Monday, February 10, 2014

WEEKEND UPDATE: Featuring "A Child's Love"

Picture ripping and running from this place to that place. As a Mommy, do you know the routine? From this activity to that activity including my son's first basketball game (I'm hoarse from cheering), shopping, church and that's not all. As a Mommy, do you know the routine? I literally had to drag myself up the steps upon returning home Sunday evening, to change my clothes before preparing dinner. 

I stepped foot in my bedroom and immediately noticed two small envelopes laying on my
bed. I was surprised first and intrigued second. I noticed both envelopes were addressed to me. A smile drew across my face as I read the words from my oldest who is 9. Unsolicited. Un-asked. Un-requested. And most importantly Unconditional. The love of a child is unlike any other. The exhaustion I felt just a few moments before was fleeting and that which felt burdensome was instead a privilege. 

How does your child/children show their affection? What does it do for you?
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