Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today's the day and you would think my kids are starting school for the first time ...Ever. They are fine. My angst comes from a summer that has zoomed by so I don't feel as prepared this year. It seems like the school year just ended. I am thankful that my kids have had a summer filled with activity but I'd be lying if I said, I couldn't use another week or two even to ready myself for the routine mostly. You call it "Back-To-School." I call it "Back-To-Scramble." I'm not quite ready to resume the early morning routine of tearing the house up all to find matching socks, clean undies and homework. So here are 5 quick tips that help me and hopefully you too:

  1. LAY OUT THE NITE BEFORE - I know it's hard. I have three. Most often, once they're in bed, I want to do the same but I know I will pay for it in the morning. Laying out clean undies for all three as well as socks eliminates the, "Mommy do you have?!" or "Mommy have you seen?!" the next morning
  2. PACK BOOK-BAGS THE NITE BEFORE - Before my kids go to bed, I make sure they have put their homework in their folders and their folders in their book-bags. I've learned not to assume and I may even have to ask the, "are you sure?" Even if my kids are dog tired and their homework is all the way in the basement, I require them to go down there and get it. Not doing so just adds to the morning scramble.
  3. PACK LUNCHES THE NITE BEFORE - My kids prefer packed lunches and although I don't do it everyday (sometimes school lunch appeals to their palette), when I do, I pack as much as I can the nite before particularly anything in their lunch that doesn't require refrigeration. Anything that does like yogurt or jello, I throw that in before closing up their lunch bag/box the next morning. NOTE: My kids adore lunch box love notes so I do these the nite before as well. So upon opening their lunch, they have a cute note from Mommy
  4. DO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN COMFORTABLY - It's easy to stress particularly over school supplies but at the end of the day, if you can't get everything on that infamous and constantly growing list (Click here for a previously published post), because of either lack of time or lack of money, no worries. I've resolved myself to say whatever I don't have by tomorrow, my kids just won't have. They have the necessities. And I guarantee if you show up a week or a month after the school year has begun with additional supplies, your child's teacher is not gonna turn you away or refuse you.
  5. KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE - Being stressed is a resonating theme amongst all my Mommy friends. One of the best ways to ease the stress and lighten the mood is to talk about it. I LOL with my friends all the time about what we are all going through in preparation. We dish on everything from lurking sock monsters that seemingly devour matching sock sets to our children who we sometimes have to threaten just to get them to brush their teeth or wash their faces to oversleeping from time to time.
  6. BONUS TIP: This one really helps but it just requires a bit of extra effort. Noone wants to hear that alarm sound but I find if I set my clock in advance of when I need to wake my kids to allow myself time to relax, get in the shower and get myself together first, it makes a world of difference. Admittedly, the process of getting them together and out the door is that much more challenging when I'm trying to get myself ready too.
The consistent theme, "prepare in advance." And I say that knowing full well it's easy to digress. Some nite's the only thought in your mind or on your mind is getting the kids in bed because they faster they are in bed, the faster you can do the same. If you have any tips of your own, please share. I can use them. 

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