Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My "Fab Kid" in Summer Safari ...

Any Mommy with multiple kids particularly young kids, knows the process of getting out the door can be tedious to say the least. So anything that makes the task easier is always welcome. FabKids.com eliminates the guess work. FabKids is JustFab's fashion club but for the lil' ones. It's membership based and for 39.95, you get a complete outfit (3 pieces) every month minus the shipping costs. There is no obligation. And you can opt out anytime you choose. I love the short and sweet online profile which allowed me to define each of my kids fashion sense so each outfit is tailored to what they like. My kids can be so picky. Kids ...

This past weekend upon allowing my children to pick what they wanted to wear for a cookout with my high school class, my 7 yr. old was stumped. She didn't know what she wanted to wear and I was scrambling trying to get myself dressed. When alas, I remembered the cute pink box showed up on my doorstep the day prior. Done! And I didn't even have to trek to the store. My daughter added her own touch with sandals, leggings and a side pony tail but her Summer Safari Camp Outfit was a show-stopper.

And even though outfits are pre-chosen, your kids can still add their own touch. My 9 yr. old did so also in a previous post. Click here.

Sign up now at fabkids.com because not only will new fall outfits soon be available but a new boy's collection is being introduced just in time for back-to-school. I already peeked at the boy's collection and it is awesome!

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