Friday, August 16, 2013

MommyMidday: My Kids Back-To-School Supplies Lists Have Me Scared

This List Makes Me Tremble
Back-To-School season is upon us. Is it me or do the supplies lists get longer every year? Is it me or are supplies requested less about the individual needs of your child and moreso about the class as a whole? Is it me or every year do you ask yourself, "how am I gonna pay for all this?" And for me particularly because I have three!

My jaw literally dropped upon placing eyes upon this year's lists of requested supplies. And mind you I have three separate lists. I am well aware of school budget constraints but I'm a single Mother so no expense is taken lightly be it school supplies or otherwise. We are now on a 5 day countdown to the first day of school and the thought of supplies not yet purchased is a bit overwhelming. Do you feel the same? I happened upon this great list of tips Authored by Erin Huffstetler, on how to save and shop for supplies more cost effectively like shopping at home first and shopping during tax-free Holidays.
The tips are practical and the writer knows her stuff if for no other reason than she and I share the same name. "Erin's" know their stuff. Click below for the full article:

How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

"Does buying back to school supplies leave you feeling broke? It doesn't have to. Here are simple ways to save money on all those back to school essentials. Shop at Home First Before you head to the store, take a walk around your house to see if there are any items on your child's school supply list that you might already have."

How long before your kids return to school? Please share your tips on how you shop and save for supplies. I can use them and I may even contact you to lend a voice on-air. Show details soon to come.

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