Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The same "big chop" urge we sometimes get when it comes to our hair, I recently felt when visiting my Nail Stylist to get my nail swag on. Click here for my last visit during which I went for a dramatic  stiletto shape and eye catching design. And mind you, my nails are natural and they grow fast! And they only grew longer (of course) following my last visit. So the only thing I could think of upon my most recent sit-down, was chop-chop!!! The length of my nails were so long, they were getting stuck in between keys on my keyboard and snagging stuff. I mean the length had become lethal. My nails could've been a deadly weapon or sumpin LOL! 
So this time around, my Stylist, Mikal Brannum (follow on IG @belovednails365), and I went for a tame (especially for me) look with an aztec accent. I love the way she layered Essie colors, "Vices Versa", "Under The Twilight" and "I'm Addicted" over a soft lavender base color. And we paired my toes with Essie "Too Taboo." The same as I dress according to my mood, the same applies to my nail swag. This is soft and mellow with a little bit of pop. This is how I'm feeling, press play. I got my nail swag and my pedi swag back! How do you feel about it? What polish colors are you rocking?

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