Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Fresh Scent Boost!!! #MommyMidday

So as a Mommy of three, I'm always interested in practical solutions. Introducing Gain Fireworks!! This new product from the Gain brand is an in-wash scent booster. So new in fact, that I'm unable to find it available for purchase ...anywhere!! I've seen a select few reviews (two), all of which suggested that the product was picked at random from a lone store shelf. The only reason I was able to snag a bottle was because Gain was one of the sponsors of the recently attended Blogalicious 2011. And far be it from me to turn down swag (free stuff). I enjoyed dishing with the PR Team regarding the concept of Gain Fireworks but neglected to ask if currently available and as far as I can tell, it ain't. Perhaps Gain is trying to maintain some sense of exclusivity or build some buzz before fully releasing Gain Fireworks.

The Fireworks scent tagged as "sweet sizzle" has a fabulous aroma. And if not familiar, a scent booster basically provides your laundry a more longer lasting scent sometimes lasting for days after. A "boost!"

Per the instructions, you can shake a little or a lot into the cap and basically toss into your washer directly. The product consists of teeny, tiny scented pellets and depending on just how much of a "boost" you want, that determines how much you use but there are no restrictions. If you are washing a load of smelly, stinky, sweat ridden clothes, then you might want a BIG "boost" but if simply washing delicates, you might prefer just a small, sexy "boost". Who doesn't appreciate a good whiff?

Gain Fireworks is safe for all colors and fabrics. I've found it to be particularly fabulous when washing a load of sheets, washcloths, bath mats and towels which oftentimes carry the most horrendous scents. Being a Mommy, it's amazing how little ones can emit some of the most foul odors so it's also proved useful when washing active wear. I'm all for great product concepts which can take my sensory to another level however, please be weary if you have a sensitivity to scents because a product such as this can potentially further aggravate existing allergies. Also, please keep out of reach of children as they may not be aware that the cute, attractive little pellets are not for them.

Not to be confused with fabric softeners or stain removers, Gain Fireworks simply adds a heavier and longer lasting scent. It's detectable as soon as you remove clothes from your washer. You may notice sometimes wet clothes have a musty smell even after being washed. Gain Fireworks is a great remedy for that. Tossing Gain Fireworks into my washer makes me feel like I'm affecting some sort of change in the scent outcome of my laundry. I know, not that serious right? But as fab a concept as Gain Fireworks is, without knowing the price point (unable to find), I can't say definitively if it is a must-have. Thus far, I've been using it specifically when I wash my children's clothes and they literally have to push me off of them because I keep sniffing them. They smell so good!!

-- Lady Erin

PLEASE NOTE: As soon as I'm able to confirm price and product availability, I will update accordingly.

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