Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PART 2: #BagLadiesLIVE Tell-All!!! It's a Sneak Peek!

What are our obsessions? What can't we live without? How long was our longest relationship? What are our fave movies? How do we start our day? It's a true tell all! The cast of #BagLadiesLIVE which includes myself, @bagladies, the "Dr." @stylenbeautydoc and "Baby" @babyshopa, are dishing amongst ourselves yet again. As a follow-up to last week's dish, it's Part 2: #BagLadiesLIVE Sneak Peek. All you want to know about us and maybe some stuff you don't.

We had such fun last week revealing details from how we started blogging to how Bag Ladies Radio was started and more. It was so nostalgic. Can we be any more vulnerable? Can we be any more transparent? Can we be any more candid? Of course! Bag Ladies is reality radio. Tune in and find out just how much you can relate to us. Not only that but we are dropping even more tips on how to get your start and make your mark in social media. And we are interviewing each other. We each are required to come up with five questions to ask of one another that we will not be privy to prior to tomorrow's show. Do you hear the *crickets*? Oh, this dish is gonna be good ...As always of course. And my "machine driva", @ravendelana of verandalane.com is moderating again. Translation, keeping us in check!

Do you have questions of your own for us ...Blogging, biz moves, our personal lives, etc.???? Anything you wanna know, tweet @bagladies and attach #BagLadiesLIVE. 

Tune in LIVE! You have options. You can post up @ bagladiesradio.com/listen or keep it mobile and dial in @ 347.327.9510, opt. 2. Whatever you do, don't miss it!

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