Thursday, November 4, 2010


Relationships are a topic of conversation that is always relevant so we could think of no better topic, to kick off the NEW SEASON PREMIERE of Bag Ladies Reality Radio!!! We're back baby!!!

Last night's show featured, Shay Williams-Garrett, "Your Date Diva". Shay has joined Bag Ladies Reality Radio previously to lend her expertise and she certainly didn't disappoint last night. Shay is a writer, author, speaker, relationship coach and more! If we had to be specific with the more, we'd say a motivator, a great personality and a source of encouragement and empowerment. Whenever we've featured Shay, she lends attention to not only changes that need to be made as far as one's pursuit and efforts to find a partner but personal, internal changes that one needs to consider making when it comes to themselves and their confidence and the energy that will yield the best results and bring the fulfillment we all desire in a partner and in a relationship even if per Madame Myra, just someone to add some warmth to those cold toes now that there is a slight chill in the air. You can connect with "Your Date Diva" and learn more by visiting

If you missed some or all of the show which included the "Perfect Partner Meditation" and why piecing together a man ain't always the best option (may yield temporary satisfaction though ;-), please be sure to check out Bag Ladies Reality Radio OnDemand. If reading this, last night's show is likely playing in the background since the player is posted to mybagladies blog but our OnDemand feature enables you to access previously aired shows, 24/7 and download to your iPod via iTunes. Told you, you never have to miss us! Please stay tuned for more details on the new season, new segments, new features and our fabulous guest lineup!! Bag Ladies Reality Radio airs every Wednesday at 7:30p EST. Next week, is our most popular segment, "Beauty Talk". Stay tuned!

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