Monday, November 22, 2010


No breaking news to report when it comes to #RHOA being a guilty pleasure of ours. And also no secret, that we tweet to the max while watching. Last night's episode had us mad, frustrated, pissed, raising eyebrows but as always, entertained and in tears with laughter particularly while reading the live tweets of our followers, listeners and fans. If you ain't down, you betta get down. And tweet with us @bagladies. These are our picks for the most hilarious tweets from last night's episode:

@A_jackson12 - Phaedra is 2 years Pregnant.. She gone Deliver that baby and drop him off at PreSchool the same Day

@iPeachPR - And iChocked a bit when she said that.•"@bagladies: Did Sheree just refer to herself as a designer? #RHOA"

@MartyT1105 - @bagladies. I really think she won an appeal for him and he had to pay her back by marrying her. Ant no love there

@profblmkelley - RT @alpha1906: Doctors w/more credentials than Dr. Muhammad: Dr. J, Dr. Pepper, Doc from the Love Boat...#RHOA

@HauteCoutureDiv - Maybe Dr. Ti-yi was the one who examined Phaedra! FAKE DOCTOR, FAKE BABY RESULTS!

@bagladies - LMAO ...he got his PhD online. I'm done #RHOA

@bagladies - Did the dreads tear his hair line up and start the median strip baldness? #RHOA

@bagladies - I have no sympathy 4 Sheree ...The 1st date was a carryout, he made her lick dough off his finger which he made at friends place n what else

@bagladies - Ok, the Dr. is laughing too hard at Lawrence and waaaaaay too tickled. Raised brow ... #RHOA

@LDotMarie - I'm with Sheree. If you can't play Spades, you CANNOT sit down with me. No way, no how.

@ShesSavvy - Clearly Phaedra lied b/c she got knocked up and she didn't want her mom, aka the pastor, to find out. SMH! #RHOA

@MsBlk1der_MUA - *close my casket!!* RT @DivaGlam23 Apollo had that I wasn't even outta jail face....

@clickityclack - RT @ProgressiveElec: RT @bagladies: Phaedra makes pregnancy sound like some crazy phenomenon that just kinda happened upon her. WTH?! #RHOA

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