Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Oprah's Hair, Now Beyonce's Hair!!!!

And here I thought this week would be known ...The week that was Oprah and her fabulous hair. How naive of me cause this latest stunt chop by Beyonce' has left most saying Oprah who? Of course rumors abound as to whether the pics are real or if as did Oprah, Beyonce' is sporting a wig. Personally, it looks real to me and she was waaaaaay past due for a change. I literally just spoke on air with guest and Celebrity Natural Hairstylist, Felicia Leatherwood to being tempted myself to chop, chop again on last nite's #BagLadiesLIVE before this news even broke and this stunt chop is tempting me that much more. But a few questions come to mind (feel free to answer):
  • What will the millions of women who invested in weaves in an effort to mimic her tresses now do?
  • How many will follow Beyonce's lead and run to the hills their stylists for a chop?
  • Will Jay hold a press conference to profess his feelings on her new look?
  • How will Beyonce' supplement her shows minus the wind machine and her tresses blowing feverishly in the fake wind?
Just curious is all. What do you think about the look? Would you rock it?

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