Tuesday, August 20, 2013


In the words of Erykah Badu ...
I've recently taken up an art class. I approached with no expectations and no skill or so I thought. But as times goes on, the more engaged I become to the point that I actually miss the creative process when not in class. I NEVER considered myself an "artist" so I have no at-home supplies (gonna have to change that). But I find myself scavenging for my kids markers and crayons when in the mood for doodling on the very rare occasions that I have idle time. I've taken pointers from "artsy" friends who are vicious when it comes to turning a blank canvas into something be it via sketching or watercolors (what I love the most). I like trying new things so tapping into this new outlet is fun and exciting and interesting all at once. And the good thing is that because I'm committed to the class, it forces me to slow down at least for a couple hours each weekend which is something I might not otherwise do. Art is said to have numerous therapeutic benefits. I'll take that too!

I like the "me-time." It's like being one with the canvas or paper and I go into a zone all my own. I can be as candid and as vulnerable and as transparent as I want to be which is totally my mission when I take to air. Although upon the end of each class, my classmates and I solicit one another for feedback, I alone am my own worst critic. But as far as I'm concerned, if it's a true and authentic expression, what is there to criticize? What say you? And keep in mind that I'm an artist ...Now and I'm serious about my sh*t.
Lashes! I think subconsciously I wish mine were as long.
I had never attempted a face from this angle. I wanted to define the lip better.
"The Eyes Have It."
This was more about technique than anything. How well I could define eyes, lips and shading and depth.

I drew this from a pic of me rocking a turban on a bad hair day. I just wanted to see how close I could get. The class consensus was I did a good job. They said my eyes spoke to them.

Have you ever taken an art class? Do you paint or draw? What does it do for you?

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