Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I've finally had a chance to try all the goodies in my Mary Kay #MKGlam VoxBox provided me complimentary by Influenster, in its entirety. I've tried everything from the Lash Love Mascara and Bronzing Powder to the Cream Eye Color and NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss. And this is by far my fave look of all the looks I created. Why? Because of the Gel Eyeliner. Hands down, it's my fave Mary Kay product. At the moment, doing a winged or cat eye does it for me. I may be embracing another technique at any moment. But for the time being, this works. The Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner delivers such an intense color in jet black. And as I posted to my Instagram last week (@bagladies), the expendable brush allows me to get closer to my lash line than I've been able to get with any like product. And the precision of the applicator brush is excellent! I can go as thin or as thick as I like. And the gel stays put so no sliding. I'm not a makeup artist nor do I proclaim to be but what I am, is a beauty junkie and I like to make sure my face is beat aka, I'm not a makeup artist but I wanna look like one. This is not the "best" pic but my eye particularly as per this look executed so well (in my opinion). This was a quick snap in the midst of Memorial Day weekend antics. I love it because using the gel eyeliner (brush and gel below), and then layering my fave mascara created such volume. I look at this pic and my lashes appear lengthy and full almost similar to what I would look like if I were wearing falsies but I'm not! I suck at applying falsies btw. So being able to achieve that dramatic look is a win for me. I also used a couple other Mary Kay products per this look so just to breakdown this look and products used (links included), in its entirety:

FACE - Victoria's Secret Tinted Moisturizer Primer, Deep - I shine so I rarely do a full face when temps get warm. I fell in love with this product a couple years ago. It's very light and provides just enough moisture and has just enough pigment to just even out my complexion just a bit. It has a great sun kissed glow. I oftentimes will apply this and gloss and go.

CHEEKS - Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Color, Shy Blush - I actually liked that this color had staying power. For me, it was just enough color without being too dramatic. It defined my cheekbones really well. I also layered a bit of MAC's Lustre Drops (liquid bronzer) at the top of my cheeks and over the blush just to add a dewy glow which is evident in this pic and I love it. I applied to the middle of my forehead too

BROWS - MAC Fluidline in Dipdown - Everbody knows about this stuff. It's my fave cause for me a pencil doesn't work. I typically will further define my brows with concealer but on this day I was lazy. Sometimes I don't want to look so formal and precise so I used fluidline and layered lightly with a Prescriptives brow shaping powder and done!

LIPS - MAC Lustre from the Flash Tronic collection - I actually only just happened upon this color a few days before after finding a hidden stash of product in my office. I posted about it on my Instagram @bagladies. I don't even know if this color is still available cause it's from like 2009 I think. But I love it. I wore it all weekend. I lightly lined with a Mally liner in Deepest Brown.

THOSE EYES - Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner in Jet Black - I did a winged look on my upper lash and I lined my water line. I then used my fave Maybelline mascara, The Collosal in Classic Black and just on my upper lashes. I didn't apply any on my lower lashes.

FINISHING TOUCH - Mary Kay Translucent Powder - I was surprised at how effective this was in reducing shine. I wore two days in a row. One for a party Saturday nite and as stuffy as the venue got,   I didn't have any unwanted shine. And then again at a couple cookouts the following day. Excellent control. And the Mary Kay powder brush makes for easy application and a subtle dusting.
And that's it! I may try to recreate this look as a Youtube video. I'm not a makeup artist as I said but maybe I can play one on Youtube LOL! What do you think of this look? Any suggestions on how to enhance? Have you used any of these products?
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