Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#Blogalicious5 Sneak Peek at I'm In Love With A Church Girl Starring Adrienne Bailon

Based on the real-life story of Writer & Producer, Galley Molina, I'm in Love with a Church Girl is a faith-based romantic drama hitting theatres this Friday, October 18th and starring Adrienne Bailon and "Ja Rule" as we all know him but preferable to this film, Jeff Atkins. Had it not been for his image on display, I would not have recognized Ja by his gubment (aka government), name.

Day 3 of #Blogalicious5 kicked off with a very intimate morning Q&A with Adrienne Bailon who most of us know from 3LW and The Cheetah Girls. Also Rob Kardashian's girlfriend and most recently as part of The Real cast.

Adrienne was very candid almost testimonial in a sense about treading her way in the industry and her modest and humble background. But she was also very assured and confident about her efforts to distinguish herself from what we all know her as which is a member of two former girl groups. Thus her lead role in I'm in Love with a Church Girl which is Adrienne's most dramatic film role to date. She is clearly proud of her role in this film. She said "Ja Rule" also brought an unexpected element and the chemistry between the two of them is great and that he really executes the role well. She spoke to her faith and that being what attracted her most to the role.

Tweed, check! Booties, check! Hair, check!
Oh, lest I forget, Adrienne's hair was swoon-worthy "laid" and her tweed mini was too cute paired with hot black leather booties! Totally on trend for fall. Adrienne made a conscious effort to pose for pics on her own time with each and every person in attendance (myself included). I had to put on my paparazzi hat for a minute.

We dined while listening to Adrienne dish on the film and her album in progress. Adrienne also dropped a tidbit about The Real much to my dismay which doesn't appear as though it will be picked up. So surprising. Everyone I know is a fan. But you never know. Adrienne also dropped a bit of news regarding her nail polish line, Fingertip Fetish. I particularly love to dish fashion and beauty so I was hanging on every word regarding this luxury line. I can't wait to try it for myself and rock some #nailswag.

We dined. We dished. And got some goodies too. 

After all was said and done, the intimate dish was great and I got some goodies. The dish provided insight into the film which typically you aren't privy to when it comes to new releases. I'm in Love with a Church Girl hits theatres Friday and also stars notables Stephen Baldwin and Vincent Pastore who you may know from Sopranos.  I can't wait to see it. And this is one of my fave quotes of #Surrender from Adrienne's character, Vanessa Leon, "God doesn't care about what you've done in your past, or what you're in the middle of right now. He wants you to come as you are."
For more on the film, the novel and soundtrack visit,

Don't you just love Adrienne Bailon? Are you planning to see the movie?

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