Thursday, March 28, 2013


FAVE Boys tops from, and 
Tribal prints, ethnic prints, neon, lace, eggshell (the color), graphic tees and patterns ...These are some of the hottest trends of the season in kids fashion. Last nite was KIDS + FASHION + Children's Wardrobe Stylist, Whitney Alana which = good dish. Any time fashion is on deck, we have a good time.

Last nite's show was the perfect platform to re-introduce our Mommy Midday segment. I realize there are alot of Mommies amongst our audience so Mommy Midday lends visibility to you (and me), and the reality of "Mommyhood." Spring is here and alot of us are hard at work creating looks so our little ones can knock em dead on Easter Sunday with fab ensembles so dish about fashion was perfect timing ...Not that dish about fashion isn't always appropriate. When isn't it? Anyway, last nite's guest, Whitney Alana gave us the scoop on trends to love in kids fashion and how to get your child to wear the trends, embrace the trends and be creative with the trends. A few of my fave tips:
FAVE trends for girls from,,

  • When defining your child's style, take him/her shopping and pay attention to what he/she picks up  and catches his/her eye.
  • To ensure your child wears items that are appropriate, you pick out the pieces and let your child mix, match and create their own look.
  • Have fun with "Oxymoron Matching." Pair a dress with sneakers, lace shorts with a graphic tee or sweat pants with slip-on's.
How do you dress your child?  What are some of your favorite trends right now?

Oh and btw and completely random, my fave quote from last nite, "Kim Kardashian doesn't make pregnancy look desirable." Catchup OnDemand to find out the context in which this was quoted and more regarding kids + fashion. Visit, scroll down and press play.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mommy Midday is Back! Kids + Fashion = Good Dish!

Although we love to dish about many topics. Tonite's #BagLadiesLIVE brings together two fave topics of "dish", KIDS + FASHION which makes tonite's show a perfect platform to re-introduce "Mommy Midday." 
Bag Ladies Radio is all about the reality of life, living and being a woman. As such, the reality of a lot of our listeners lives is that they are “Mommies” too ...As am I (Lady Erin), and my cohost @BabyShopa. We are joined tonite by Children's Wardrobe Stylist, Whitney Alana to dish about hot trends in kids fashion, how to define your child's style and more. Being as though fashion is always a hot topic amongst the Bag Ladies cast, tonite's show could be an all-nighter! 

If you wanna ask a question of tonite's guest or have your own kids + fashion commentary to share, please tweet with hashtag #BagLadiesLIVE attached.

We air at 7:30p EST. Visit to eavesdrop on tonite's show or if you want to stay mobile, simply call in and listen at 347.327.9510.
The tone of Mommy Mid-Day is personal and intimate and consists of one-on-one interviews with featured guests. Mommy Midday speaks to the highs and the lows, the joys and the woes of parenting in an effort to further support the Bag Ladies Radio audience and the reality of their lives. Mommy Midday lends support to those women amongst the Bag Ladies Radio audience, navigating "Mommyhood." 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


And just when I think I can't be any more vulnerable, candid or transparent when taking dish to the airwaves of Bag Ladies Reality Radio, I surprise myself. 

Last nite's "dish" marked the return of #TalesOfSingledom. A recurring segment based on my life as a single woman. I realized upon introducing #TalesOfSingledom that there are many women who share dating woes and who also seek dating and/or relationship advice. Thus last nite's show tagged as "What's Your "Single" Status?" We sought and welcomed back, Author and Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, Shay "Your Date Diva" Williams of and boy did she brang it! We shared. We testified. We laughed and maybe even cried a bit. I recall passing an e-tissue or two. We approached last nite's show fully prepared to lay it on the line and even as I was fully exposing myself, I felt a total sense of support from not only my listeners but my cast which included my cohost, Trina Smalls of, my bud Toni of and Bag Ladies Contributor, Ro of

Shay told us about ourselves. Below are some of my fave quotes of the night"

"There is nothing more valuable than love and we should commit to receiving it because we are made to have it."  

"Seeking a relationship/dating coach translates to you being smart enough to seek expert advice." 

"Nature hates voids. You must be ready to fill a void or you will attract another mess." 

The realization that dating has an expiration date just like alot of things was like an "ah-hah" moment. And dishing with Shay served as a reminder that in all aspects of life I should, set my intentions clearly. Define what I want and not settle. We wrapped last nite's show with a heck of a testimony delivered by Trina which was a testament to that although alot of us (myself included), struggle with the challenges of being "out there" on the dating scene as Trina once was, as fast as we are ready to call it quits, your "divine destiny" aka "Mr.", can sweep in and sweep you right off your feet before you even realize it's happening. There is hope.

Did you tune in? What were your fave quotes/moments from last nite's dish?

Connect to Shay Williams and learn more about her latest book, The Value of Your Vagina at And contact her directly at regarding relationship/dating coaching. It's a smart move!

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Monday, March 18, 2013


Wednesday, 3/20 @ 7:30p EST


It's spring ...Love is in the air. Is it a season of change for you as it relates to your relationship status? BTW, what is your status? How do you define it? If you had to describe, which one would you choose ...
  • Single and looking for commitment
  • Single and just "dating"
Or perhaps 
  • Single and afraid
We are throwing caution to the wind and going where few like to with this week's "dish." You claim you want a man yet you can't find a man. What are you actually doing, if anything to put yourself out there? Do you even know how? We are turning to the expert. 

Tweet your relationship and/or dating questions to #BagLadiesLIVE and we'll answer LIVE on air.
#TalesOfSingledom chronicles the single/dating life and is "loosely" based upon Founder, Producer and Host, Erin Martin's life as single woman.

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Friday, March 15, 2013


So this week's Bag Ladies Reality Radio was a true tell-all in every sense of the word. Shopping Confessions, Take 1!!! And seeing as how myself and my co-hosts, @BabyShopa and the @StyleNBeautyDoc, couldn't have possibly cleansed ourselves of all confessions in just one hour, there will surely be a take 2. 

But the highlight was welcoming back Fashion Expert, NBC's Today Show Style Editor and now Author, Bobbie Thomas. Not only did we dish about #Shopaholic tendencies and habits but Bobbie also dropped the scoop on her soon to be released book, The Power of Style. This is Bobbie's 3rd visit to Bag Ladies Reality Radio and whenever Bobbie joins us on the show, you totally want to kick back and as Bobbie revealed on the show, slip on your pj's, grab a glass of wine and a cupcake. Bobbie's version of a "girls night out." She had me at hello!!

What I learned from this week's show:
1. Retail therapy does not only exist in my mind. It's real!
2. When shopping, you don't always have to purchase to be satisfied. Go just for the "eye candy." Be inspired, come home and create looks and spare your pocketbook.
3. "When you shop, purchase items that speak to you." Not literally of course because that suggests other issues :-/
4. "Women are expressive and we have a true connection to our belongings (what we buy)."
5. "Life is short, so shop!!"

I can't express how anxious I am to dive into Bobbie's new book. Although set to release April 23rd, it is available now on our site for preorder. Go to

We even dished about forming a book club so that we may dish even more about all things style and fashion. We will surely keep you posted on the deets. BTW, what shopping confessions might you want to reveal???? Spill it! Catch up on that which you missed this week, OnDemand. Go to

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

#BeautyTalk ...Hide Em In Shame And Still Be FAB!

If anything like me, upon an abrupt and unexpected change in weather pattern resulting in soaring temps, you look down only to cringe at the sight of unkempt toes. Just yesterday it was 37 degrees!!! The last few visits to my nail stylist, didn't require a "pedi" (short for pedicure), so I shirked all accountability, diminished all sense of urgency and just addressed getting my #NailSwagBL on for my fingertips. The toes can wait I said to myself and I'm saving money. I won't be showing em off anytime soon anyway. And here comes a 60+ degree day and all I wanna do is twinkle my toes. All I wanna do is break out a pair of open toe shoes that have been sitting in a box for the last 6 months wondering when Mommy will rock em, wondering when they will hit the street, wondering when they will be paired with a fab (short for fabulous), ensemble. Well, it ain't gonna be today because Mommy is hiding those toes in shame.

Alas, there is a solution! Styles that allow you to feel as though your feet are partially out but without having to subject yourself (or anyone else), to those unsightly dogs. And might I add my toes just aren't polished, they look fine otherwise :-).
The Jeannell Black Metallic Lace Up Pump was scored from a recent #RetailTherapy binge on FYI, it comes in 3 color options. As you can see although the style is closed toe, the shoe itself is not entirely closed so I can still feel the spring air on my feet without exposing those toes.  The turquoise and purple style is totally one that's been sitting on the shelf for I don't even know how long, never worn and dying to get out I'm sure. I scored these from, eons ago.
P.S. - Yes, I've scheduled a pedi appointment. All will be well in two days ...And counting. Click the link:, to follow me on IG for pics of the "after." The "before" shall remain hidden in shame.
UPDATE: Yesterday's view. The Jeannell Black Metallic Lace-Up Pump put to practical use, paired with American Eagle grey cargo jegging. And although unseen, an Old Navy ribbed white tank and black leather Xhilaration cropped blazer from Target. Yesterday was so amazing! Spring is in the air and I couldn't even fathom the thought of being indoors so I stayed outside and played as long as I could, shopping included.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

#PassionForFashion - I Did It! I Dressed For Less!!!

Rarely do I hang my head in shame because I am an admitted #Shopaholic. I embrace it. It is what it is. I am a true believer of the benefits of #RetailTherapy if for no other reason, than it works for me. I don't squawk, fret or cry over price points. Mind you, I ain't popping tags. I moreso "ball on a budget." I buy what I like and that's the bottom line. I do exercise restraint but ultimately if I see something I like and that I must have, I don't immediately have thoughts of how or where I might be able to get it for less. I don't run from store to store trying to find a like piece at a lesser cost. Not that there's anything wrong with that ...I just don't have the patience nor the time. I love the satisfaction in being able to get what I want. And don't let it be a shoe!! I have a #ShoeFetish that is on a whole notha level. I'm soliciting sponsors for this habit but that requires a separate #TalesOfSingledom post.

Anyway ...If I see it, if I like it, if it fits, if the cost is within my "supposed" budget, I'm heading to the register with the "quickness" absolved of any feelings of guilt. Why? Because like I said, I am an "admitted" #Shopaholic ...There is a difference ;-) ...Even if only in my mind.

But I had a moment of enlightenment recently and was surprisingly forced to reconsider efforts to shop for less. A recent shopping adventure at JcPenney or per the modern reference, jcp, changed my perspective. I was one of the ones who did lose a bit of sleep over last month's debut of #PrabalForTarget "LOVE" collection. After identifying pieces that I wanted, I became a bit concerned, pissed I mean after seeing the limited in-store selection and whether I would be able to get what I wanted. Click here for the previously published post on my "score." There was a peplum top that I was unable to find in store and sold out online however upon my recent jcp visit, I found a fabulous like top at an even more fabulous price! And that's not all. I turned around after grabbing the top only to spot a like pair of patterned ankle style pants very similar to a JCrew style I was swooning over just the night before.

You be the judge. What say you? Huh? Did I do good? Both are close enough in match and style for me whereas I feel like I'm still getting what I want and I can't express the feeling of doing so at such a significantly less cost. I just may have to keep this up! My bank account will surely be doing the "Harlem Shake."
My jcp "score" on the left. Worthington Ankle Pant for $25 vs. JCrew Collection Liberty Cafe Capri' for $250. My "score" may be slightly less tapered at the ankle but if I wanna be particular, my tailor can resolve that for a nominal cost. 
My jcp "score" on the left. Worthington Peplum Shirt for $16 vs.  Prabal Gurung for Peplum Top at $29.99. The pic doesn't do my "score" justice. It just looks like spring. The colors are so bright. There is slightly less definition but the style is the same. It is really too cute and fits like a true peplum style of which I can't get enough. The style is just so flattering. I want everything peplum.
Worthington Ruched Sleeve Blazer, $35
And what's this? I was so proud of myself for having saved some $$$, what better way to treat myself than to reward myself ...With another purchase of course. I have totally fallen in love with all things floral this season. I can't get enough of floral prints. I just may have to do an #OOTD post when I rock this piece. Oh, the possibilities. Yay me!!!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#PassionForFashion: Are You An Emerging Talent?

Truth be told, we all are in various capacities. Claim it!! But as it relates to designing be it your own nail polish collection, fragrances, jewelry, accessories, handbags, etc, Open See is the place to be! Held twice annually by Henri Bendel at the flagship store in New York, this Designer Casting Call is a way to be seen! Todd Oldham, Anna Sui, Pamela Dennis ...Do those names ring a bell at all? Well did you know their careers were launched by Open See at a time when they were just emerging on the scene and their talent had not yet been fully recognized. Sound familiar? Open See takes place:

March 22, 2013 at 712 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10019. Please be in line prior to 12pm in order to be seen. Our buyers will be viewing product for the Spring season in the following categories:
  • Cosmetics
  • Skincare
  • Fragrance
  • Gifts
  • Accessories (including but not limited to jewelry, handbags & small leather goods, belts, cold weather accessories, hats, & hair accessories)

Open See is legendary. We just love the fact that Henri Bendel extends the invitation to designers just like you, to take advantage of an opportunity to sit with buyers and have a one-on-one session in the hopes of being picked up and having your collection showcased in store. How awesome is that?! How often are you granted that level of direct accessibility? Do we really need to explain the value in this??? I think the concept speaks for itself.

Please share your comments ...Are you going to go? What time are you going to show up? What do you design?

Click here for further details on 2013 Open See.

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