Wednesday, May 12, 2010

U Got It ...We Want It!!! Bag Ladies Is Hiring ...

We said we are growing and we need you on board to contribute so that we can keep up! We are looking for folks who understand the concept that is Bag Ladies Radio and are looking, able and willing to lend their talent and skills in various capacities. We are offering some great opportunities!! If you have an existing blog, site or whatever, the visibility that will be afforded you by working with us, is worthy of consideration (if we do say so ourselves), because of our position as a nationally broadcast show and established relationships with national brands, personalities, etc. The positions listed below are not paid positions with the exception of the Ad Rep however, we get A LOT of goodies from shoes to beauty products to cameras, computers and other gadgets. As much as possible, we will hook you up! Also, expect your social life to pick up because as much as we can, we will hook you up with various events. And of course there’s also the privilege of being able to say you work with the Bag Ladies on their fabulous reality radio show!!!

The positions aren’t full time. We offer a lot of flexibility from a time standpoint and will discuss what works best with your schedule and yet still allows you to meet our requirements. These positions will be what you make them. As much as we are looking for help, we are also willing and wanna lend whatever support we can to your projects and endeavors and will do so. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

If you have an interest in any positions listed below, please forward your resume asap to and specify what position(s) you are interested in and why. Please also briefly describe yourself as well as what experience you bring to the table.

Manage the content of both mybagladies blog and Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies newsletter. We love both existing outlets however, we don’t have the time to manage both and the show too! Looking for someone who understands the concept that is Bag Ladies Reality Radio, who has established and verifiable editorial/writing experience and is looking to work with an established brand and in turn gain visibility for themselves, take it to the next level and further define their career. Both the blog and newsletter, are extensions of Bag Ladies Reality Radio and looking for someone who wants to have fun and can ensure the candor, rawness and explicitness are reflected in both outlets. Will require determining editorial themes, soliciting and managing writers and contributors, establishing deadlines and ensuring deadlines are met, coming up with creative ways/ideas to expand both outlets.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, shows initiative, creative, technically savvy, likes to and knows how to have fun

Fashion Editor
Someone who knows fashion like the back of their hand and can’t get enough of it like the Bag Ladies themselves. We are looking for someone who can aid us in keeping abreast of the latest and greatest fashion news be it the red carpet, designer collaborations, new collections from haute couture to the five and dime. From DVF to Booty Pop panties! And everything in between. We need someone who has great fashion sense themselves. May require participating in our live broadcast and may require contributing content to both mybagladies blog and Thru The Eyes of Bag Ladies newsletter. Also may require attending fashion related events and activities including MBFW ...we know you wanna go! Ideally, one who maintains a blog or other like outlet dedicated to fashion would be a great fit.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, a magazine junkie, shopaholic ...

Beauty Editor
A MUA and/or writer would be a great fit for this position. We are looking for a beauty junkie to keep us in the know regarding the latest beauty news and products. Someone who can contribute to coming up w/ content/ideas for “Beauty Talk”, one of Bag Ladies most popular segments. We want someone who not only stays in the know regarding products but also industry experts and professionals and what they are doing, application techniques, new colors, etc. May require participating in live broadcasts from time to time and definitely will require attending industry events.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, a magazine junkie, blog junkie

Lifestyle Editor
So this person will be responsible for content related to everything not beauty/fashion. We are looking for someone who stays in the loop regarding “what’s happening” and can offer a perspective that our audience can relate to when it comes to various topics be it health, relationships and anything else related to one’s lifestyle. Someone who is aggressive and can offer ideas for relatable topics. This position may require attending various events/workshops that may be of interest. This position will be moreso what you make it as it is not as defined as other positions looking to fill.
Required skills: organized, aggressive, enthusiastic, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, like to and knows how to have fun

Assistant/Intern – Part Time
Someone who can assist as needed on the administrative/production side. Looking for someone who can dedicate time as needed to conducting follow-up calls, sending emails, coordinating and scheduling guests/segments/features, responding to invitations and inquiries. This position is extremely flexible and we will allow one to set their own schedule however, some availability during the day (standard work hours), are required. If you enjoy attending fab events and being hooked up w/ great goodies, then you should consider.
Required skills: organized, creative, technically savvy, shows initiative, follows directions, work w/ minimal supervision, well spoken, confident

Ad Rep.
Someone who can aid us in soliciting clients/brands to participate in ad spots, sponsorship opportunities, etc. in an effort to further increase the visibility of their brand amongst Bag Ladies audience. You must have previous sales experience, have to be aggressive, understand and effectively sell the concept that is Bag Ladies Radio and the value in reaching our audience and putting their product, brand or service in front of them. Percentage paid is negotiable.
Required skills: aggressive, organized, creative, shows initiative, technically savvy, well-spoken, resourceful

If you wanna know why it is that we need so much help, check out last nite's "short and sweet" episode about Bag Ladies bizness.