Friday, November 19, 2010

The Benefits of Finger Curls ...

You think Kate Middleton is required to do finger curls just to hold that mug up?! You recall that line from Nia Long in Best Man, right? You be the judge. Seemingly folks are less engaged by the announcement that there is a wedding in the works and more enamored by the gorgeous oval sapphire and diamond engagement ring presented by Prince William. Perhaps that's what all single ladies should take to ...finger curls! It obviously worked for Kate. Even though some claim the marriage might be jinxed (they haven't yet made it to the altar), simply because the ring is that of Prince William's Mommy, the late Princess Diana.

QVC is on it! Reports are, QVC has partnered with Kenneth Lane to produce a "knock-off" that will be on sale starting tomorrow. They ain't wasting time!! Check the QVC Program Guide.

But as our follower and listener @msrasberryinc suggested, Kate Middleton is "flaky in the sense that she's broken up w/ him (Prince William) several times. as in what if she calls off engagement & tries to keep Di's (Princess Diana) ring."

Our reply @bagladies, "Well then that's his (Prince William) dumbness. We give her (Kate Middleton) credit for that. He still put a rang on it LOL! ...a phat ass rang!

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