Monday, December 6, 2010


We were distracted by last week's Sunday competition. The Soul Train Awards got the best of us and we didn't stick to our normal Sunday nite TV routine. But alas, we are all caught up and bringing you our funniest picks per last nite's #RHOA. If you ain't down, you betta get down. And tweet with us @bagladies. If you not, you're not enjoying nearly as much as we are. These are our 10 picks for the most hilarious tweets from last night's episode:

MsTiffany_ RT @TheCubicleChick: Kim's next reality series will be SisterWives (and Husband). Since she's tri-sexual and all. #RHOA

LegendNthaMakn Dying. that's what's she's doing. Those are death screams RT @SYM1DidIt: RT @Complexi_T: #rhoa she singing or howling?

RT bagladies: RT April_Jones: Am I only 1 that notices Kim wearn same True Religion jeans since season 1? Damn, talk about a fave pair

Debohelaine Yep!RT @MsMichel: I think Peter is afraid that NeNe's marriage problems may scare Cynthia and she'll back out of the wedding. #RHOA

ajpotts911 Phaedra getting pooed moment ever on Real Housewives of Atlanta. #RHOA

Ur_moneyMY_hand: Why does Kim get to get in the studio and get paid but I don't?? #RHOA

AngieJonesRN: There is no way I would let my husband tell me when its okay for me to talk to my friends on the phone!! #RHOA #cynthiaisagoodone

LalasTweets: Reality check - Sheree's acting is just as bad as Kim's singing. #RHOA

youngplatinum: RT @marfmellow: Peter kinda looks like Uncle that mean? I enjoy rice...from a box. #RHOA

marfmellow: I hope I don't see Sheree in a Tyler Perry film #RHOA

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