Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wells Fargo Made Me Look Good at #Blogalicious5

#Blogalicious5 has now come and gone. I came. I saw. I went for the 3rd time and participating as Social Media partner lent an entirely different perspective to one of the largest annual social media events celebrating diversity in Blogging. Some of my fave moments were both connecting with old friends and making new ones. Blogalicious is non-stop learning and non-stop laughing. The event sponsors further enhance the Blogalicious weekend experience and just foster more opportunities for engagement. Not only did Blogalicious 2013 sponsor Wells Fargo hold one of the liveliest conference events, The Perfect Pitch Contest but they also afforded attendees free head shots. Yes, I said free! If you know anything about the cost of sittings, you know head shots are not cheap. For what was supposed to only be an hour although Photographer, Zach Porter stuck around for far longer, attendees could drop by and get their shot(s) for free!
Nothing can touch the work of my beloved Tiffany Josephs and our recent photo shoot of which I dished about here but to not have had a MUA on deck and no opportunity to touch up my makeup or pull together a more preferable look (call it the vain in me), the shots were great. Of the two, this one is my fave. Zach was great at identifying best angles and making you feel at ease. Thank you Wells Fargo for the take-a-way and for making me look good at #Blogalicious5.

I've tasked myself with catching up on all posts related to the 2013 Blogalicious Weekend experience so hold tight. I had to unplug for a sec upon returning home. But I've got much to share including this year's swag haul. I've barely touched my goodie bag.

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