Friday, May 29, 2009

How do you determine your weekend activities? What is your criteria?

It's Friday, the end of the work week and if you're like Bag Ladies, you started planning your weekend on Monday, the beginning of the work week :-). How do you gauge which events or activities might be the best ones and/or the ones you want to attend. Do you check with your pals and take a poll of what they are doing? Do you check to see if the events have garnered any exposure ...are they mentioned online or in the paper? Are folks blogging about the events or are they generating a buzz? Might there be any folks of interest in attendance? And is it cost-effective? Such a tedious effort ...

Well look no further than right here cause Bag Ladies will keep you in the know. If Bag Ladies is gonna be in attendance, then trust that it's a place you wanna be. If you are following our blog, why not follow us around town too. Problem solved ...

Where you will run into us:

Fashionista Flea Market
The ultimate and affordable shopping experience featuring stylish handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories!

When: Saturday, May 30th
Time: 9a - 2p
Where: Upper Marlboro, MD

Click Fashionista Flea Market for further details

and ...

Premium Selective Affairs ...
THE YOUNG & THE GUESTLIST Hosted by Model & Actress Denyse Lawton and Sponsored by Hennessy BLACK

Meet the New power players this Saturday while the city's industry elite come out to play.
When: Saturday, May 30th
Time: 9p - 3a
Where: Station 9 Restaurant & Lounge, WDC

For more details, visit
Premium Selective Affairs

and ...

The hottest wine festival of ths season ...
When: Saturday, May 30th - Sunday, May 31st
Time: 11a - 6p
Where: Bull Run Regional Park

Visit for more info. and details ...

and yet another ...

The Breakfast Club
Join the club ...
When: Sunday, May 31st
Time: 3p - 12a
Where: Indulj - 1208 U Street NW, WDC

Ask the bartender for the signature Red Mimosa ...

Bag Ladies keeps it moving. Can you keep up?

See ya on the scene!

-- Lady Erin

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's fashion at your fingertips!!

It's time to get Minx'd! You want twinkle toes like Beyonce' or pinstripe fingernails like Fergie, well Minx is for you. A flexible film that's applied to the nail bed like a sticker and heated, Minx nail fashion, a new and glamorous way to extend fashion to your fingertips. Bag Ladies first became interested after reading about the interview Beyonce' did with Glamour UK during which she boasted about wearing Jay-Z on her fingertips. And Bag Ladies went, huh? After reaching out to the folks at Minx, we found out just how popular this technique is in Hollywood and how every celeb from Beyonce' to Rihanna to Christina Aguilerra are sporting this new look.

Minx is all over the red carpet, in videos and on the scene being sported by all the celebs. Bag Ladies being the celebs that we are certainly weren't about to be outdone simply because we aren't on the West Coast so I paid a visit to Natasha Ray's Ms. Dainty's Mobile Spa/Nail Louge which is the first Washington, DC salon to offer Minx.

Natasha does Minx parties and other exclusive, promotional events. I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha and hearing the story of how she met Master Minx, Janice Jordan who is one of the founders/owners of Minx, Inc. and how she fell in love with the technique. I loved Minx from the first moment I laid my eyes on the available styles and designs. It took me a few minutes to decide between the animal print design which was hot or the metallics but I opted for a magenta design and as Natasha advised, I did a bit of a contrast by applying a black and white design to my one pinky ...very chic! As Natasha says, "the simple application process allows clients to be glammed up in half the time." And this Bag Lady guarantees that once you've been Minx'd, you will never go back to a regular manicure again. However, as simple as the process is, it absolutely can't be done by just anyone. You need someone like Natasha Ray who has the skill and expertise to make you look fab. You leave her not being able to take your eyes off yourself nor will anyone else.

You can take your pick of sparkly metallics, personalized graphics and photo-quality designs that can be customized to feature your fave colors, photos or designs.

Visit Bag Ladies Radio OnDemand and check-out Bag Ladies interview with Natasha during which she discusses the Minx technique and why it's so popular and why her clients love it so. If in the Washington, DC area, don't go anywhere else to get Minx'd ...check out Natasha online at and contact her via email at

To find a salon near you, check out

Now get Minx'd!

-- Lady Erin

Friday, May 22, 2009

The therapy that is shopping ...

Whether it's a $14 dollar MAC lipstick or $700 Lanvin pumps, shopping can be an amazingly therapeutic cure-all just so long as you aren't overspending. Otherwise, the cure-all is temporary. But how is it that whether it be shopping online and upon clicking that last submit button to confirm your order or in a store and having the cashier hand you over your merchandise, that you just feel renewed. Your spirit is regained and there is a new-found pep in your step. And we all know there is nothing better than when you manage to obtain that must-have item be it shoes, or a piece of jewelry, a to-die-for handbag or some other item even it means restricting yourself for a couple of weeks in order to save to make that must-have purchase. There's nothing like a productive day of shopping and if you're like me, you tackle it solo. I don't require second opinions or anyone to validate my purchases. I have alot of experience when it comes to shopping so I'd like to consider myself fairly adept when it comes to determining perfect looks and great fits. There is nothing like the pleasure gained from walking out of a store knowing that the purchase made = a feeling of accomplishment so much so that you almost feel the need to light a cig even if you ain't a smoker.

Have you ever attempted to answer the question why more often than not, women tend to find the experience of shopping therapeutic while men tend to look at shopping as a chore? Per Suruchi Dumpawar from Sur's Pensieve, some of the reasons why shopping holds the level of appeal that it does amongst us Bag Ladies or Bag Shoppers:

"Shopping for women is like a put-outer; when women shop they just shut off the other things in their life including their worries, tensions and pressures. It’s a woman’s way of stress busting. Women will go shopping if they are feeling put down and after the escapade end up feeling much better."

"Shopping for women is an indulgence; it’s like treating themselves, and who in the world does not like treats? Women will go shopping, if they are feeling especially good and at the end of it feel even better. (So you see it works both ways ;))."

"Shopping for women is like a trail; It’s a treasure hunt of sorts, they go in search for something and in the process ending up buying a lot more than they had initially thought of, on impulse. (The hypermarkets bank on this and put tempting products on display.) The idea of exploring a shopping mall or a street is exciting for women. (I know I sound ridiculous!)."

"Shopping for women is a way of bonding with their friends; A gang of friends on a shopping escapade, women just love the idea, its one of their ways of having fun, I remember doing this a lot in the hostel, usually it used to be an all gals affair. Needless to mention that even if we were not shopping for ourselves and just accompanying people, we used to have a great time."

"Shopping for women is an ego booster; the fact that they make decisions and so many of them at one time gives them an immense ego-boost. Maybe this does not apply for women who do a fair share of decision-making in their lives. But for the less privileged ones, it certainly makes them feel that they are in control of at least something in their lives."

Now off to the mall with ya! Perhaps I'll see ya there ...

-- Lady Erin

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bag Ladies putting the pedal to the metal ...

This Bag Lady scurried about this week from event to event in the 2009 Chevrolet Aveo5 Hatchback ...Introduced about four years ago. You know Bag Ladies keeps a whip and we are going to start bringing you more when it comes to putting those Emilio Pucci leather ballet flats to the pedal and that pedal to the metal and this is perfect timing because as we approach the end of the month, this is the best time to buy a car not only because of the economy but also because of the Holiday and because dealers are looking to rid their lots of excess inventory. Sometimes men underestimate just how much of an interest us Bag Ladies have in automobiles ...automobiles are such a reflection of our style and our personality and we look for distinct and specific features.

At first glance, you might not look twice at the Aveo 5 Hatchback although it has a cute kinda putt-putt mobile style. It’s comparable to the Kia Rio5, Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. But the compactness of the Aveo5 actually provides a level of comfort that you sometimes don’t get in a large, voluptuous ride and it handles well unlike some small rides that leave you all over the road. You just jump in, grab that Mulberry Mitzy Tote and go.

All buttons, knobs and controls are visible and within easy reach. I was particularly surprised when I first opened the door and the leather seats and wood paneling were revealed
and although faux, it’s a nice look nonetheless and for a split second, you forget that you are in a more cost-effective vehicle.

But compact cars are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and luxurious as consumers are demanding smaller more fuel-efficient automobiles with the same amenities as higher priced automobiles. Not only that but you get OnStar for emergency assistance and at an additional cost, you can add on the concierge service should you need directions or need to make a reservation. Of course concierge is a must have for us Bag Ladies. You also get XM and an auxiliary input so for all of you that can’t live without your iPod, you're straight and for me it was particularly pleasing because mainstream radio offers no jazz so for this Bag Lady, XM is a requirement and one of the first features I look for when sliding into a new ride. Although ours was a 5-door Hatchback, the Aveo is also offered in a 4-door. One thing I immediately noticed upon settling in for the first time, which could’ve just been the vain in me, is that the vanity mirrors weren’t lit so after daylight there’s no performing any quick makeup checks. Are those violins I hear in the background? There could’ve been a little more pep but nevertheless, the Aveo5 got me to and fro and safely with dual front and side impact airbags and you can’t expect but so much from 106 horsepower.

Although it looks tiny, the Aveo5 affords a lot more space than you might think. The little ones and their social lives required that I cart them around to a couple of parties and I was able to do so with no problem and no squishing and stop touching me bouts and although all the car seats fit, I did struggle a bit and almost broke a sweat which was a tad discouraging. But as a friend said, "this whip has a lot of heart," and in an array of colors such as yellow, red and turquoise you will surely find a color preference that fits your fashion sense. The Aveo5 is at the very least, a fun, sporty ride and if you’re in the market for a small whip, consider. If you’re looking for luxury and style, perhaps your search should continue. Some might argue whether it is indeed as it was created to be, a “premium small car.” But with 25 mpg in the city and 34 on the hwy, you get some bang for your buck.

I would definitely opt for the 2LT, leather seating/wood paneling which has an attached starting MSRP of $15,5k. Yet it doesn’t feel cheap so expect quality bang for your buck and standards to be met and possibly exceeded. I was pleasantly surprised at the Aveo. This Bag Lady wouldn’t rest her Emilio Pucci’s on the pedal of just any whip!

-- Lady Erin

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cocktails as promised!!

You heard it first on Bag Ladies Radio!! Fresh ways to enjoy New Amsterdam Straight Gin such as ...

Queens Cocktail Ingredients:
1 oz. liquefied honey
1 oz. fresh sweet and sour mix
Combine all ingredients in shaker w/ ice, shake vigorously and strain over ice in a rocks glass or strain into martini glass. Garnish w/ a lime wheel

Available nationwide ...A modern, new gin option and premium spirit. For those of you not already familiar, Gin is considered a strong liquor (spirit) flavored w/ Juniper berries and you’d be wise not to ask me what juniper berries are. What I can tell you is that they are not true berries but rather a berrylike cone from a shrub, evergreen. Just know that’s where the flavor comes from and actually Juniper berries were at one time widely used for medicinal purposes in other cultures including bladder infections but folks developed more of a taste for these berries than they did for treatment and thus gin was born. And gin being a spirit, refers to the distilling process and the higher content of raw material otherwise it’s the same as all other alcohol. Oh, and an added plus is that gin contains zero carbs!!!! It’s what we mix it w/ it that causes problems.

But as the name implies, New Amsterdam Straight Gin can in fact be enjoyed straight and as I mentioned Juniper berries, that is one of the reasons why this gin won over tastemakers at a San Fran World Spirits competition, there is less emphasis on the Juniper. The claim is that this gin has a modern twist and offers consumers a smoothness not normally found in gin which I thought was particularly interesting along w/ the light, citrus flavor which you definitely taste at first sip. I actually rather enjoyed New Amsterdam Straight Gin on the rocks w/ a little bit of lime squeezed in but as I was sipping for the first time, the first thing that came to mind was that I need some ginger ale and I even posed the question to my better half ...what do you call gin and ginger ale and he was like I’ve never heard of that, doesn't exist. And I was like it would be such a good collabo, there has to be drink and sure enough it’s called a Gin Buck and it’s simply gin, lemon juice and ginger ale over ice. And evidently it’s an old drink; considered a highball and the article I read offered a variation. If you like ginger, mix in a couple pinches of ground ginger and you have an even more delicious Gin Buck. One article said if you find a bartender that knows what a Gin Buck is, he/she is a keeper. If you never considered yourself a gin drinker, New Amsterdam Straight Gin might change you. And if you are a regular gin drinker, get ready for a new twist on an old fave.
New Amsterdam Straight Gin pairs nicely w/ fish, read meat and salads and definitely look to for more cocktail recipes and additional information on this sophisticated, new presentation of gin which also includes a rather attractive bottle. And Bag Ladies leaves you w/ one more recipe ...

Union Square Ingredients:
2 strawberries
Sprig of basil
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 oz. agave nectar
Muddle strawberries w/ the basil until fully mashed, add all other ingredients, and shake w/ ice vigorously, strain into a martini glass and garnish w/ half of a strawberry.
Be sure to let Bag Ladies know how much you enjoyed your sips of New Amsterdam Straight Gin.
-- Lady Erin

Reasons why ...

You wanna know more about this bottle of gin and what type of unique tasting experience you can get out of it? Let us tell you. Tune into Bag Ladies at http://www.bagladiesradio/ tonite at 7p, EST for a cocktail recipe that you can't get anywhere else.

Wanna know more about the whip Bag Ladies was scurrying around town in from event to event this past weekend? Yet another reason to tune in tonite at 7!!

Wanna hear some Reality Radio ...Real Women, Real Talk? Need we say it again? Just tune in!
Bag Ladies, it's all about you ladies! Talk to ya at 7!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our bag just got deeper!!

You asked and now Bag Ladies is bringing you more! Two co-hosts and myself can't hold it down entirely on our own, so we are adding some additional experts to the bag. We want to keep bringing you the hottest trends … Make sure every time you step out, you do so in style and as a lady … Make sure we keep you abreast of what's going on in the world of fashion. Please join Bag Ladies in welcoming Isabelle Philogene of Tres Urban Chic and gossip columnist, Tiffany Warner.

Isabelle is coming on board as Bag Ladies Resident Style Expert and she's gonna keep us all in the know and looking good. Bag Ladies is so excited to add Isabelle to the team. Isabelle brings w/ her a wealth of experience and when it comes to style, few do it better. Isabelle has styled it all from bridal shoots to promotional spots to fashion shows. So get ready for some new segments like tomorrow’s “How to be a cool, chic jet-setter.”

Tune into http://www.bagladiesradio/ Tuesday at 7pm EST.

And if that's not enough … So many of you that tuned into last week's episode, told us how much you enjoyed the What's Poppin w/ the Paparazzi segment f/ Tiffany Warner. Bag Ladies is bringing Tiffany back and guess what, she's gonna stay awhile. Tiffany is gonna be dispensing all the juice, dirt and gossip on the scene and the behind the scenes. Based in LA, Tiffany is an entertainment/gossip columnist and reporter. So if you wanna hear it first, be sure to tune into Bag Ladies each and every week.

-- Lady Erin

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Groom Your Growing Fuzz!!!

You ever had the urge to add some artistic flair to your area down there? Well get ready cause GiGi is providing you all the tools to do just that w/ their BEEKINI shapers. I thought I had seen it all upon receipt of the Hair Care Down There, Ultimate Shaving Kit w/ the jewels and all which Bag Ladies discussed on the "Readying That Area Down There" episode. But when my girl Anne M. from American Int'l Industries informed me that she was sending Bag Ladies a box of goodies, I had no idea what to expect. I opened the box and dug through only to pull out stencils galore in shapes from hearts to stars to arrows and more!!!! BEEKINI shapers adds some fun to personal grooming w/ easy to use, fun stencils and all the tools to get your artist on.

As GiGi says, get your fun on and, "Groom your growing fuzz into sweet shapes while staying beautiful down there!"

And if that wasn't enough, Anne also threw in a few boxes of COLOUR down under which if you really wanna get jazzy ...after you add some personality to your coochie w/ a fun shape, you can add a boost of colour w/ the GiGi no peroxide, semi-permanent formula. All you need do is set a timer for 15 minutes, kick your feet up and count down. And in colors like Radiant Red and Auburn Spice, GiGi has surely taken color to the final frontier and you will surely be taking someone to the final frontier when all is said and done! Although soon to be discontinued, COLOUR down under is still available at various online sights. So get sexy w/ it!

Be sure to let Bag Ladies know the results :-)! And if you haven't already, check out Bag Ladies "Readying That Area Down There" episode at Bag Ladies OnDemand. And stay tuned to next week's episode for some first-hand product reviews. Bag Ladies is putting GiGi to the test!!

-- Lady Erin

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Providers BAG ...

Bag Ladies are definitely disappointed in our network, blogtalk and the technical difficulties that occurred yesterday and tarnished an otherwise great show. Thank you to all of those who tuned in and stuck it out. We have great shows to follow but it was such a pleasure chatting with Kelley Styring about what the style of a woman's purse and the contents of it says about her and how companies took that which she was able to obtain per her study and implement strategies to better target us as consumers. When you consider all that you carry around in your own handbag, it was hilarious listening to Kelley's stories about that which she came across to include weapons, sex toys and more!! And how she maintained her composure is just unbelievable. How many of you would give anything to be a fly on the wall? Kelley was great and Bag Ladies definitely looks forward to having her on again to discuss the release of her upcoming book, In Your Car which is all about in Kelley's words, the junk in your trunk. I am cracking up even as I type this. But In Your Car takes the same concept/study of In Your Purse but it speaks to that which we haul around in our vehicles and what it all means. So Bag Ladies can't wait for the release of that and what her findings yield. I will say that one thing that this Bag Lady walked away with post-show is a ton of motivation to finally clean out my Marc Jacobs hobo which for those of you that tuned in, no doubt know that a hobo being the bottomless, pocketless pit that it is, implies that I am a woman with no structure and no organization in my life. But Kelley quickly addressed that by saying basically that's a load of crap and in a split second, I was redeemed. But I am going to challenge myself to clean out my purse which I haven't done since before I purchased this bag. I wonder how long it will take to rummage and sift through everything and determine what stays and what goes which I'm sure will be difficult in and of itself b/c as Kelley's book specifies, your purse is at once, a financial center, a medicine cabinet, a pharmacy, a cosmetic counter, a communications hub, a safe deposit box, and a stash for keepsakes!! Perhaps I will post a before pic and our blog followers can in fact follow me through the process.

Not only did Kelley join Bag Ladies but we also had the pleasure of being joined by Tiffany Warner, entertainment and celeb gossip columnist for the LA Examiner as well as reporter and red carpet staple. Oh, and she's also a gossip addict. Tiffany took over Bag Ladies, What's Poppin with Paparazzi segment and provided us all the juice on your fave celebs to include the naked pics of Rihanna circulating all over the place, the fact that a potential Black James Bond is being sought for an upcoming film, Russell Simmons touching Mother's Day message to Kimora, Nick Cannon's response to Eminem about backing up off his wife Mariah and Beyonce turning her apartment into an entire closet!!! Beyonce revealed to Glamour UK that b/c she receives bags upon bags of free clothes on a regular, she requires a BIG closet so she turned her entire apartment into one and Bag Ladies is gonna figure out a way to sneak a peek into that thang. So stay tuned.

And we have more to come to include a review of the Cadillac CTS4, a sip of E&J Gallo, New Amsterdam Straight Gin and more ...But we leave you with Miz Adams, Words of Wisdom and Madame Myra's Top 10 from yesterday's show:

Today’s Words of Wisdom tackle Strong Shoulders

We need those shoulders to lug around that stylish HOBO bag. But what are you really lugging around in that bag?
Are there heavy problems weighing your shoulders down?
I have a girlfriend whose purse was so full of junk that it looked more like a trash bag than a handbag. Most of the stuff she kept inside was old and useless—she had empty mint tins, gum wrappers, used pens, empty lip gloss tubes, just straight up junk. More and more junk accumulated in her purse until it became so heavy that the purse made her shoulders ache.
Sometimes in our lives we hold on to worries and stress. Just like the unnecessary junk in my girlfriends purse, we let troubles and burdens weigh us down until it hurts. Well, Miz Adams is here to tell you – it’s time to clean it alllll out! Clean that junk from your purse, get rid of those fake friends, stop honing over the that sorry dude that dumped you last year. CLEAN THAT PURSE OUT and remember God will never give you more than you can bare.
So How strong are your shoulders? And what’s in that purse that you know you need to throw way!

Madame Myra's Top 10

1. Miniature Swiss Army Knife, This classic pocket knife can perform a wide variety of tasks. With scissors, knife and a file, this is the perfect tool for wrapping a gift in the back of a taxi when you're running late. You won't be able to slice a sandwich in half with it, but you can open boxes, fix a broken nail, or cut a flower out of the garden.

2. Pocket size tape measure, This baby has come in handy at many a garage sale, department store, and gallery. No more passing on that perfect print, vintage wing backed chair or lampshade because you're not sure about the size. A tape measure also saves the day at the Christmas tree lot when that tree that looks five feet turns out to be seven feet tall instead.

3. Mini Mag-Lite flashlight, Lost somewhere, trying to find an address on some God forsaken mail box? Dropped a contact? No problem if you have your little beacon of light handy. One of the survivors of the New York City Twin Towers disaster made it out of the second tower because he had a flashlight in his desk drawer. While the odds are slim you'll ever need to find your way out a burning building with no lights, isn't it nice to know you'll always have light with you?

4. Pocket Corkscrew, You'd be amazed how that little tool can come in handy at parties, on the beach or at a picnic. The screw can be used to tear things open and the notched level will open bottles.

5. Two pens, Always carry two pens- one of them a keeper, the other one, a "give away". Why two, you ask? Well, that's simple. One for you and a spare for that time in the Starbucks when the Adonis you've been watching asks you if you have one he can borrow.

6. A lighter, and a book of matches It doesn't matter if you smoke or not. There's a great selection of lighters out there that will attract attention at a barbecue. Mankind has survived in large part because of fire, and if you ever have to set anything on fire, you'll be ready!

7. A pocket mirror, Your best friend may or may not tell you that you have a piece of spinach stuck on your front tooth, but a pocket mirror will. If you need to touch up your lipstick on the run, that little mirror in your Prada bag could save the day.

8. A note pad, Small spiral notebooks have been around since I was in grammar school (that was a long time ago). Keep one of those little pads handy for taking notes and phone numbers or giving away directions or a shopping list. Believe it or not, the entire world does not carry a Palm Pilot or Blackberry. But everyone needs to carry away information from a conversation now and then. You can write down what they need, tear of the page and slip it into someones pocket in under a minute. Unlike the volume of crap that ends up in your Blackberry, a single piece of paper stands out.

9. A decent size wallet, No matter how sophisticated your phone or laptop may be, there will always be a need for a wallet. This is where your "papers" go, along with and emergency twenty dollar bill, a bandage, and a stick of gum. Sophisticated fold over wallets like those from Luis Vuitton or sturdy little zipper wallets from Coach are the best out there for keeping those little things in there place.

10. Aspirin, Last but not least, is the wonder drug of the twentieth century, Aspirin. When doctors are asked what the one medicine is they would choose to take with them to a deserted island, the mighty Bayer aspirin is their number one choice. Once again, it doesn't matter if you use it or not. Many a headache or toothache can be cured by having a few of those travel packs lying around at the bottom of your purse.

-- Lady Erin

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's all in the Bag!!

What do the contents of that Michael Kors Rehearsal Drawstring Satchel (Bag Ladies loves the style for the season:-), say about you? How much $$$ would one have to offer in order for you to dare let them sneak a peek into your purse? What would your tabletop look like if you dumped out that handbag? What junk, essentials and must-haves can you not live without and what do both those contents and your style handbag say about you?

Bag Ladies will chat it up tonite at 7p EST with someone who knows. Bag Ladies will be joined by Kelley Styring Author of, In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag.
Bag Ladies aren't the only struggling w/ maintaining organization so we'll be chatting it up w/ Kelley and picking her brain about all that she knows. What does your purse reveal about you? You can’t not want to know. We sure do. Don't miss it!

-- Bag Ladies

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bag Ladies debates as we laugh our you know what's off and so will you!!!

Bag Ladies are huge fans of Saturday Night Live and for those of you that are, then I'm sure you didn't miss this past Saturday's episode featuring Justin Timberlake (JT). Of course him being part of a show I already love, only increased my enthusiasm. And now folks are talking like he's right up there w/ some of the best hosts now that he has in fact hosted three times. It might be safe to say that folks cared less about the fact that Ciara was the musical guest or at least I sure did in spite of the stellar choreography and the fact that JT joined her onstage. Does it make you wonder at all what type of increase in viewership numbers NBC sees as a result of JT being the host? Unless you reside under a rock, there's no denying his fame and that which he brings. He brings it and there is no hindrance. He is a consummate performer and it just comes across as if he absolutely enjoys every minute of that which he does which makes watching him that much more enjoyable.

The show itself was awesome and w/ the exception of maybe two, JT participated in EVERY skit so dude has alot of stamina. But now, Bag Ladies has launched into a SERIOUS, SERIOUS debate about whether "Mother Lover", the digital short w/ JT and Andy Samberg is better than the previous digital short, "Dick in a Box". And yes, that is indeed the correct title. Mother Lover was a surprise in that it featured Susan Sarandon as Andy Samberg's Mother whom JT was getting it on with and Patricia Clarkson who is JT's Mom whom Andy Samberg gets it on with. To understand is to watch. Mother Lover is all about finding the best gift for Mother's Day and JT and Andy (best friends) decide to give each other's Mother the gift of themselves and become the other's Stepfather. I lmao even as I type this!! But you, our listener must help us to resolve this fierce debate. We've posted both the videos to Mother Lover and Dick in a Box which is about them giving their girl the perfect the Holiday gift, below. Watch and what say you? Let Bag Ladies know.

-- Lady Erin

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommie's Day wishes ...

The following Mother's Day wishes were read during Tuesday's episode and as promised, we are posting those same wishes to our blog. So not only did all the world hear but now all the world can read your Mother's Day wishes:

- Bag Ladies wants to wish Mrs. Smith Happy Mother’s Day from your daughter Janae
- Bag Ladies wants to wish Mrs. Joanne Parker a Happy Mother’s Day from your daughter Cynthia. Cynthia says, "I couldn't love you more."
- Justine Randall wants Bag Ladies to wish her Mommy a Happy Mother’s Day so Happy Mother’s Day to Justine Randall’s Mommy.
- Bag Ladies wants to wish Ms. Crawford a very Happy Mother’s Day from your daughter TJ and she says she has something very special for you this weekend.
- Bag Ladies wants to wish Ms. Bell a wonderful Mother’s Day from both your daughter’s Anne and Mya. Mya says, "she’s sorry she won’t be here but hugs and kisses."
- Bag Ladies wants to wish Ms. Sandy a Happy Mother’s Day and this wish is coming from a mentee and from what Keisha Brown tells Bag Ladies, you’ve had a major impact on her life and she doesn’t know where she would be w/out you so Happy Mother’s Day.
- Bag Ladies is wishing Tanya Johnson a Happy Mother’s Day from your god-daughter, Ali. She says she knows it’s been a rough year but you have never forsaken her so thank you.

Thank you to all of our listeners who sent in wishes and Bag Ladies hopes all of our Bag Mommies have a very Happy Mother's Day!!

Please be sure to check Bag Ladies out Tuesday the 12th at 7p EST for a brand new episode!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Target or shall we say Tar-jay, does it again ...

Drawing creative inspiration from CW's Gossip Girl, Anna Sui is yet another designer secured to participate in Target's Designer Collaborations Program. And Bag Ladies says YAY! We can barely contain our excitement! You can do nothing but cheer about being able to purchase designer styles w/out having to pay couture prices. And if you have ever seen some of Anna Sui's runway looks, you no doubt know that she always brings a funky, hip style. These are some of Bag Ladies fave styles from Anna's runway Fall '09 collection and some of what you can likely expect from the Target collabo:

The Target collection released this fall will feature some of the hottest fabric combinations such as silk, tulle, sequins (love it) and herringbone. As Bag Ladies has previously covered, this program features one of Bag Ladies fave designers, Alexander McQueen. Target is banking on the fact that although some may not be familiar w/ the hippy, downtown chic Anna Sui, most are familiar w/ Gossip Girl as it's one of the most popular shows on television right now.

Anna Sui told WWD:
“I have always been a fan of designer partnerships with mass retailers,” Sui told WWD exclusively. “I think it is a great way to bring fashion to everyone. I love Go International and was intrigued with Target’s new take on designer partnerships. It’s a fresh approach. I was able to select a muse or source of creative inspiration to focus the collection around. It is an exciting challenge to try and interpret my aesthetic into a mass-produced product with a specific inspirational source as the focus.” “By combining the elements of art, city, spirit, punk and glamour, we created a collection that exudes New York City fashion.”

There's no denying the success of this Target program so Bag Ladies can't wait to see what Anna produces. Nor should you.

The collection will be sold for a limited time in 250 Target outlets from September 13th through October 17th.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All things booty, I mean beauty and fashion ...

Coach along w/ many other brands are lending more attention to product packaging of cosmetics in an effort to lure you and me to make purchases particularly in such hard times. Who cares much about the Coach Deluxe Lipstick itself, I just the love the idea of whipping this out of my cosmetics bag and all eyes being on me and those signature Coach stripes. Available for purchase online and in Coach stores.

All things beauty was the topic of discussion on yesterday's Bag Ladies as we were joined by MUA, owner of Stephanie M. Make-up and The Pampering Junkies, Stephanie McKenzie-Davis. If you tuned in then you no doubt know that Stephanie is offering Bag Ladies listeners a discount on make-up services. Stephanie can be reached via email at And check out what you missed right here or OnDemand at

Not only did Bag Ladies and Stephanie discuss application techniques but we of course couldn't end the conversation w/out talking about some of the hottest colors, trends and styles for the season such as Shisheido's Perfect Rouge which offers lipsticks and pencils in bright neon shades. These same lipsticks and pencils contain light-detection powder which supposedly adjust to lighting conditions so colors will seem darker in dim conditions and sheerer in lighter conditions. This very collection is the debut of new Artistic Director, Dick Paige and these same looks/colors were seen all over the runways of Michael Kors and Narciso Rodriguez for spring '09. We look forward to working w/ Shiseido to bring you a first-hand Bag Ladies product review.

Nars is bringing you one of the hottest shades of the season although don't know how practical and wearable it is, Grenadines Matte Garnet which basically translates to red. I have been a fan of Nars for years and consider my Nars Sweet Charity Lip Lacquer gloss a must-have but I wouldn't even know how to begin to pair a red eyeshadow. Perhaps Bag Ladies will have to issue a challenge and see of our listeners, who might be able to pair it the best. Hmmmm, stay tuned.
And one of the more exciting collabo's that Bag Ladies has covered, is the the relationship between OPI and Paige Premium Denim to bring you six hot, bright shades for the season. These same shades coordinate to a tee w/ six new shorts and cropped jean styles by Paige Premium Denim to include 5-pocket classic and slim-legged styles. I am looking at the six OPI colors as I type this and the colors are bold, bright and I can't wait to hand off a shade to my manicurist to apply to my fingers and toes. Now all I need is a pair of Paige Premium jeans to match!

In addition to Bag Ladies Radio being newsworthy of course, there was the annaual Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala which took place in New York last night. Marc Jacobs was the man along w/ hosts Justin Timberlake and Kate Moss. All the top celebs were out to celebrate the opening of the "Model is Muse: Embodying Fashion" exhibit and the event features some of our faves and not so faves but it's all in the name of fashion right?
Bag Ladies best picks:
Jessica Alba in Jason Wu makes Bag Ladies say oooh, Liya kebede in Derek Lam and we say yes Mam! Molly Sims in Dolce & Gabbana, Heidi Klum in J. Mendel pulls it off even preggers ...

Kerry Washington in this difficult to pull off Louis Vuitton but she made it work, Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana whom we love simply for the risk taken, Andre Leon Talley who can do no wrong in a Isabel Toledo caftan, Victoria Beckham in Marc Jacobs ...

Alek Wek in Emanuel Ungaro w/ that gorgeous face and stunning makeup! We don't know who but we love that multicolored dress ...
Bag Ladies worst picks:
Amber Rose and Kanye West whom we love as a couple but Amber's not pulling off this Caroline Herrera number, Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton, Rosario Dawson in DVF, Madonna in Louis Vuitton

You be the judge ...
-- Lady Erin