Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This weekend was quite a bit of ripping and running but I shall not complain because I was over the moon to finally have "non-freezing your you know what off" temps in DC. Saturday got as high as 50 and Sunday just missed the 60 degree mark. I was most excited to be able to turn my thermostat down as low as possible and still maintain comfort. Translation, save money!

Spring was definitely in the air and we all had a bit of the fever. My daughters (pictured above), had me feigning for spring that much more sporting their latest FabKids looks. The love dress worn by my youngest daughter paired with a pop of neon (links below), was the perfect ensemble. I allowed her to accessorize and that she did with an all-out feathery headband and cow-girl boots. And be still my heart, I love everything animal print and my oldest wore her ensemble well which was perfect for a surprise party had for one of her classmates. Even cuter paired with short black booties and a purple flower headband. I love the contrast of the top against the print bottoms. As I've said before, I swoon over FabKids pieces and not just because of my own children. I so wish some of the pieces came in my size.
FabKids Back Zip Love Dress / FabKids Soft Legging
FabKids Big Bright Heart Tee / FabKids Animal Print Knit Pant
So one of my resolutions for 2014 is to take even better care of not just my skin which means cleansing my face not most nights but every night and moisturizing. But also taking better care of my hair. This is my second time around having locs and I am having twice as much fun because I am working with Salih Watts who is a fantastic stylist. And the market has changed so dramatically. Brands now cater to those of us with natural hair. My scalp tends to be particularly irritated during a certain time of the month, every month (hint, hint). And so Saturday, I could not stop scratching until I happened upon some leftover swag from last year's Naturalista Hair Show of which I attended and participated in a panel discussion regarding being natural. When I say this Lavender Long Island Hair Tonic (pictured left), is the bizness, it's not doing it justice. It's by Naturally Nadine and can be used on both your hair and your body. It's made to retain moisture and can be used daily. The lavender scent is divine! Immediately upon applying, my scalp was calmed. I now have a new product to add to my beauty arsenal.

Lest I forget the Super Bowl …One word. Well three words actually. Joe Namath's coat! *Drops mic*
What did you think of "the coat"? Did you even watch the game?? Thoughts??

Weekend Update is back for the new year! What is it you ask? A theme, a weekly update during which I regale you with my weekend activities which includes what's happening and where you wanna be (or wish you were).
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