Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bag Ladies ..."All About The Cause"

Bag Ladies Reality Radio was "All About The Cause" last night as they dedicated their weekly show entirely to Breast Cancer Awareness. And since October is in fact Breast Cancer Awareness month, it was a perfect fit and a great way to close out Bag Ladies last show of the month. But don't think you've heard the last of Bag Ladies when it comes to raising awareness, Bag Ladies efforts to lend attention to Breast Cancer and particularly the rising number of diagnoses amongst young women will continue beyond October and will be an ongoing conversation. Check out the "Pink Ribbon" featured last nite as per Bag Ladies "What's Sippin." The "Pink Ribbon" is 4oz. Pink Lemonade, 1oz. Triple Sec and White Zinfandel. You can feel good about taking this drink to the head ...Just remember, it's "All About The Cause". Bag Ladies hopes to be able to score a couple of the adorable Lolita Designs Pink Ribbon glasses (pictured at right). Additional products will be profiled. Check this week's Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies for the Beauty Chic pick.
Madame Myra was MIA so her Top 10 was missed but Lady Erin and Miz Adams brought good convo about everything from "boobies" to the swine flu to the gorgeous Belvedere "Belvie Bag" and the Balmain Booties Lady Erin kicked off during the course of the show. You know, to set the tone of chatting it up with your good girlfriends. She was already sippin good. But mix that with celeb news always delivered by Gossip Guru, Jameelah per "What's Poppin With The Paparazzi" and you got a hot show!! "What's Poppin" is one of the most popular segments and always gets Lady Erin, Madame Myra and Miz Adams amped up and last nite was no exception. Jameelah provided dominating celeb headlines about everything from the beef btwn. Spike Lee and Tyler Perry to the supposed hookup btwn. Justin T. and Rihanna, Lamar Odom and Khloe (formerly Khloe Kardashian) Odom matching tats and soooo much more. To understand is to tune into Bag Ladies Radio every Tuesday or check it out OnDemand. There was a definite tone of just having a good time as Lady Erin and Miz Adams were glad to be back on air after taking last Tuesday off to as they said, "work behind the scenes on some thangs, new features, segments and stuff." Bag Ladies stepped it up a tad last nite with the new "Bag Ladies On The Scene in ATL with Lisa and Ra." This will be a regular segment about some of the happenings and latest and greatest in the ATL which includes Bag Ladies attendance of last weekend's premier party for R&B singer Monica's new reality series, "Still Standing." As is typical at the end of the show, Miz Adams "WOW'd" us with her Words of Wisdom.

Great shows, events and segments to be revealed over the next couple weeks including Bag Ladies efforts to bring Dr. Legs and Catwalk Confidence to DC. Check out the previously aired show with Dr. Legs, OnDemand.

To understand the engaging conversation and real talk amongst the real women that are the Bag Ladies is to set your schedule to tune into Bag Ladies Reality Radio every Tuesday at 7p EST. And if you can't, you can always take advantage of the OnDemand feature which allows you to listen to the show 24/7 whenever your schedule permits, download it to your iPod even. The Bag Ladies Radio playa even plays on mybagladies blog so you might be tuned in as you read this very post. But every episode ever aired is yours for the listening.
Tune in next week for some "Beauty Talk". Bag Ladies ...The Reality of you, your life and how you live it. It's all about you Ladies!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week: First Lady

As we were perusing potential looks to post for our Bag Ladies Look of the Week, we came across this pic of the First Lady last week on the south lawn of the White House promoting physical fitness at the Healthy Kids Fair, and fell in love that much more since if you're like us you were already in love with Michelle Obama. We couldn't take our eyes off this pic and it's less about the fashion this week although she brings it but instead it's more about the "free spiritidness" she portrays. Who doesn't want that? Who doesn't want to be able to pull that look off? She's so unpretentious and real which is why Bag Ladies Reality Radio loves her. She is totally oblivious to the press and paparazzi which we can deffie relate to cause the press and paparazzi always trying to capture our fabulousness but I digress. But to be able to capture that carelessness and still look nonetheless put together and sharp with a black studded wide leather belt, royal blue cardigan, slim fitting tapered capri pants, First Lady Michelle Obama won hands over fist. As for your role in capturing the look and getting us some pics ...if you so choose, cool but know that we want the look in its entirety which includes the accessory that is the hula hoop. That's right gotta accessorize it up. So get to pulling the pieces together, dust off that old hula hoop and oh, be sure to put those hips in action too. You got a week as always to get your pics to us here for some FREE Swag.

And not to be forgotten, tune into Bag Ladies Radio tomorrow at 7p EST for "All For the Cause." And be on the lookout for this week's edition of Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies, hits inboxes everywhere tomorrow. If you ain't on the list, click here now and join the club.

-- Lady Erin

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week: Beyonce' Knowles

Beyonce "rocked the frock" Friday literally at handbag designer, Samantha Thavasa's Meet and Greet at Studio Mouris Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan. "B" is simply chic, adorned in Rock & Republic as both the strapless black cocktail dress and cobalt blue suede "Celina" pumps with spike detail are both R&R. We love the trend that is the black strapless dress and the platform pumps are to die for and that color is making us drool. This is such an effortless look which are sometimes the best.

Currently performing in Asia, "B" was able to find time to make a pit-stop and support designer Samantha Thavasa whose handbags "B" refers to as hip and chic. Last time she was caught at a Samantha Thavasa event, sister Solange wasn't too far behind but this time "B" stepped out solo but not without a
Samantha Thavasa design on her arm.
So wassup, what do you think of the look? You think you can pull it off? You ready to snap some pics and show us? Well get to it. We may just snap some pics of ourselves pulling this look off but "B" is modeling one of the hottest fall trends. You can easily find a similar style strapless black cocktail dress for less than 40 bucks and if you click here, you can find that must have cobalt blue shoe or do some searching of your own for a similar style at a lesser price. We are less interested in the brand of course and more interested in how you hook it up and pull it off. Show yourself off and get some FREE swag in return. You know we got you but you gotta pull the look together and email your pics to us at You got a week ...until next week's Bag Ladies Look of the Week.

Be sure to tune into this week's show Tuesday, at 7p EST on and don't miss this week's Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies. If you ain't yet on the list, get it together and click here now.

-- Bag Ladies

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bag Ladies Look of the Week: Gabrielle Union

So many hot events to pull great looks ...from Paris Fashion Week to the Los Angeles premier of Chris Rock's Good Hair ...Bag Ladies had a chance to check out an advance screening last week. And definitely gather the girls and check it out cause it is a movie although I think technically classified as a documentary, but surely a hit that you won't wanna miss. It's that good, that insightful and damn sure that funny!! Anything that explores how territorial and possessive Black Women can be and have always been about their hair whether it's their own biological hair or someone else's, is a guaranteed riot!!!
But back to what we doing here, we at Bag Ladies just couldn't take our eyes off the comfortably chic look Gabrielle Union rocked at the Good Hair premier and we are that much more excited to see how you, our listeners might pull it off. Like we said last week, we are switching things up and no longer recreating the look for you, we are turning it over to you and instead, you show us the sense of style we know you have.
So get to recreating, snap some pics and get them to us along with your contact info, for some FREE Swag!! You have 1 week and we made this one a bit easy because everyone should have a cropped jacket, tights (of course), a black belt and if you don't have a jumper or romper such as what G Union is sporting, you surely got a mini that you can work. Anyway, click here to email us the pics and show us what you can do.
And don't forget to tune into tomorrow at 7p EST. It's a show you don't wanna miss particularly if you are as much a fan of the RHOA as we are. But somebody just might get checked and it ain't gonna be us!!
-- Bag Ladies, "The Reality of you, your life and how you live it!"