Thursday, May 1, 2014

#BloggerWeek Recap: How To Make Your Blog Go Viral featuring @DerrickJaxn

Uh, how could you not want advice from this man? Even though I am a participating media partner in the 1st annual #BloggerWeek hosted by Black Bloggers Connect, I've been nonetheless impressed by the information being shared as it relates to improving content, soliciting engagement and as per last nite's Google Hangout, how to make your blog go viral. There is distinct sense of community amongst myself and other Bloggers, journalists and social media mavens attending. And although #BloggerWeek is local to DC, both Tuesday's teleconference and yesterday's Google Hangout, were attended by those both local and not local.

Yesterday's Google Hangout featured Lifestyle Blogger and Author, Derrick Jaxn. Derrick was very candid about his journey and provided great tips on how to increase followers, gain audience attention and maintain interest. I myself being a talker, I asked. And asked again. And asked again. But I mean and as I've said, how could I not? If you don't ask, be assured that I will ask. I mean I host a radio show for goodness sakes so while I can be quiet, I'm not typically shy. As per my post yesterday on Instagram (click here), how could you not want to hang out with this man? Anyway, below is a video recap of what myself, Founder of Black Bloggers Connect and #BloggerWeek, Jessica Ann Mitchell and Derrick Jaxn dished on during last nite's Google Hangout. Oh, and Derrick complimented my pic *giggle*. #BloggerWeek events and activities continue. I will be lending a voice to a panel Saturday regarding the business of beauty blogging. I can't wait! Register at and join me!

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