Monday, November 15, 2010


We received such great feedback per our previous post, regarding the most hilarious #RHOA tweets, that we just couldn't resist doing it again. If you ain't down with Twitter and ain't "tweeting" as you watch #RHOA, you ain't enjoying it! At least not like we are. These are our picks for the most hilarious tweets shared during last nites, "She Can Dance?" episode. Enjoy ...and btw, tweet with us @bagladies.

@bagladies - Phaedra is so dang clueless!!! Did she every read or do any kind of just general whatever. Does she care that she's becomn a Mommy? #RHOA

@glamgirlpr - Why the hell does kim need an office??? is she building a ho empire
Phaedra is amazed that she may have to care for her own baby? Girl...

@FlyonaDime - "Penis ointment," what aisle do you find that in Duane Reade? #RHOA

@smashedthehomie - Phaedra is amazed that she may have to care for her own baby? Girl...

@nailtaxi - She has no idea! Like you are really going to wear lingerie after a vaginal delivery! She's prolly got a csection scheduled.

@SinnamonS - Did she say Ambiblical???? You know what!!!! I quit #RHOA

@hollywoodizme - WAIT! Did she say penis ointment?

@Gingerlatte - Ok how is she getting panties from a designer but pulling stuff out of a MAcy's bag? #girlbye #RHOA

@TheCubicleChick - According to the Twitter streets, Sheree's Aston Martin got taken away and now she is driving a Dodge Stratus. LOL #RHOA.

@bagladies - Ok, Lawerence didn't at all impress me last week. Why do they keep calln him "serious"? He sounds better than Kim yes but otherwise ...#RHOA

@TheCubicleChick - Watch, Lawrence will be the new housewife next season. Dwight will not be pleased. #RHOA.

@cheekystarnova - I had a baby 13 months ago & everything you need to know about child birth can be found on Google. Ever heard of it, Phaedra?! #rhoa

@brokesocialite - Lawrence is the Neo-Sylvester, no? #RHOA

@luvvieig - But I MUST say though. Cynthia's cheekbones are SCULPTED! Geezus! She makes mine look round. I'm impressed.

@WHWRocks - Peter better watch Sex and the City. I'm telling you, Cynthia has "Big" syndrome. They better go to the Justice of the Peace. lol #rhoa
@SavorySewSavvy - Cynthia's slick back is blowing me... it looks like a crack head or a lunch lady... I feel like its deserving of a gold tooth... #RHOA

@BasseyworldLive - I need to step up my blouse game. Lawrence is shading me. #RHOA<<>
@bagladies - Lemme find out ...NeNe bout to kick Greg to the curb and push up on Peter!! Well, Cynthia surely don't want Peter so ...#RHOA
@drgoddess - Phaedra's hilarity is that she may be the 1st to introduce to mainstream USA that there are blacks who feel totally superior 2 whites. #RHOA
@bevysmith - Lovers, I hope u all rest well, sweet dreams of Lawrence's ruffles, Kim's Versace-esque office & Phaedra's pickled Caucasian canned food
@luvvieig - Right. Umm... Phaedra this would be accurate in 1645. In 2010? We got science RT @steenfox Doctors have theories about your due date?
@SinnamonS - BUwhahahahah *Dead* @ @Kandi's Yawn!!! Sheree danced like she was a 80 year old woman with a hip replacement!
@sawngbyrd28 - Phaedra bitch its a C-section fuck you hollin bout?? Youn feel a gat amb thang!(She hollerin cause Apollo & Lawrence fuckn
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