Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BeautyTalk: CND Vinylux REALLY Delivers Week-Long Wear Without Chipping!

Actually more than week-long wear. I'm making an effort to tighten up aka save money if you will as the Holiday season is fastly approaching (I feel the anxiety building). So when it comes to my #NailSwag, I opted per my last visit to my Nail Stylist, Mikal Brannum, to go with a regular manicure instead of a gel manicure. Why you ask? Because it's cheaper! I was very skeptical however because regular manicures typically last no longer than 24-48 hours before the chipping and cracking sets in. And most times I'm left asking why did I even bother.

Seaside Party #146, Rubble #144, Purple Purple #138
Upon my last #NailSwag visit, my Stylist introduced me to CND's Vinylux. After telling her I wanted to keep it tame, she recommended three colors of which I had never tried. My nails, the same as my outfit choices are a total reflection of my mood. The colors I liked but I was admittedly skeptical about the lasting power. My Stylist gave me the spiel about Vinylux affording week-long wear and after posting a pic to my Instagram @bagladies, one of my followers actually endorsed the week-long wear so I said what the heck.

This top is the before pic. I almost didn't have my Stylist do any sort of design thinking what's the point because this will be chipping in no time but before I could stop her, she was already having her way and designing an ikat style print.
Right Hand
Left Hand

And now the "after." What do you think? And mind you, this is actually not 7 days but 9 days later! Minus slight chipping, I've never had a manicure last this long yet still look this good. Additionally, the finish is smooth and flawless. The pic doesn't do the colors justice. There's none of that brittleness that I sometimes get with other brands and exposure to natural light actually ensures a better seal. The self-adhering color coat actually reduces the drying time so once done, I didn't have to wait around for eons for the polish to dry. I was able to reach into my bag and grab my keys with absolutely no smudging. The Vinylux system enhances durability and builds a resistance to chips.

CND Vinylux offers 62 fashion colors straight from the runway to you ...And me too! Which color shall I choose next? I guess you will just have to wait and see!

How often to you get your #nailswag on? Do you rock a regular manicure? How long does your manicure last before chipping?

-- Erin

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