Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Growing up, I would watch with such genuine curiosity, my Mom apply her makeup. Mind you she didn't require a lot. I have two girls of my own who do exactly the same as I used to do my Mom. They rest comfortably on the toilet seat and just watch, paying attention to everything from colors and tools to application techniques, etc. Growing up, the beauty industry/market was so dramatically different and there were just a select few brands my Mom used. Mary Kay being one. The traditional mindset is that Mary Kay lends more appeal to my Mom's generation. While I know Mary Kay is still very popular, I don't necessarily feel the brand targets me ...Until now. I was extended an opportunity by Influenster of which I'm a member, to try a select few complimentary Mary Kay products. The packaging grabbed my attention immediately upon delivery. I mean who doesn't love being addressed as "gorgeous"? 
I'm a self professed "beauty junkie" and the product line-up made me just want to dig in and try out everything which includes:
AND two brushes

So this is what I'm working with and I will follow-up once I've been able to try these products out first hand and show you what I create. 
Which product would you try first? What's your opinion of Mary Kay?
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