest that she has in fact gone off the deep end? Hope there isn't any sort of bad vibe between the sisters. Can't wait for further details to be revealed regarding Solange having pulled a Britney Spears on us. If you want further details, this piece posted to, provides the most detailed explanation.

This saga will surely continue ...

-- Lady Erin

Bag Ladies Wants You!!!

Bag Ladies is expanding which means we can no longer do it on our own. You are tuning in more and on a regular which means more work for us!! We love it! We are looking for expertise in several different areas. If you have an eye for fashion and have some experience in wardrobe styling and/or fashion editorial, we want to know. Bag Ladies is in the process of forming a street team so if you are interested in attending exclusive events, doing brief write-ups and staying close to the Washington, DC scene, tell us why and send us a pic that represents your style.

Are you a photographer, a writer or do you have skill in production? If so, contact Bag Ladies today regarding opportunities to join the Bag Ladies team and have loads of fun. If you have what we need, we just might want you. Email your contact info and pics/samples of your work or a short paragraph about your interest in working with the show, to A member of the Bag Ladies team will be in touch.

Can't wait to hear from ya!

-- Bag Ladies

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Poppin with the Paparazzi!

If you aren't up to speed on what's dominating the celeb front, here are some of the celeb tidbits Bag Ladies discussed during yesterday's What's Poppin With The Paparazzi segment. Everything from Terrell Owen's body and Ciara's new do to NeYo going out like a biatch!

Rihanna is rocking the new punk tuft with shaved sides and back which seems to be the latest trend with everyone from Cassie to LaLa getting down with the shaved look. And I guess moi too :-) ...Whatcha think? Rihanna has such a distinct style and her stylist Mariel Haeen, does such a great job defining her look, it's hard to say Rihanna ever looks bad. Not one of my fave looks but it's summer, we all like to keep it easy.

Chris Brown's (insincere) video apology to fans and Rihanna. The lack of emotion and total look of reading from a teleprompter or a script, makes you question the point and what he is hoping to accomplish. But I do pray he can get back on track.

Yet another video ...NeYo crying like a biatch (you were right Madame Myra), while in Manchester UK as the crowd boos. As we discussed on last night's show, there absolutely has to be some emotional distress going on for other reasons cause nobody balls like that b/c of a sinus infection. I've had more sinus infections then I can count but I ain't never gone out like NeYo! I expect more details to be revealed. It's almost like one would certainly hope there's more going on if cause if he did in fact cry and I mean cry, like that over a sinus infection, that's just ridiculous!

Ciara's new pixie cut. Word has it she's trying whatever she can to boost the mild record sales of her new album. Can't hurt so I guess she get's an A for effort. What do you think of the new do?

Morgan Freeman and his step grand-daughter (pictured here), who he has reportedly been having a relationship with for years now. If you check out last nite's Bag Ladies episode OnDemand, you will no doubt hear my astonishment. You were right Madame Myra. I found it all over including on, so it must be true. But according to reports, his wife said they have always had an open relationship and plans are, once they divorce, Morgan will marry his step grand-daughter being as though there is no blood relation. Eeeew!

If you don't know, after looking at these pics you surely will know. It's all about that body on TO. Damn! Check out his new reality series on VH1. It's tolerable and if the body ain't enough reason, I don't know what more I could say to sell ya!

All this and so much more celeb gossip and the only way to get it is not to miss us. Check us out at Bag Ladies Reality Radio OnDemand. And catch us every Tuesday at 7p est.

Until we get our gossip on again ...
-- Lady Erin

BAG LADIES Look of The Week ...For Less!

Bag Ladies has added yet another new feature!! Every week, Bag Ladies selects a celeb look and we break it down and tell you how to get it for less. We were engaged in such great convo on yesterday's show (if you missed, check us out OnDemand), that we didn't have a chance to get to the pieces found to achieve what is a great look that Keri Hilson sported while in London last week hanging at the Landmark Hotel. The harem pants which are a major trend this season and the yellow is bold, bright and immediately catches the eye. Not only that the but the color yellow looks good on pretty much anyone regardless of complexion but paired w/ a cropped metallic jacket and an understated tee along w/ hot platform pumps and great accessories, it's a look I can't wait to pull off. So here it is and here's how you can get it. Mx and match more cost effective pieces to create a style all your own. Click the pics for where to purchase.

Spiegel Cropped Metallic Leather Jacket - $99
Rich 5-Pocket Tapered Ankle Jeans - $69
Hanes Ribbed Scoop Neck Tank - 2 for $12 - SCORE!

Alright, the best part ...ACCESSORIES!
Charlotte Russe Platform Pumps - $12.49 (FREE Shipping)
Hot Topic Checkered Bracelet - $9.99
SCORE! - Melody Ehsani Mama Earrings (exact earrings) - $45

-- Lady Erin