Friday, January 31, 2014


Winning whatever it may be, is always awesome. Imagine my surprise upon finding out last month via an Instagram shout-out, that I was a GoGo squeeZ #12DaysOfGoGo winner. What is GoGo squeeZ? It's awesome-sauce! So awesome that I was even more hyped to resume my "Foodie Friday" theme for the new year.

Launched in 2008, GoGo squeeZ makes healthy snacks more accessible. You can take your pick from applesauce to fast fruit. All of which are offered in the cutest resealable packages which contain 100% fruit in a variety of flavors (pictured at right). My "winnings" consisted of 12 packs of GoGo squeeZ each containing four pouches each in apple banana which is supper yummy! Not too sweet. Great texture and an ample serving per pouch. What I love most, you can grab a pouch and go and be healthy. I am horrible when it comes to eating breakfast particularly. Trying to get my lil' ones dressed and off to school is no small feat. And while I always ensure they eat, I don't pay just due attention to myself. Being able to grab a pouch of GoGo squeeZ is a quick and tasty remedy. If I know I'm gonna be out and about, I drop a couple pouches in my bag and keep it moving. And if my kids have a long day, I toss a pouch in their book bag. The packaging ensures no mess, no spillage, no accidents and you don't need a spoon which as a Mommy of three, is fantastic!! My kids (son pictured left), don't require my help to open the pouches. I don't have to cover them in a million napkins. And it's a good and guilt-free snack for me and for them.

All I need do or they need do is twist off the newly designed helicopter cap, squeeze and go. Thus, GoGo squeeZ. Follow my GoGo chronicles on IG @ bagladies.

P.S. - I've spied GoGo squeeZ in all my area grocery stores but visit to search specific locations.
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