Friday, October 25, 2013

Foodie Friday: Featuring A "Me-Approved" Foodie Quote

Julia Child
This week's Foodie Friday is in the form of an inspirational quote from the late Julia Child. What do you think of the "me-approved" quote? Have you ever seen the movie, Julie and Julia released by Sony Pictures in 2009 and starring Meryl Streep? It's very good. It's all about how Julia Child (remember her), made a name for herself as a chef/cook and a Blogger who spent like a year attempting all her recipes. The movie includes a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch with Dan Akroyd mocking Julia Child's voice and tendencies. If you are my age (I ain't telling how old I am), you surely remember Julia Child shows from like PBS or some other network back in the day. She had a VERY distinct voice. I remember my Grandmother and babysitter used to watch her cooking show regularly.
Anyway, are you a foodie? And does this quote apply to you? It does me and on that note, Happy Foodie Friday!

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-- Erin

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