Friday, May 30, 2014


So I finally snapped had someone else snap a full head to toe look that I could link up with my girl and former on-air cohost, Trina Small of for her weekly #MamanistaFridays feature. Every week, Trina and Aracely of select a theme and do a featured look. This week's freestyle theme was right on time.
I'm not typically one to rock a full white fit but such was the theme of a recently attended event so if I wanted in, I had to look and play the part. I had totally forgotten about this Lanston dress from, a fave online outlet of mine. This was my first time wearing and although I thought I was playing a cruel joke on myself by even trying to rock it, I was pleasantly surprised. Note: I purchased like two years ago so I thought my chances were slim of still being able to fit it. But alas, it fit! I revealed how and why earlier in the week. Click here. This particular dress is no longer available but I would suggest searching Lanston at for similar styles. The structure of Lanston styles are pretty consistent.


The neckline of this dress was terribly flattering and both the spandex and cotton made for a comfy fit with great structure meaning it both accentuated and hid at the same time. I particularly loved the length and I wasn't pulling and tugging all night to keep it in place. I was a tad concerned about perhaps it being too sheer but I just layered under a cropped white blazer with a peplum hem (sorry, no pic), and I was all good. 
Clutch, Target / Accessories, Shopbop
Eliesse Wedge,
I played up my accessories cause I needed the color which included a multi color clutch, gold neckwear and earrings and JustFab open toe Eliesse wedges which are great. I'm doing a video of how great they are so please be on the lookout. Layering I think is the key to wearing white and having fun with it. I just sifted through my closet, pulled a few pieces and pulled it together. 

What's your trick to pulling off an all white affair?
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