Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We're On Our Way! #BagLadiesLIVE at #Blogalicious5

3rd times a charm! Yup, this is my third Blogalicious conference. This year is extra special because my Co-Hosts, Danielle Gray and Trina Small are in tow. Yup, I'm dragging them along with me. Did you know? Trina and I first met at Blogalicious when the conference was held in DC. And we would've never thought upon meeting that she would end up holding it down with me on Bag Ladies Radio. A testament to the power of connections facilitated by Blogalicious. This year is also special because I am participating as opposed to just attending. Bag Ladies Radio is this year's media partner!!!! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I will be chronicling this years Blogalicious and tweeting and posting my you know what off in addition to airing on-site shows. Follow the play-by-play at #BagLadiesLIVE & #Blogalicious5.

And thank you to our sponsors, EDEN Body Works, FabKids, Lulu*s and Flat Out of Heels,  for making this experience that much more amazing and for supporting our efforts. I'm looking forward to sharing some goodies with you on their behalf. You can still get your tix. See you in the ATL!!!

Bag Ladies Radio is the "official media partner" to this year's #Blogalicious5. For an exclusive Blogalicious 2013 ticket offer for Bag Ladies Radio followers, fans and listeners, click here and enter BLRfriend (case sensitive), for a 20% discount.
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