Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Favorite Tweets from Listeners of Last Nite's Bag Ladies Radio

Last nite's beauty dish was kicked up to the 10th power because of how actively engaged my listeners were which I ALWAYS love. The tweets had me cracking up even after we wrapped the show. I always encourage listeners to share in the live dish while listening by tweeting @bagladies during the show. These were my faves:

And to those who tweeted that the hour and half on air was not long enough, thank you!!! I gotta be careful cause anytime we get to dishing on fashion and beauty, it can easily be an all nighter. We had to wrap it up with literally only 1 minute of airtime left. BlogTalkRadio was about to give us the boot!

Shout-out to Erin Bailey from for hanging out with us and lending a voice to last nite's dish. Press play to listen to last nite's show OnDemand.

Listen to internet radio with Erin Martin on BlogTalkRadio

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Catch up on the dish you missed by going to Scroll down to OnDemand and press play.

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