Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bag Ladies Lend a Real Voice ...

In true Bag Ladies fashion, they delivered the candid, explicit real talk they are known for. Bag Ladies sets the tone for the reality that is a woman's life. Last night's show ran the gamut so as a listener, one could very easily become engaged in everything from the average length of a sexual encounter to all the buzz about Erykah Badu's ass as of late. And as if talk amongst themselves on these subjects wasn't enough, Lady Erin and Madame Myra were joined by two fellow male friends, Rakeem Harris and Octavius Jones, whom they've tagged as "The Male Perspective". They will join Bag Ladies from time to time and offer the male point of view on various topics. In between random comments, jokes and a listening session featuring Trick Daddy's "Pull Over That Ass Too Fat", the good time had by all was obvious and to add to the entertainment, friend Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie added her 2 cents per "Badu's Badonk Is Bad", a blog post entirely dedicated to her initial reaction and first thoughts upon laying eyes on Erykah's ass! The same post which Lady Erin bragged was one of the funniest post she's ever read. Admittedly by Lady Erin, Bag Ladies digressed for a bit but the digression was so hilarious!

But as the Bag Ladies have been known to do and do well I might add, they switched gears entirely and prior to closing out the show, lent attention to "spring cleaning" but as they said not in the traditional sense. Bag Ladies' featured guest, Leah R. Patterson joined in to discuss cleansing of the mind, body and spirit and why now is the season of change. Last nite's show marked the launch of what will be a month long series on "spring cleaning" during which notions will be dispelled and Lady Erin, Madame Myra and Miz Adams will discuss everything from re-prioritizing one's life to getting rid of junk to doing a warddrobe makeover to renewing one's sex life. A great line-up of featured guests to be announced. And if for no other reason, as Lady Erin said, tune in because "Madame Myra is back and she brought her "Top 10" with her!"

Bag Ladies airs live every week so Tuesday's, set your alarm for 7:30p EST and prepare to kick off those Christian Louboutin's, grab a glass of something good to sip on and enjoy! For more about Bag Ladies and the reality that is you, your life and how you live it, please visit Bag Ladies' previously aired shows including last nite's, De-Clutter Yourself!! Spring Cleaning Series, Part 1, can be accessed OnDemand at and you can download to your iPod. You never have to miss them!!

-- Bag Ladies Reality Radio