Thursday, August 29, 2013

#StyleMeBackToSchool Kicks Off September 3rd!

Is your child required to wear a uniform to school? Do you ever wonder if his/her creative expression is being stifled at all? Do you ever look for kids fashion tips or easy to duplicate looks that are on trend? Look no further! "Style Me Back-To-School" is just for you.

Per a special edition "Mommy Midday" segment which aired last week on Bag Ladies Radio, (click here to listen OnDemand), the series continues with "Style Me Back-To-School." A month long showcase which kicks off September 3rd. Sourced from Nat'l Center for Education Statistics, 33% of all public and private schools in the United States now have a uniform requirement. Do you live in New Orleans, Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, Miami or Cincinnati? These locations top the list of U.S. cities requiring uniforms in public schools. Growing up, I never wore a uniform. I had complete freedom mind you my Mom didn't allow me to wear whatever but ...Being a Mommy of three children all of whom wear uniforms, I sometimes wish they had a bit more flexibility but at the same time, there are TONS of options. But often, I hear the same sentiment echoed amongst Mommy friends in that they don't really know what those options are. I had alot of fun using my own three as guinea pigs. They had just as much fun as I with this project. And keep in mind, not everything required purchase. Some of the looks were all about getting our DIY on.

"Style Me Back-To-School" is all about showcasing how in spite of a uniform requirement, your child can still define his/her style and be creative. "Style Me Back-To-School" is all about how you can take the most popular trends in kids fashion and create the hottest looks. Admittedly, uniforms can get stale and the process of wearing essentially the same thing every day can be very monotonous. But the most minimal accessory can change your child's look and kick your child's motivation up a notch too! The same as when you look good, you feel good, your child does too and will start the day with that much more energy and excitement for learning!

"Style Me Back-To-School" kicks off Tuesday, September 3rd at You can follow across all platforms via the hashtag #StyleMeBackToSchool. A new look will be pinned each day for a month. Stay tuned for details regarding featured brands, on-air dish and fantastic give-a-ways! And I may even be soliciting you to submit pics of your own child in uniform and how he/she expresses style.

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