Monday, May 13, 2013


"The Throwdown"
This pic is totally indicative of how I spent Mother's Day ...Throwing down in the kitchen. How on a
My lil' ones and I after church. I love my BFF for this dress. 
day that is supposed to be "my own", did I get tasked with cooking???! Additionally, I was a babysitter. Of course not as it applies to my own three but my brother, who relieved the Mother of his three and came over so they could hang out with my three ...Proceeded to make a b-line to my basement and crash leaving me to watch over 6 lil' ones (my brother and I both have twins + 1). But what can I say, he surprised me in the morning with a touching card ...And he accompanied me to church. My oldest who is 8 played the role of the oldest well. I was so impressed, I gave her an even bigger kiss and hug before bedtime and thanked her for looking out for not just her younger brother and sister but her cousins too. She was my second pair of eyes while I was trying to avoid burning the grub. As I watched while slaving away in the kitchen, the kids playing and frolicking in the yard, I was touched by how close they are and how well they get along and play with no care in the world. It was very nostalgic and reminded me of how my cousins and I used to do the same. When younger it seems like no biggie for family to come together but upon becoming an adult with kids of my own, I realize how much effort it actually requires. It's so easy to become consumed by everyday living, family can sometimes be put on the back-burner.

"The Cousins" My brother and I both have twins + 1
Although, I might've preferred to kick my feet up and be pampered on "my day", all was well and I had a great day and realized as I was "throwing down" in the kitchen, that I'm becoming more and more like my Mommy every day. Who knew I could get as excited as I was yesterday over new-found recipes and a full cooked meal??! I did that! Who knew?

The menu consisted of mini meat-loaf, cornbread, fried cabbage and mashed potatoes. The kids devoured it in no time flat and proceeded to ask for seconds. My Mom asked about leftovers after her and my Dad returned from a late brunch. I told her, "ask your grand kids." My brother eventually wandered upstairs half-sleep to find that the kids were well fed and fine. He betta be glad I saved him a plate. How did you spend your Mother's Day??

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